Phyllis voted out at Jabot on Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Jack sneers that Ashley has no authority to convene a meeting of the board. Kerry, now speaking in a British accent, makes nice with Ashley, who explains she is really Dominique Carroll, thanks her for her great work and wishes her safe travels. Jack follows Dominique/Kerry out and confronts her – was everything they shared a colossal lie? She insists her feelings for him are separate and invites him to join her in Paris. Jack won’t go anywhere with her and isn’t letting her walk out of there without repercussions. She warns him against calling the authorities and wishes him luck battling Ashley.

Back in the Jabot office, Billy complains about Ashley screwing them over again while Traci chastises that she’s playing God with people’s lives. Jack re-enters, followed by Kyle and Abby, who’s happy to see her mother. Kyle and Abby get up to speed on Ashley’s plant at Jabot. Ashley reveals the real Kerry Johnson is working at her company in Paris. Lauren asks if Ashley also owns Premiere Cosmetics – the company that took their patents.Ashley talks at Jabot on Young and Restless Ashley does. They all want to know what’s to become of Jabot. Ashley announces she’ll save it – by taking it over. She explains that all the products developed by Dominique belong to her…and Premiere Cosmetics, and mocks Phyllis for making it so easy. Billy won’t entertain her offer, but Lauren will hear her out. Ashley says if they sell to her they’ll get the products back they’ve planned to launch. Traci and Billy call her out on Jack getting hurt. Ashley shrugs it off and informs them her offer expires tomorrow. Lauren takes Phyllis aside and worries about Fenmore’s – will it be cut loose? Phyllis won’t give in without at fight. Lauren glances at the Abbotts and says it may not be her call. Across the room, Jack, Billy and Kyle are on the same page. Phyllis announces she’ll fight for Jabot’s rights by prosecuting for fraud or challenging the patents. The Abbotts shoot down her ideas. When it comes out Phyllis didn’t make Kerry sign a non-compete clause, Jack announces they’re voting her out.Phyllis is out as CEO on Young and Restless Phyllis protests about being the scapegoat as Jack calls for the vote. Only Phyllis and Lauren vote to keep her on. Jack tells ‘Red’ she’s out. Phyllis exits. Lauren argues with the Abbotts about accepting Ashley’s offer. Jack insists it’s not time to give in, it’s time for the fight of their lives. He wants to lead as CEO. Lauren snarks, “Here we go again.” Jack makes his pitch – he’s ideally suited for this challenge.

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At Sharon’s place she fusses over her appearance before opening he door to Rey, who admits he also changed his outfit once or twice. She loves the ‘early’ date idea and jokes about them being unemployed.

Paul visits Nikki on Young and RestlessAt the ranch, Nikki worries when she sees Paul – has Christine changed her mind? Paul came to do this – he hugs her. Over tea, Paul assures Nikki he’ll always believe in her before asking about Victoria. Nikki says the nightmare isn’t over for her – she must come to terms with what’s happened.

At home, Victoria calls the kids over and tells them mommy has to go away again. The kids are disappointed, but Victoria promises she won’t be long. Katie asks about the man in the wall. Victoria says he can’t play with her again but wanted her to tell Katie goodbye. Later, Nikki arrives and is appalled to hear she has a business trip. Victoria brushes aside her mother’s concerns, asks Nikki to update Billy, and leaves her open-mouthed on the sofa.

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At the Club, Rey has flowers, champagne and a card for Sharon. They discuss his marriage to Mia; Sharon doesn’t want to jump in before he’s had enough time to process. Rey declares this day is the beginning of their romantic relationship. He’d be a fool not wait any longer to kiss her.Sharon Rey make love on Young and Restless They head up to a suite and start making love. Meanwhile, Phyllis spots Dominique at the Club bar, orders wine, and puts it on her tab. Dominique admires Phyllis – their friendship was real – and assures her she’ll land on her feet. Upstairs, Abby confronts Ashley in her suite. “What the hell have you just done.

At Jabot, the vote between whether to appoint Jack CEO or merge with Ashley’s company comes down to Billy after Abby abstains. Billy’s all in with Jack. They embrace. Once alone, Jack looks around the office, then sits in the CEO chair.

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At Victoria’s house, Nikki tells Billy that Victoria was vague about her trip on purpose – she’s trying to run away.

At a hotel, Victoria calls the front desk, refers to herself as Jeni Lambertson, and asks for complete privacy.

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