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At Victoria’s house, Billy and Nick keep up their talk about flying Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon out of Genoa City in front of the listening device. They step aside and whisper about whether or not they can trust Rey. Nick doesn’t believe he’d undermine Sharon. They’re frustrated that JT hasn’t materialized yet.

At the hospital, Rey takes a call from Christine about the missing women. He assures her he’s doing everything he can to find the escapees, but she’s not so sure – he confessed to being in love with one of them.

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At the cabin, the women bicker, and Victoria reminds them they need to stick together.victoria on the phone on young and the restless Outside, JT hits the guard over the head as he finds his partner unconscious and missing his uniform. Inside, Victoria hears a noise and steps out. JT grimaces as she calls, “Hello?” Sharon and Nikki join her and speculate it may be the wind. They take a call from Nick. Victoria learns JT hasn’t shown up at the warehouse yet, and promises not to leave the cabin. She disconnects and places her cellphone on the table. JT looks in at it.

At Victoria’s house, Nick heads out and agrees to meet Billy at the cabin later.

In the cabin, Nikki reassures the other two this will all be over soon. Suddenly, the lights go out. Victoria realizes her phone’s gone. Outside, JT smashes Victoria’s phone with a gun. Inside, the landline doesn’t work, and Victoria decides JT must be there. They grab something to protect themselves – Nikki picks up the fireplace poker. Victoria opens the door and hollers at JT that they’re armed and will protect themselves as they did before. They hear someone run and Victoria says they have to go. They re-enter the cabin where JT says, “Hello ladies.”

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Victor listens to Phyllis on young and the restlessAt the Club bar, Phyllis encounters Victor and tries to convince him she intended to help the women. She suddenly notices the television and exclaims that his wife and daughter are fugitives!

At the PCPD, Rey assures Christine of his loyalty – he’s committed to doing the right thing. After, Nick appears and tells Rey he suspects JT might be onto them. Victor enters bellowing about the police department finding his wife and daughter. They pull him into a holding room and Nick explains he helped them escape and Rey helped. Victor learns they’re trying to lure JT to the warehouse and wants to talk to Nikki at the cabin. They can’t reach her. Victor is heading out when Christine interrupts. Rey says he called Victor and Nick in to reassure them. Christine’s skeptical. Rey hands Nick a note to meet in the garage and heads out.

Billy’s about to leave Victoria’s house when Phyllis shows up wanting to help the women. Billy urges her to just leave, but she feels terrible and is worried they’re in danger. Billy agrees and warns if this goes wrong it’s on her. Phyllis questions him leaving but he won’t divulge anything. She follows him out.

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In the Abbott living room, Kerry massages Jack, who wonders why she’s not going to the lab. She changes the subject to Johnny and Katie, and Jack relays they’re playing. A debate about board games ensues before Kerry asks about Dina. Jack admits she’s struggling. Once Kerry learns everyone’s settled, she suggests they go in the backroom and ‘play’.

At the cabin, JT reveals he’s been watching the women since they tried to kill him. He found them by following the prison van. Victoria urges him to let Sharon and Nikki go. JT hands them cable ties and barks, “Hands and ankles,” then brandishes the poker and bets Nikki wishes she’d hit harder. He expounds on the sheer terror of being buried alive and Nikki retorts that he terrorized Victoria. JT reveals his weight, along with the dirt, broke the drainpipe and he went on a ride through the sewer system. He holds his head and grimacesJT gun cabin on young and the restless in pain before training the gun on them. JT’s angry when Victoria asks him to think about Reed – she let their son believe he abandoned him. JT wishes Victoria had just listened to him, then agonizes, “My head!” Outside, Billy’s startled by Phyllis and asks what she’s doing there. She says, “You first.” Phyllis guesses the women are in the cabin and won’t leave. Inside, Victoria pleads with JT to let them get him to a doctor. He smashes things and a gas leak begins in the fireplace. The women begin to choke on the fumes as Victoria pleads with JT. He keels over unconscious. They cough, “JT wake up!”

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