Victoria parties in Vegas on Young and Restless

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In Las Vegas, Victoria ignores a text from Billy.

At the Abbott house, Billy worries to Jack about Victoria running away. Jack thinks she’s probably at a spa. Talk turns to rebuilding Jabot – with no products and no one to create any, they need a plan fast. Jack suggests shifting their priorities. Upstairs in their bedroom, Summer lets Kyle know she got the all clear to make love. Kyle’s drawn in when she says she misses him and they start undressing and kissing. After sex, Kyle looks at a photo of Lola on his phone and leaves the bed. Summer awakens and picks up his phone, which displays Lola’s smiling face. Downstairs, Kyle has joined Billy and Jack to discuss Jabot being about the full look – including clothes and shoes. Summer appears and Billy doesn’t want to discuss business in front of her, but Kyle feels she should stay. Jack asks for Summer’s ideas. She talks about social media, stylists, and schools Jack on ‘unboxings’ as she and Kyle brainstorm. Billy and Jack are clearly impressed. Jack will mix in some traditional ideas and tells them, “Great job!”

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At the penthouse, Elena finds Devon listening to demos and tells him his place is amazing. They talk about Hilary. Elena recognizes her from GC Buzz; it broke her heart when she passed. Devon says, “Mine too.” After, he invites Elena to keep him company and she reveals she grew up in Milwaukee.Devon asks Elena out on Young and Restless She loves taking care of Uncle Jett but sometimes wishes she could go out. Devon suggests doing something together then backtracks when it goes over awkwardly. Elena later apologizes; she didn’t want things to be awkward with them living there. They agree to get coffee together some time. Later, they’re laughing together and Devon reminds her about the coffee before saying goodnight.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah surprises Tessa with her guitar from the pawn shop. Tessa doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Mariah says, “Sing.” Tessa needs to reconnect with her music alone. She kisses Mariah and thanks her for believing in her before leaving.

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Rey arrives at Sharon’s house and thanks her for the dinner invitation. She couldn’t wait for the second date after their first one was so successful this afternoon. Rey pours wine and Sharon tells him if he keeps looking at her like that, they won’t make it until dinner. Sharon notice he seems pensive Rey looks at Sharon on Young and Restlessand assures him there’s nothing he can’t talk to her about. Suddenly, Mariah enters. She’s surprised when Sharon chirps that they’re about to have dinner, then says she’s famished. Over dinner, Mariah acknowledges that even though Rey arrested Sharon, in the end he did the right thing. She shares that Tessa’s charges were dropped. Sharon’s glad – they all need a fresh start. Mariah notices Rey and Sharon holding hands. Sharon hopes she’ll be happy for her. Mariah questions Rey about his marriage and he says it’s only on paper; he intends to make her mother very happy. Once Mariah’s gone, Rey and Sharon gaze at each other. Soon, they’re undressing, and he lifts her off the floor to carry her to bed.

In Las Vegas, a guy named Brandon Rose, (played by Mitch Eakins), knocks on Victoria’s hotel room door and calls out for Lizzie. She tells him he has the wrong room and wonders if she needs to call security. He slips a poster under the door for his band – he’ll leave a VIP pass for her at the box office tonight and wants to seeBrandon and Victoria on Young and Restless if she’s as beautiful as her voice. Victoria scrunches up the poster. After, she phones the kids then gets into bed, but can’t sleep. She retrieves the poster from the trash and gets dressed. Later, she’s with the band in her room and poses for a group selfie before telling Brandon she loved the show. She introduces herself as an artist named Jani and goes on about meeting with galleries. Brandon says he’s really impressed and calls her Victoria. She explains she was just having fun, so he suggests turning it up a notch. She nixes going to a club, so the party breaks up, but Brandon writes his number on her hand before leaving. Victoria smiles to herself as she tidies up and puts his number into her phone.

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Outside her apartment on the fire escape, Tessa struggles with playing a song and puts down her guitar. Mariah finds her frustrated and not knowing how to fix this. She suggests Tessa play one of her old songs and it works.

At the Abbott house, Billy’s stunned when Summer sees Victoria’s selfie and reports she’s in Vegas hanging out with the Bloody Thorns. He grimly says this is a lot more than decompressing.

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