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Nikki arrives at Victoria’s house where her daughter updates her that she faced her fears and is now able to move forward. Nikki learns Billy tracked her down in Vegas. Victoria insists they’re taking things very slow. Nikki asks why she thinks things will be different this time. Victoria feels Billy is different and mentions the high-stakes poker game in her suite. Nikki wonders if Victoria did it to see how Billy would react. Vikki would never do that. Nikki asks what she’s hiding. Vikki reveals Victor’s in Vegas, not in New Zealand on business. Nikki’s dumbfounded, then angry. “That man has lied to me for the last time.” She rants then leaves Victor a voicemail advising him to be home tomorrow or he’ll rue the day. Nikki then decides they’ll track down the truth.

At the Abbott house, Cane asks Traci for help on Young and RestlessTraci’s happy when Billy says Victoria’s ready to move forward. Someone hammers at the door – it’s Cane. Traci invites him in and he surprises Billy by apologizing. Billy’s suspicious, but concedes it wasn’t Billy’s fault his marriage fell apart – it was his. Billy exits and Traci asks about Lily. Cane says she’s being released this week and he can’t sign the divorce papers. Traci’s dismayed he still thinks he can fix it. Cane wants her help, but Traci reluctant.

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Ana and Jett sing together at the piano in the penthouse and Devon applauds. He wants to sign Jett to his label, but Jett declines. He feels his time has passed, but Devon argues his voice is timeless. Jett agrees to think about it. Elena, who has been listening, smiles at Devon.

Jack checks out Abby’s new restaurant and has an idea to launch her opening into the stratosphere – Jabot will launch their collective at the same time. Abby Devon new restaurant Young and RestlessAbby declines – until he ends this feud with her mother, she won’t work with either company. Jack respects that, but expects an invite. Later, Devon arrives and questions Abby telling Mariah she could promote the opening on GC Buzz. Abby says it’s a misunderstanding and draws his attention to the stage – she’d like LP artists to perform. Devon and Abby believe she’s found her calling.

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Billy finds Jack drumming up business at Jabot and they discuss Abby’s new restaurant – she’s a force to be reckoned with. Jack updates Billy on buying Ashley off, but they realize it’s only a matter of time until she strikes back. Jack chortles that he can handle it and exclaims, “Bring it on.” Billy hopes they don’t destroy each other and the company. Jack reassures him, but Billy is unconvinced. Talk turns to Billy and Victoria. He reveals he plans to move back in before she changes her mind. Jack thinks they’re going at different speeds and cautions his brother.

In Chancellor Park, Traci advises Cane he’ll have to dig deep and be honest with himself to do battle with the demons inside. He must fix himself first. Cane talks about the lies he’s told – he does it because deep down he doesn’t believe he deserves Lily. Traci thinks he’s made a good step today in facing truths – he can be redeemed.

Devon return to the penthouse and takes in more of Ana and Jett’s Ana and Jett piano on Young and Restlesssinging with Elena. Devon announces they will play at the opening of his new restaurant. Neither of them wants to do it, but Elena helps Devon persuade them. Later, Devon thanks Elena, who warns he better do right by Jett. Devon would never exploit family. Elena mentions the coffee he owes her. Devon instead invites her to the opening of the restaurant – it’s kind of a date. Elena accepts.

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Nikki and Victoria are snooping in Victor’s office when he calls. Nikki barks, “Where the hell are you?” He claims he’s in Istanbul, says he loves her, and disconnects. Nikki angrily tells Victoria he said to be patient – all would be revealed. They keep searching the office. Nikki finds a bill from a place in Nevada, near Vegas, for services for a doctor’s office. She worries, “Victoria, what if he’s sick?” Victoria looks up the doctor and learns he’s a psychiatrist. They agree he’d never go to one. Nikki asks, “So what is he doing outside of Las Vegas paying for a shrink?”

Jack arrives at home to find Traci hiding something – it’s another surprise from Ashley, but she doesn’t think he should see it. Jack insists. She reveals an ad for Jack of Hearts featuring Kerry/Dominique and a male model. Traci warns him not to sink to her level. Jack insists he’s rising up and phone Ashley to say, “Well played.”

Arturo finds Abby at the new restaurant and asks to talk.

Billy lets himself into Victoria’s house and pulls out an engagement ring – he’s waited for her his whole life, what’s a few minutes more?

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