Lily tells Cane they're done on Young and Restless

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At Sharon’s place, she and Rey, who is shirtless, kiss on the sofa and banter. She’s glad he stayed the night. Sharon heads upstairs and hollers at him to answer the door. It’s Nick. Sharon returns and establishes that she and Rey are a couple. Nick came to offer her a job. Rey leaves them to talk. Nick asks Sharon to take on Abby’s job as Head of PR. Sharon’s uncertain due to their personal relationship and reminds him she went back to school to do work with a purpose. He suggests she also take over Dark Horse’s charity work.

At the prison, Cane’s happy Lily asked to see him. Cane didn’t come to sign off on the divorce papers and doesn’t want to fight, he just wants her to see she’s making a mistake. He regrets hurting her and wants to save their marriage. Lily’s heard it all before and believes what’s broken between them cannot be fixed – they’re stuck in a cycle of hurt. Cane realizes she’s made her decision. Lily assures him the twins are mature enough to handle this, and though she loves Sam like her own, she’s not his motherLily divorcing Cane on Young and Restless – he’s a product of Cane’s affair. Cane insists Lily belongs with them and she reveals she’s being released early. He’s thrilled she’ll be free. She won’t be if she walks back into the same life – it’s time for a fresh start. Lily believes he needs one too. Cane loves her. Lily loves him too. Cane asks where she’ll go. She doesn’t know, but she wants a simpler life. Cane thinks things would be different if not for the accident. Lily disagrees – prison didn’t end their marriage, they did. She leaves Cane sitting alone.

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At the Abbott house, Dina’s confused, and Traci tries to soothe her. Dina feels the furniture has been changed without her approval. She thinks Kyle is Jack, and he plays along. Dina spots Summer and asks, “Is that Ashley?” Summer goes along as well, and they sit her down to wait for tea. Elsewhere, Traci calls Jack to see if he can come home. Meanwhile, Summer tries to convince Dina to embrace change. Kyle seems thoughtful as he listens. Soon, Jack appears. Dina calls him John and gets emotional about how she’s been neglecting the household. She thinks their children deserve everything and tells ‘Jack’ and ‘Ashley’ to stick together and the sky’s the limit. After, Kyle thanks Summer for going above and beyond. She notes Dina’s her family now too. He also appreciated her help brainstorming. Summer thinks they’re closer so wants to talk about Lola’sKyle hugs Summer on Young and Restless photo on his phone. Kyle regrets hurting Summer’s feelings and deletes all things Lola off his phone. Summer hugs him. Later, Jack receives a gift basket containing Jack of Hearts cologne and a card from Ashley saying he can’t win and will go down as the man who buried Jabot.

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At the Club, Billy meets with Rebekah Barlow, (played by Jennifer Taylor), and informs her Phyllis Rebekah Barlow meets with Billy on Young and Restlessis out and Jack’s back in as CEO. She liked Phyllis’ drive, and recalls when she set her up with her boyfriend before agreeing to hear Billy’s proposal. Billy makes his pitch and Barlow agrees to lend her expertise on a six-month consulting contract. Billy wishes her a safe trip back to Chicago, but she’s staying a few days. Later, Traci catches Billy up on Dina and they run into Cane, who is drunk at the bar. He blames Billy for ruining his life and destroying his marriage. Billy won’t apologize for telling Lily the truth. Traci intervenes and drives Cane home. Once alone, Billy tries unsuccessfully to reach Victoria.

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At home, Rey looks at a photo of Mia, then calls Dr. Abrams office to ask about her pregnancy. He is debating with the office when there’s a knock. Sharon reveals she didn’t take Nick’s job offer – she’s enjoying being off work with Rey. They discuss his police job – he doesn’t anticipate Paul taking him back. Sharon is optimistic they can eventually get him a good reference. He thanks her for having his back. She reminds him he can talk to her about anything. He looks at the photo of Mia.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick spots Rebekah. They rehash the awkward night in her suite, and she learns he and Phyllis split. Nick discovers she’ll be consulting for Jabot and may be around more. They flirt and decide to go out for drinks.

At the Ashby house, Traci serves Cane coffee as he laments his marriage is over. Traci offers to listen and tells him to start at the beginning.

At home, Sharon discovers an ultrasound photo of Baby Rosales that Mia left for Rey.

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