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At the GCPD, Christine is telling Rey that they need to move on quickly when Paul appears. Chris leaves them. Paul has no choice but toRey gets fired on Young and the Restless reprimand Rey. The chief runs down what Rey has done. Rey wants to explain, but Paul says his colleagues flipped and are going to jail – Rey’s a rogue cop. Paul tells Rey to turn in his gun and badge – he’s lucky he’s only firing him.

At Dark Horse, Arturo tells Abby he has something to confess. Abby takes a call from Nick before resuming their conversation. Arturo admits he slept with another woman – with Mia. Abby learns when it happened and recalls he said he loved her the next morning – he felt guilty. Abby can never believe him again. Arturo protests as Abby leaves. In the parking garage, Abby takes a hammer to Arturo’s vehicle.

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At home, Victoria calls out for her children. Later, Billy arrives with Katie and Johnny but Victoria’s gone. Billy phones Hannah so he can go find her.

Nikki Victor at ranch on Young and the RestlessAt the ranch, Victor welcomes Nikki home. She wasn’t sure she’d ever be there again. They embrace. They remark on Victoria’s fragility; Victor vows JT won’t hurt her again and they’ll help her regain her strength. Victor gifts Nikki with a necklace to symbolize his ever-lasting love. Nikki has the real thing. They kiss.

At Sharon’s place, she reunites with Mariah and promises to fill her in later. Nick arrives and Mariah leaves to work. Nick stays for pizza and Sharon credits him for saving her life at the cabin. Nick demurs that Billy and Rey helped – Rey put his job on the line – he loves Sharon. Later, Nick’s leaving when Sharon asks if he’ll go back to Phyllis since she was trying to help. Nick can’t buy into her excuses anymore and regrets messing things up with Sharon. They’ll always have a place in one another’s hearts.

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In the hospital, Nate tells Victoria JT had a brain tumor and underwent surgery. He confirms it could have caused the changes in his behavior. JT awakens and apologizes to Victoria. He knows what he did; he wishes they’d cut out that part; the remembering. Victoria can’t forget any of it. JT admits he was broken when he returned and thought being with her would fix him – but it couldn’t. Vikki reflects that he said terrible things to her. JT feels he deserved to die. She didn’t want him gone, but can’t understand why he didn’t realize and get help,Victoria can't forget on Young and the Restless then feels she should have seen it. JT knew something was wrong but didn’t fix it. He vows to tell Reed it was all him. Victoria reminds JT he’s still wanted for attempting to kill her father. JT knows – it wasn’t him, but it was his hands. Billy arrives outside, as JT hopes one day Victoria might forgive him. Victoria could never hate him because of Reed, but can never forget either. JT, tearing up, nods. She exits and Billy asks what happened. She pushes past – she can’t do this now. Later, Christine advises JT he’ll soon be charged. She sighs; Paul loves JT. JT says whatever happens he deserves it.

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Rey enters his apartment carrying a box and finds Mia there packing. She learns he was fired, but it was nothing to do with her, and had everything to do with Sharon. Mia sneers about him risking everything for SharonMia confesses on Young and the Restless – is she really worth that much to him? Rey replies, “Yes.” He knows Mia’s used to getting what she wants but he can’t be with her again. Mia thanks him for his honesty and blurts that she had sex with Arturo in that room. Rey’s not surprised – she’s never happy with what she has. He reiterates he never had sex with Sharon. Mia still feels he can’t judge her. Rey asks if the baby’s even his. Mia snarks, “Don’t pretend you care,” and leaves.

Victoria and Billy arrive home, where Vikki reunites with her kids – she’s sorry she was gone so long on her business trip. Later, Victoria wonders why Billy followed her home and makes him leave.

In the Dark Horse parking garage, Arturo hollers at Abby beating on his truck, then advises her to do what she needs to – he loves her. Abby hisses, “Never say that to me again.” After, Rey appears and sucker punches Arturo. “I know about you and Mia.”

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At the Club, Abby orders a double-shot of tequila to ‘celebrate’ her freedom.

In Crimson Lights, Arturo informs Mia that Abby dumped him, but he’s fine knowing Mia’s miserable and alone.

Sharon arrives at Rey’s place – she’s free because of him. Rey tells her he and Mia are done – there’s only one woman he wants. They kiss.

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