Abby Lola and Devon's opening on Young and Restless

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At Society, Abby’s in a panic because there are no customers. She receives a bouquet from Victor and Devon arrives. He’s certain people will show up. Elsewhere, Lola informs Summer that it’s bad luck to give a knife as a gift…unless it’s given with a coin. Summer digs out a quarter, wishes her luck, and comments on Lola’s pretty necklace as she and Kyle walk away. Meanwhile, Abby’s pleased to hear Devon has to pick up his date and can’t wait to meet her. She goes to the door again and is thrilled to see customers lined up. Nick is there and poses for a photo with his sister. Jack’s not far behind. Inside, Summer draws Kyle’s attention away from watching Lola and they say hello to her father. Nick wants to go over the blueprints for their new house. Meanwhile, Rey arrives, and Lola joins him and Arturo – she knows things are strained right now but she expects them to fake it. Outside, Mia insists she’s on the list, but the doorman won’t let her in.

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Jett helps Ana on Young and Restless At the penthouse, Ana tells Jett he should sing all the songs tonight and he realizes she’s still nervous. Jett gives his daughter a pep talk – she’s his inspiration. Ana is sold and says, “Let’s do it.” Devon arrives and urges them to break a leg, he’ll be right behind them. Once alone, Devon looks at a photo of him and Hilary before removing his wedding ring and placing it in a container on the piano. Elena comes downstairs and Devon tells her she looks stunning.

Back at Society, Jack is incensed to find the Jabot receptionist, Ted, promoting Jack of Hearts. Ashley appears and confirms, “Ted works for me now.” Jack grimaces before sparring with Ash and warning Ted not to share Jabot secrets.Jack grimaces on Young and Restless Devon arrives with Elena, who wonders why everyone’s staring at them. Nate appears and Devon introduces him to his date. Nate thinks they may have passed in the hall, then talks up Devon. Elena spots Ana and Jett and joins them. By the bar, Ashley crows that Abby’s come into her own. Abby hopes she’s not there to sabotage Jabot. Ashley demurs that she and Jack have found a balance. Devon joins them and upbraids Ashley for bringing merchandise. She shrugs it off as a little self-promotion. Abby and Devon take the stage and introduce Jett. Arturo moons over Abby as she watches the performance and Summer catches Kyle looking at Lola. As Jett concludes, an ad for Jabot Collective appears on the screen behind him. Jack grins. Abby and Devon chastise Jack and Ashley – they’ve overstepped – the next time Devon will get his lawyers involved. Abby and Devon return to the stage to introduce Lola, who thanks them, her brothers, and Summer Abbott for saving her life.

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Outside Society, Mia sneaks in and joins Jack at the bar. She tells him she’s sorry Kerry left and that she’s about to be single again. In the back, Kyle can’t stand being apart from Lola and kisses her. After, Nick grabs him and seethes, “You lying punk!” Summer interrupts the clash and Nick informs her she’s getting an annulment, but she hisses at him to stay out of her marriage. Summer loves Kyle and wants to be married to him – they can make this work. Nearby, Arturo’s taken aback when Abby pays him for his help and returns it – he helped because he cares about her. Across the room, Mia complains to Jack that Rey betrayed her. Mia flirts with Jack on Young and RestlessJack learns he’s with Sharon and isn’t sure he’s the person Mia should be talking to. Mia continues. When she proposes a toast and Rey intervenes, Jack makes his escape. Mia gets Rey in a lather which catches Abby’s attention. She’s about to throw her out when Arturo blurts, “Mia’s pregnant.” Abby realizes it could be his – she wants them both gone. Elsewhere, Jett thanks Devon – tonight was a real gift. He tells Elena that Devon’s a good man. By the window, Jack and Ashley reflect on squandering their brother and sister relationship, but can’t reach a compromise. She reveals she’s wired back his money and will also go into clothing – she’ll name her collection Abbott Exchange. Lola watches Kyle leave with Summer as the party kicks up a notch.

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In Mia’s suite, she laughs at how easy it is to bait Rey and moves closer – he’ll never have this kind of passion with Sharon. Rey says this is ugly and unhealthy – she needs to focus on the baby – if she doesn’t do as he asks, the baby will be born behind bars.

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