Cane pleads with Lily to hear him out on Young and Restless

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At Society, Abby’s on the phone yelling at someone and Lola confides in Tessa that due to a back up on the highway there is no food delivery – she’ll have nothing to serve. Abby angrily concludes her call as Arturo arrives. He wants to talk more, but Abby is too busy putting out fires. She rants about the software glitching as her phone rings again. Elsewhere, Arturo discovers Lola’s received the wrong fruit and is freaking out. Tessa forces her to yoga breathe and Arturo reminds her Abby hired her because she’s the best person for the job and urges her to improvise. Lola remembers she’s a Rosales and doesn’t give up. Arturo has her back. Meanwhile, a worker advises Abby the fire alarm will keep going off all night. Arturo is there to handle it. Abby takes note of his help.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle’s holding a jewelry box and smiling when Summer appears. He hastily puts it away. Summer talks about going to Abby’s launch, but Kyle thinks it might be awkward with Lola. They debate and he looks uncomfortable as she pulls him upstairs to get ready. Upstairs, Summer gets frisky, but Kyle decides they should leave early. As he showers, Summer finds a heart necklace in his pocket and assumes it’s for her. After he’s dressed, Summer alludes to her dress needing the perfect accessory. Kyle goes downstairs and Lola texts to see if he’s coming. He wouldn’t miss it for the world. Summer comes down in a tight dress and reveals she got Lola an opening night gift from them.

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At the Ashby house, Cane’s on the phone with Traci and reports the twins went to the prison for Lily’s release. He’s nervous because this is his final chance. He lets her go as Lily enters. Cane smiles, “Welcome home.” Lily informs him she’s not free until he signs the divorce papers. He reminds her he took vows. She counters they are the same ones he broke. Lily sighs…she’s there to get ready for Abby and Devon’s opening and pack a few things – she’s meeting her dad, Mattie and Charlie there. Cane wants to work things out, but she doesn’t. “You have to let me go.” Cane persists. He reveals he’s been talking to someone about how to be better for her.Cane persists on Young and Restless She says her choices are about her. Cane continues that he’s always defined himself by his success. Lily doesn’t think sleeping with Juliet or kissing Victoria as about him becoming the next Warren Buffett. He thinks he can change and will dedicate his life to her and kids. Lily says it doesn’t make a difference. Cane announces he gave Jill his resignation and asks Lily for another chance. Lily insists he can’t change years of pain with a grand gesture. She wants to put their relationship behind her. After packing, Lily tells Cane she’ll be teaching the inmates full-time. Cane’s proud. They discuss Neil’s hope that Mattie would go to Stanford before Lily prepares to leave. Cane wants her to stay the night and has a last request – that they attend the launch together.

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At Society, Tessa tells Lola about the incident involving Mariah. Nearby, Abby and Arturo share a close moment over him fixing the alarm system. Abby takes a call from Devon and assures him everything’s great…as the lights go out.Abby and Arturo close moment on Young and Restless Arturo fixes that as well. She says he’s a lifesaver – she doesn’t know if she can get past him breaking her heart, but thanks him. Kyle and Summer arrive. Abby takes Summer for a tour and Kyle finds Lola. He pulls her aside and gives her the heart necklace. She puts it on and tucks it under her uniform – it’s perfect. Summer spots them chatting. Lola tells Kyle she’ll wait for him forever if she has to and they embrace. Summer approaches. Summer sees necklace on Young and RestlessShe congratulates Lola and announces they almost didn’t come – Kyle had his heart set on a quiet night at home. Elsewhere, Abby gives the staff a pep talk and declares Society officially open. She goes to let in the customers…but no one is there. Back inside, Lola pulls her necklace out of her uniform as she accepts Summer’s gift. Summer sees it and fumes.

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At Abby’s launch, Jack says to Ashley, “Welcome home, Sis.” She says she’s there to support her daughter. Jack adds, “And your company.”

Flashback episode! On this day on The Young and the Restless, April 18 2008, Lily decided to keep her baby, but turned down Cane’s wedding proposal.