Devon talks to Elena on Young and the Restless

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At the Abbott house, Jack questions Abby about broken glass found in her laundry by Mrs. Martinez. She says it’s from a windshield and assures him she wasn’t in an accident – she meant to do it.

Lola visits Summer’s hospital room to thank her for saving her life.Summer in hospital on Young and the Restless She’s truly grateful, but hopes they’ll never see each other again. Lola congratulates Summer on her marriage and notes it’s time for her to move on. Kyle appears and offers Lola help, but she tells him to stay with his wife. Later, Rey arrives to take Lola home – it’s time to get back to her life. She doesn’t know what that looks like anymore. Rey assures her they’ll figure it out. Elsewhere, Kyle’s taking Summer home and doesn’t want to discuss Lola.

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In the penthouse, Devon gifts Ana with a framed photo of her father on stage to show he’s supportive. He understands she just wants to help her dad. Ana reminds Devon they aren’t looking for a handout. Devon reflects on allowing Tucker to pay for his surgery, and asks Ana to please let him help. He suggests Jett move in. Ana’s not sure he’ll go for it. They discuss the possibility of her dad making a comeback once the nodes on his vocal cords are treated – Ana dreams of singing with him.

Sharon resigns on Young and the RestlessAt the GCPD, Paul tells Sharon he was shocked at what she got caught up in and notes she deceived everyone there. He won’t fire her though. Sharon brings up Rey. Paul thinks he’s lucky he was only fired and ends the conversation, but Sharon’s not done – she resigns. Paul advises her Rey’s not worth it.

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Devon arrives at Jett’s motel room and convinces Elena to let him in to make his offer. Jett balks at accepting help, but Devon insists they’re family. Elena clarifies that he wants them all to live together. Devon says the important thing is getting Jett specialists so he can sing again. Elena warns Devon he can’t promise that. Jett recaps losing his voice and discovering he had a daughter. Devon reiterates they’re family and Jett accepts his offer.

At the Abbott house, Kyle assures Summer about looking tired then carries her over the threshold. Abby snarks about their honeymoon while brandishing champagne – she’s already popped the cork. Summer passes. Jack toasts to love, prompting more sarcasm from Abby. Kyle asks if she and Arturo are having problems. Abby laughs – not anymore! She giggles about smashing his truck to bits and declares all men are the devil. Summer has to lay down. Once alone, Jack is bewildered. Upstairs, Summer thanks Kyle for being a good husband as he tucks her in. Downstairs, Jack asks Kyle when Summer’s due. Kyle explains Summer was Lola’s liver donor – he married her as a guarantee. Jack’s floored. Kyle’s in love with Lola and moving on is much harder than expected. Jack goes up to hear Summer’s side. Summer insists she and Kyle fell back in love – he’s always had feelings for her – even Lola can see it. Downstairs, Kyle texts Lola.

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At Rey’s place, he informs Lola she’ll be staying there – Arturo’s got a lot on his plate, and he and Mia are done. She asks what ended it. Rey finally admits it was Arturo. Lola realizes they slept together again. Rey says he’s weirdly relieved and punching Arturo helped. They laugh over Abby taking a hammer to Arturo’s beloved truck. Talk turns to Kyle and Summer. Lola observes if they weren’t laughing, they’d be crying. Rey updates her on getting fired, but doesn’t regret what he did. He receives a text from Sharon to meet. Later, Lola gets Kyle’s text that he misses her. She types, “Do you really?” then deletes it.

At the Abbott house, Jack finds Kyle frustrated and lets him know he spoke to Summer, who is crazy in love with him. Kyle doesn’t want to hurt her. Jack replies, “Then don’t.”

In Crimson Lights, Elena wonders if Devon sees Jett as an investment.Devon Elena coffeehouse Young and the Restless Devon just cares. He asks about her qualifications and Elena admits she’s a doctor, but had to drop out of her residency due to student loans. Devon hopes she’ll be able to save money by moving in. It’s decided they’ll move in tomorrow. Nearby, Sharon tells Rey she quit the GCPD. He asks, “Because of me?” Sharon warns him not to step on her grand gesture. Rey suggests a date.

Back at the penthouse, Ana’s thrilled when Devon says her dad and Elena are moving in tomorrow.

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