Devon hugs Malcolm on Young and Restless
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Amazing Grace plays as Lily looks at the flowers and cards that have come to her house and cries. Cane holds her as Charlie and Mattie join them. All are dressed for Neil’s memorial.

At the Abbott house, Jack sees Ashley out the door before stopping to look at his sobriety chip.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s place and they embrace.

Phyllis holds her black dress and sighs sadly in her suite.

Billy helps Jill and Victoria with their jackets at Vikki’s house.

Malcolm arrives at Devon’s door and they embrace as Nate looks on.

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At the church, Devon hugs Lily, who then goes into Malcolm’s arms. Ana sings as everyone takes their seats in the pews. Devon stands in the doorway and cries.Devon arrives at funeral on Young and Restless The service begins with the reverend, (played by Stan Shaw), speaking about Neil and the sense of abandonment and confusion that comes with a sudden death. He says Neil made Genoa City a better place. Leslie and Christine are crying, as are Nick, Sharon and Mariah. Devon and Lily shed more tears as the reverend says Neil was loved by his family.

Lily gets up to speak, but breaks down and can’t do it. Malcolm steps up. He brushes his fingers across Neil’s portrait then says it’s hard (his voice catches)…to do something that shouldn’t need to be done. Malcolm reflects that it was times like this his brother was at his best – if he was standing there right now, he’d be giving a profound speech. Malcolm collects his emotions then in a shaky voice, with a laugh, recalls Neil’s corny jokes. Malcolm doesn’t have his brother’s words – he was oil to his water. He recalls their difficult relationship and Neil talking sense into him when he needed it. Ashley and Jack look thoughtful as he remarks on the sibling bond. Malcolm says Neil was always there and he should have listened to him more than he did. He wishes he could tell him, “You helped me become the man that I am.” He cries that he misses him and loves him. “I pray to God that he knew.”

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Nate speaks and shares words from his mother, Olivia, who reminds them ‘just as we feel their loss, we should feel their love’. Victor stands next and struggles to contain his emotions as he recalls Neil joining him at Newman Enterprises as a young man. He reflects on his honesty and integrity and says he became a friend and member of the family. Victor watched his build his own business and raise his family with pride. Tears spill down as Victor intones that Neil was one of the few men he trusted…he was a good man. “I shall miss you my friend.” Next, Jack speaks of Neil’s generosity – the Abbott-Winters Foundation was his idea and the work was personal for him. He talks of the emails they’ve had since Neil’s death and says he saved lives…one of those lives was his.

Devon takes the podium and talks about Neil as a father. He was also the best friend he ever had. Devon recalls Neil didn’t like him at first, but he never quit on him, and never gave up – it meant everything in the world. He took lived by loyalty, respect, righteousness, and more than anything love. Devon doesn’t carry Neil’s DNA but his voice in in his head right now saying, “My man…” Lily sobs. Devon continues, “Carry on.” He knows that voice will always be there. Lily still can’t go up, so Malcolm prompts Cane to do it. Lily agrees.

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Cane talks about his regret in letting down Neil and Lily more than once, but says Neil believed in second chances and was the first father figure he saw in action – he showed him what a father and child’s relationship should be like. He speaks of Neil’s strength after losing Dru – he passed that spirit onto Lily. With encouragement, Lily comes to the podium. She cries that she was so excited for the rest of her life to start, and now it has to without him. Lily’s lost both parents and feels so alone, though she knows that’s not true. She’s scared she’ll feel this way forever. Taking a deep breath, Lily cries that he should have had more time on this earth…to laugh. She recalls his laugh, his strength and how he knew how to pick up the pieces and pull you back together. Nikki sobs. Lily says they all have to be there for each other now to honor him. She steps to the casket and says, “I love you.”

The reverend returns and explains there is grief in memories, but joy as well. He advises to cherish Neil’s memories and each other as well. Devon thanks everyone for coming and for loving their dad. Leslie approaches to say Neil was the best man she ever knew. Phyllis hugs Malcolm – she’ll pay him to move back to town. She lets him know she’ll always be there for him. Traci tells Lily she’ll ache and feel alone, but she’s there for her, and implores her to lean on Cane if she needs to. Devon urges Sofia to reach out whenever she or Moses need anything. Sofia says, “There’s so much of Neil in you.” Sofia then hugs Malcolm. Finally, Lily and Devon hold hands and together, look at the portrait of Neil.

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