dr calhoon young and the restless
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Rey wakes up to find Sharon sitting by the hotel window overlooking Las Vegas. She climbs into bed with him. Rey asks what’s on Sharon’s mind since she didn’t sleep. Sharon says she has a weird feeling. Rey and Sharon show up at the psychiatrist’s office to ask what his connection is to Victor.rey and sharon vegas young and restless They show up at the psychiatrist’s office to ask what his connection is to Victor. Rey notices a black briefcase on Dr. Calhoon’s desk. Dr. Calhoon says he’s not able to reveal any information about Victor. As they leave, Rey knocks the suitcase over, and piles of money fall on the floor.

Elsewhere, Nikki is on her laptop researching a high-stakes poker player named Riza Thomas, (played by Tina Casciani).

At Jabot, Kyle receives a text from Lola asking him to meet at Society for lunch. He finds Summer and Jack in Jack’s office. In spite of everything, Summer wants to continue working for Jabot if Kyle is willing to put their differences aside. Rebecca Barlow enters with Billy and introduces herself. She compliments them on their idea for a social media influencer campaign.

Later at Crimson Lights over coffee, Rebecca tells Billy and Jack that Kyle and Summer have great chemistry. Nick shows up, and Rebecca asks him to join their table. Rebecca asks how they all know each other – in one word, “Phyllis.” As they wrap up their meeting, Rebecca asks Nick for a ride.

At Nick’s, Rebecca and Nick share a less-than-passionate kiss. Rebecca says she thinks Nick is someone who doesn’t like casual hookups orbarlow and jack young and restless being single. She isn’t looking for anything serious and kisses him and goes.

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At Society, Abby asks Lola for details about their special night, and Lola sums it up in one word – “Perfect.” Mariah shows up to film a live on-location for GC Buzz. Lola is nervous as it will be her first time on TV. The interview is quick. Kyle walks in greets Lola with a kiss. Mariah leaves the lovebirds alone. Lola has prepared lunch for Kyle and they reminisce about how they first met. Lola says she’s healthy, has her job, and has Kyle; nothing is standing lola kyle young and restlessin their way. Kyle explains to Lola that he and Summer are working together, but Lola is okay with it. After Kyle leaves, Lola admits that she feels bad for Summer because she saved her life. Lola notices that Kyle forgot his tablet and Abby says to use it as an excuse to visit him at work.

Mariah arrives at Crimson Lights. She receives a text that says, “I won’t be ignored. Someday soon you’ll know my pain.” A man roughly bumps into Mariah, causing her alarm.

Meanwhile, at Jabot, Summer runs into Dina who is alone and asking for John. Dina thinks Summer’s Ashley. As Summer is doing Dina’s makeup in Jack’s office, Kyle walks in and Dina thinks he’s Jack. Kyle says John went away on business so Summer suggests they take their mom out for lunch. Later, Lola arrives at Jack’s office and since Kyle’s gone, she leaves the tablet with him.

Kyle and Summer drop Dina off at the Abbott home. Kyle thanks Summer for helping with Dina.

Summer and Kyle return to Jabot and greet Lola. They explain what happened with Dina. Summer decides to wait for Kyle inside Jack’s office to finish their work. Lola kisses Kyle as Summer responds to a call from Theo asking her and Kyle to fly out to New York. She grins that they can be there.

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Back in their room in Vegas, Rey says there was at least $50,000 in the briefcase. They question why Victor would need a memory retrieval specialist. Just as they’re about to kiss, Rey receives a call from Nikki, and fills her in. Nikki says Riza Thomas might have the answers they’re looking for. Meanwhile, at a bar, Victor talks to Riza Thomas. Victor says Spider has disappeared and needs her help to find him. Victor asks Riza to name her price. She asks if he expects her to put a price on a man’s life. The guy was happy before Victor came along. Victor corrects that he was lost. Riza says the guy is stubborn and closed off, and it’s hard to open him up again. She receives a call from Rey and Victor says not to respond. He’ll take care of it. Later, he turns up on Rey’s doorstep and asks to see Sharon alone. Victor asks Sharon to sit down – there is something she needs to know.

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