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At the penthouse, Ana and Devon look at pictures from the opening of Society. They look at a pretty one of Elena, and Ana asks, “So what’s going on with you two?” Devon feels the last thing he should be thinking about is dating, but Ana reminds him Malcolm said Neil would want his family to be happy. Devon would feel guilty. Mariah and Tessa arrive and fuss over Devon, who assures them he’s fine and asks about the brick-throwing incident.Devon reassures Mariah on Young and Restless Mariah declines his offer of security. Devon leaves them to do their business. Outside the door he takes a deep breath. After, Ana has Tessa’s contract signed and shows her possible new looks. Mariah mocks them and thinks Tessa’s essence will be lost. Ana thinks the right image will enhance her career and suggests they focus on the music first. When Mariah says she’ll bring scones to the studio, Ana lets her know it should just be Tessa and the musicians. In the elevator, Mariah says she’s fine but seems put out.

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At Society, Abby and Lola discuss their overnight success. Lola gets a text from Kyle and updates Abby that Kyle and Summer are divorcing – they’re finally free to be together. On the rooftop, Kyle sets up his surprise for Lola. His helper wonders if he wants something fancier.Kyle works on surprise on Young and Restless He says the woman he’s doing this for wouldn’t want fancy. In the restaurant, Abby says it was time Kyle kicked Summer to the curb. Lola reveals Summer’s being grown up about it, which surprises her. Lola says Kyle’s planning a surprise and Abby expects it will be amazing. Lola pictures him taking her to a suite and imagines all the things that could go wrong. Abby senses she’s stressed about her first time and works to reassure her. Lola frets about meeting his expectations. Abby says if she trusts and loves him that’s all that matters. They hug.

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At Crimson Lights, an unshaven Cane updates Jill that he received fresh divorce papers – Lily’s gone. Jill marvels that she didn’t even say goodbye in person. Cane feels he failed her and Jill hisses, “Don’t go down this rabbit hole.” She counsels him to find a purpose, but he won’t return to Chancellor.Jill Cane talk divorce on Young and Restless Jill doesn’t want him holding out hope for too long. Traci interrupts, “Why not?” Jill sniffs they were having a private conversation, but Cane asks her to join them. Traci reminds her she’s Mattie and Charlie’s godmother. Jill forgot. She’s grateful Cane had someone to talk to, but she’s back now. Cane warns her not to make it a competition. Jill invites Traci to join them for dinner, but Cane doesn’t want to go. On the patio, Devon runs into Elena and Jett. He thanks them for giving him space. Jett considers him family now. They discuss Jett touring and making a new album. Elena warns he must be careful. Devon suggests they talk more over dinner. Jett declines, but Elena can advocate for him. Elena agrees, “Dinner it is.”

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Over dinner at Society, Traci and Jill can’t believe Neil is gone. Traci recalls his comforting words when she lost Colleen and Jill recalls how he doted on the twins – now that family is falling apart. Jill’s glad Cane had Traci in her absence. They debate whether Cane should hold out hope as Abby checks in and introduces them to Lola. Devon and Elena join the group, then adjourn to a table. Elena notes how many people care about him. Devon counters no matter how many care, you always have to go through it alone. Elena recalls going to Jett’s show – her uncle and mother were close, but her mother died. Devon’s sorry. Elena doesn’t like to talk about it.Elena mother died Young and Restless Elsewhere, Kyle refuses to divulge details about his surprise to Abby. Lola joins them and Abby chirps, “Bye! Have fun!” Meanwhile, Devon and Elena laugh over their first concerts. Suddenly, Devon imagines Hilary laughing and zones out. Elena notices and he says he hasn’t heard someone laugh like that in a long time; it’s nice. On the roof, Kyle tells Lola to close her eyes as he removes her blindfold. She opens them to a Miami scene with a bar and she breathes, “It’s perfect.” They kiss.

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At the Abbott mansion, Traci starts typing about a man left heartbroken.

In Chancellor Park, Cane sits alone on a bench.

Cane walks onto the patio at the coffeehouse and calls to make sure Lily made it back to Lakewood – he won’t call again and will love her until his dying day. “Goodbye, Baby.”

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