Jack at Jabot on Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Phyllis discovers something in the computer that neither she nor Billy signed off on. She tells him about Kerry’s intern, Dominque Carroll. Billy swings by Ted’s desk and takes a letter addressed to the intern. He opens it and exclaims, “What the…?”

At the Club, Traci and Jack discuss Summer and Kyle, who will move to the poolhouse once she’s feeling better. Traci wonders if Jack will move Kerry in. Jack admits there are issues – she’s secretive and has lied to him. He gets a call from Billy, who tells him to drop whatever he’s doing; they have a serious problem.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle looks at his unanswered text to Lola while Summer dozes on the sofa. She awakens and announces she still wants to go on honeymoon before returning to work. Kyle says Jabot has a new product launch coming up, and reminds her Victor thinks they’ve had a trip. SummerSummer wants honeymoon on Young and the Restless realizes she needs to come clean with her family. As they chat, Kyle learns Nick doesn’t know about Summer and Billy. Summer advises Kyle to be loving with her in front of her parents, as he was in the hospital. Later, Jack meets Billy, who shows him the office and confirms he called the patent office – another cosmetics company has Jack of Hearts. Jack learns Kerry either got played by her intern or is in on it. He calls Kerry, who is at Crimson Lights, and invites her over for wine,Kerry stuns Jack on Young and the Restless then tells Billy she’s on her way – he’ll handle this alone. When Kerry arrives, Jack confronts her about the patent subterfuge. Kerry admits she’s Dominque Carroll. Jack gets a text and she advises him to check it – all will soon be revealed. “It really was spectacular, Jack.”

Abby visits Lola at Rey’s place. Lola’s excited she brought bone broth and convinces Abby to try some. Abby admits she came with an ulterior motive. She wants to getLola and Abby drink broth on Young and the Restless Lola back in the kitchen…of her restaurant. Lola is relieved they won’t blame each other for Arturo and Kyle’s choices. Excited, they toast with their broth. Lola reveals she always knew deep down she and Kyle weren’t meant to be – maybe it’s why she didn’t sleep with him. They commiserate over not heeding the signs. They laugh as Abby describes her next, unattractive and uncoordinated, boyfriend. Abby has to leave for Jabot and Lola thanks her for believing in her.

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Summer and Kyle arrive at Nick’s place, where he tells her Nikki would love to see her. Summer gets dizzy and Kyle launches into how brave Summer is, and Nick is floored to hear she was Lola’s liver donor. He remarks that anything could have happened, then realizes she did it for Kyle, who insists he’s committed. Nick asks if he’s in love with Summer. Kyle says, “I am.” Nick speaks to Kyle alone. Kyle assures him he won’t hurt Summer and says Lola needed someone different – someone who was over Summer. Kyle receives a text, but ignores it as Nick warns if he hurts Summer, he’ll have to deal with him. They drink scotch and Summer reappears. Nick offers to build them a home on the land he was going to build a house with Chelsea as a wedding present. Summer’s ecstatic. Kyle doesn’t know what to say.

Abby stops at Dark Horse and tells Nick she’s devoting herself to her restaurant full-time. Nick will miss her.

At Crimson Lights, Summer enthuses to Kyle about their long and happy life in their home as Lola enters.

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At Jabot, Ted opens a letter and rushes in to show Phyllis – all their recent requests have been rejected by the patent office. Phyllis orders him to find Kerry. Billy arrives and Phyllis updates him. Billy says Dominque Carroll is the one who registered the patents to another company – under Phyllis’ nose. Phyllis warns Billy he’d better not be behind this. He wouldn’t sabotage his own company for revenge on her. Suddenly they learn someone’s called an emergency board meeting. Lauren arrives, and Phyllis tells her the meeting text was sent in error. Traci shows up and Billy reappears to report no one named Dominque has ever beenAshley arrives on Young and Restless in the lab. Lauren wants to know what’s going on. The women learn about the patents as Kerry strolls in – she’s glad they all got their texts. Jack reports Kerry is Dominique. Billy thinks Kerry seems proud of herself. She smirks they made it so easy. Jack says she has a partner. As Billy wonders who it is, Ashley appears.

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