Jack and Ashley pit companies on Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Lauren pops into Jack’s office to wish him well, though she believes he’s letting his issues with Ashley interfere with reason. Jack insists both companies will thrive. Lauren doesn’t share his confidence and wants to buy back Jabot’s stake in Fenmore’s. Jack refuses; Fenmore’s is integral to his plan to revitalize Jabot. Lauren complains he wants her profits to finance his scheme. Jack asks if she has the money to buy back her stake. She doesn’t yet. Jack invites her to revisit the idea when she does. In the hall, Lauren updates Phyllis, who would like to run Fenmore’s with her. Lauren’s ready to talk. Later, Phyllis goes to Jack looking for her severance package. He refuses to pay her, but assures her she’ll land on her feet. Phyllis counters that when she does, he’d better be looking over his shoulder.

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Devon welcomes Jett and Elena into the penthouse, and Ana helps Elena take her things upstairs. As Devon heads out, Jett plays the piano. Ana listens with a smile on the stairs. After, they chat, and Ana warns Devon can get a little intense and moody. Jett knows he’s been through a lot. He plays another song after talking about making a comeback but starts coughing. Elena appears and reminds him not to rush things. Ana asks him to play it again, this time she sings. Jett and Elena are impressed. Jett goes to rest.

In Ashley’s suite, she learns from Abby that Phyllis was voted out and Jack is now CEO. Ashley insists she’s taking over the family business whether Jack likes it or not. Talk turns to Dina’s worsening confusion, then Abby’s wedding. Abby reveals she broke things off with Arturo but won’t get into it. Ash learns she also left Dark Horse, and asks her to be her second-in-command in Paris. Abby declines and explains how excited she is about the new restaurant. Ashley’s confident Jack will accept her proposal. Just then, he knocks.Ashley Jack cut deal Young and Restless Abby leaves them. Jack remarks on the irony of Ashley helping him get put back in charge at Jabot and refuses her offer. They argue at length about who is following their darker impulses and who John would be more disappointed in. Finally, Ashley suggests they work together. Jack asks how they would do that, and they bicker about who’s qualified to lead the company. Jack suggests they use their respective companies to compete. Ashley accepts his challenge. Jack toasts, “Let the battle begin.”

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At Rey’s place, Devon asks Lola about her recovery, he’s surprised it was in GC Buzz that they’re going ahead so soon. She wonders if he’s not on board. Devon cares more about her health than his investment. Lola assures him she won’t end up back in hospital. After he leaves, she holds her abdomen.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle updates Summer on the fiasco at Jabot, then breaks the news that Phyllis was held responsible and was voted out. Summer thinks it might be best to wait to tell her about being Lola’s donor, but Kyle worries she’ll find out another way. He reveals he, Billy and Jack were trying Phyllis learns Summer donated liver on YOung and Restlessto oust her mother before the debacle with Ashley, just as Phyllis walks in. Summer tells her she’s sorry about Jabot and tries to lead in to the donor news. Kyle blurts, “She saved someone’s life.” Phyllis is irked to find out others were told before her, and hopes Lola appreciates what she did. She speaks to Summer alone and tells her daughter that Kyle got what he wanted – Summer to save the life of the woman he loves. She doesn’t trust the Abbotts and Kyle’s the worst in the bunch. Summer defends her husband. On the patio, Kyle encounters Lola. She talks about the restaurant and questions why he’s not looking after his wife. Inside, Summer protests that Kyle is loyal. Phyllis spots him with Lola and asks, “Is he?” Summer heads out there, exchanges pleasantries, then asks Kyle to take her home.

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At the Club,Lauren rants to Michael on Young and Restless Lauren rants about the situation at Jabot and condemns Jack and Ashley’s constant fighting. Michael agrees to look one more time for a way to break the contract between Jabot and Fenmore’s. Talk turns to Fenmore. Lauren warns he still thinks Michael is disappointed in him. They discuss his tour and Michael complains his dreams won’t pay the bills. Lauren suggests Michael find a way to be supportive. Lauren speaks to Phyllis on the phone and advises her to let her know when she has the money.

At the penthouse, Elena tells Ana she’s trying not to get too comfortable. They awkwardly discuss money, and Elena assures Ana she’s not looking for a handout from her uncle or Devon. Ana hopes they can be friends. After, Devon arrives to find Elena on the sofa alone…drinking from Hilary’s mug. He’s taken aback but covers.

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