Mia tells Arturo she's pregnant on Young and Restless

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At the Abbott mansion, Summer makes plans to share ideas with Jack before leaving. Kyle tells Jack that Summer knows what happened with Lola, but he couldn’t tell her he wants to be with Lola. Jack warns she’s Phyllis’ daughter and can make things difficult for him and Jabot. Kyle decides he’ll convince Summer she doesn’t want to be with him. Later, Summer returns to discuss marketing with Jack. He’s impressed. Summer asks him how to tell Victor she’s leaving Newman to work at Jabot. Jack feels he’ll understand her loyalty to Kyle. Summer assures him she’s where she belongs.

At the new restaurant, Abby has nothing to say to Arturo, but he apologizes and admits he may have partly been in love with the idea of her, but he wasn’t in it for the flash – he loves her and what happened with Mia meant nothing. Abby scoffs that he threw it all away for no reason. Arturo wants to be better. Abby believes he’s genuinely sorry and she’s cheated in the past – he deserves a second chance too. Mia appears. Abby orders her out but she’s won’t go without Arturo. Abby sends them both packing. Later, Kyle arrives to see Lola and admits he didn’t tell Summer he was ending things – he couldn’t. Lola sighs, “Because you still love her.”Lola disappointed on Young and Restless Kyle protests – he loves Lola – but has to find a way to end things that won’t cause Summer to seek revenge. Lola asks that he not have sex with Summer again and kisses him as they declare their love. Lola walks away and Summer appears – she saw Kyle’s car. He suggests lunch. Elsewhere, Lola asks Abby about Arturo. Abby relays they had a good talk until Mia showed up – she’s always between them.

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At Crimson Lights, Christine observes that Paul is testing Rey. Paul notes Rey backed off when Lola’s case went cold, which is suspect; he thinks he knows more than he’s saying. Paul updates her on Rey’s claim that Mia was with Arturo and wonders if they’re in it together. Nikki appears – she needs Paul’s help looking into Victor’s activities in Nevada. Paul can’t help her and tries to reassure her.

Rey arrives at Sharon’s place and admits he knows who attacked Lola – it was Mia, who believed she was Abby. Sharon learns he started to arrest her but learned she was pregnant. She wonders what he’ll do if the baby’s Arturo’s. Rey feels the baby doesn’t deserve to be born in prison. He lets her know Paul put him back on the case – he’s testing him. They hope this won’t blow up.

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In Chancellor Park, Arturo angrily asks Mia what’s so important she had to drag him away from Abby.Arturo learns Mia's pregnant on Young and Restless Mia needs him to say he was with her the night Lola was attacked. Mia denies it as Arturo puts the pieces together and realizes she attacked Lola thinking she was Abby. He asks why she thinks he’d lift a finger to help her. Mia replies that she’s pregnant, and the baby could be his. Arturo doesn’t believe her, so she pulls out the ultrasound photo. She believes in her heart the baby is Rey’s but she’s 3 and a half months along, so he should do the math. Arturo stalks off as she hollers, “What are you going to do?”

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At the coffee house, Rey runs into Nikki, who thanks him for clearing her name, and Victoria’s. She admits she’s worried about Victor, who has been taking trips to Las Vegas, and offers to pay him to find out what he’s doing there. Rey will consider it. On the patio, Paul and Christine make a date for pizza and bowling before she leaves.Christine Paul make date on Young and Restless Paul watches as, inside, Arturo apologizes to Rey for sleeping with Mia – he knows she’s pregnant. Rey warns they’ve a situation and he better be prepared to step up. Arturo will do whatever is required to protect the baby. As Sharon joins Rey, Paul approaches. Sharon lets them talk. In a booth, Summer realizes Kyle’s thinking about Lola. Kyle tells her Phyllis has photos of him and Lola and threatened his dad. Summer’s incensed her mother tried to trash her marriage – she won’t let anyone come between them.

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In the park, Rey tells Paul that Arturo confirmed he was with Mia on the night of the attack. He suggests Lola just fell and wasn’t attacked. Paul’s unconvinced.

Outside the new restaurant, Arturo looks at the ultrasound photo. Inside, Abby apologizes to Lola for venting about Arturo and Mia. They drink to success and happiness.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack updates Dina on the new plans for Jabot. She thinks he’s ruining his father’s legacy.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki looks at the psychiatrist bill and vows to find out what Victor’s up to.

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