Sharon, Victoria and Nikki at the cabin on Young and the Restless

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At the cabin, Victoria’s still not convinced JT’s out there alive, but Billy tells her what Katie shared about JT’s song. Nikki wants to help find him, but Nick warns none of them can be seen. A call comes in from Rey and Nick puts Sharon on. She asks if he’s okay. He admits the decision to help them wasn’t easy, but he owes it to her to make things right, and it’s worth the risk. They hope to talk soon in person and disconnect. Nick has two officers guarding the women and Billy assures Victoria they won’t go back to prison before leaving with Nick. VictoriaVictoria frets in cabin on Young and the Restless worries they haven’t thought this through – if the plan fails they’ll still go to prison. As they fret about being charged with obstruction of justice, Victoria becomes overwrought at the idea of JT hunting them or harming Billy and Nick – she knows what he’s capable of! They speculate about Rey helping them. Sharon knows he’s a good man. Nikki hopes he loves Sharon desperately because their futures are in his hands.

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In the penthouse, Ana places an envelope of cash into her purse as Devon arrives. She tells him she has a meeting, but he saw nothing in the books. She says it’s a potential new artist. Ana drops her purse and hastily gathers up the envelope and keys. Devon follows her out.

At the hospital, Abby questions Summer allowing Kyle to delay their honeymoon to check on Lola and guesses Summer’s Kyle questioned on Young and the Restlessthe donor match and blackmailed him into marrying her. Kyle insists she didn’t blackmail him; he and Lola had too many differences. Abby isn’t buying it and rants until Arturo appears. He’d respect Kyle if he married Summer to save Lola. Kyle maintains it’s not true. Arturo snarls that he was never good enough for Lola. Kyle will leave once he knows Lola came through the surgery. Rey joins them as Nate appears with an update – everything’s going smoothly.

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Kerry arrives at the Abbott mansion where Jack jumps, growling, from a fort made of furniture draped with sheets. Kerry’s startled. He apologizes – Katie and Johnny were playing fort but are in the kitchen now with Mrs. Martinez. Jack intends to see they get plenty of love and support in their mother’s absence. Kerry takes a call from Phyllis and assures Jack she’s not having second thoughts about helping him – business is cutthroat. Jack seems taken aback, but it passes as they decide to take the kids to the park.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah laments to Tessa about what’s happening with Kyle, Sharon going to prison, and trying to be there for Faith – she feels helpless. Tessa believes Mariah can help more than she thinks. Mariah ponders doing some segments telling the women’s stories in advance of a rally to overturn the convictions. Tessa’s in; every free moment she has she’ll spend with Mariah. Tessa tries out a protest song. Later, Jack comes in to get hot chocolate for the kids and Mariah tells him about her rally plans.

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Devon follows Ana to a motel, where she enters a room. He knocks on the door and a woman answers – she tells him he has the wrong room and closes the door. He raps again. Elena opens door on Young and the RestlessThe woman opens the door – he insists on seeing his sister. Ana appears, angry he followed her. He asks, “Is this where your money’s been going?” A man appears behind Ana. Devon wonders what Jet Slade’s doing there – he’s a past R&B star and Devon’s a big fan. Slade explains his health’s poor and Elena Dawson, (played by Brytni Sarpy), Anas father jet slade on Young and the Restlessintroduces herself as Slade’s nurse. Ana reveals she didn’t come to talk to Jet about business – she’s been helping pay for his treatments. Devon learns Jet is Ana’s father. Slade and Ana explain how much they mean to each other. Devon’s curious why she never told him. Ana claims she and her dad didn’t want handouts from him. Devon questions the resentment. Elena, Slade’s niece, wants him to rest. Ana and Devon leave.

In Victoria’s house, Billy and Nick locate a listening device and call Rey to update him. He tells them, “You know what to do.” Billy and Nick talk into the device about taking the women to the Dark Horse warehouse to fly them out of town.

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In the hospital, Rey looks unnerved at an incoming call from Paul. Soon, Nate appears to report the transplant was a success. Kyle follows Nate to ask about Summer, and learns her surgery didn’t go so well.JT looks into cabin on Young and the Restless

In the cabin, Nikki wants Sharon and Victoria to enjoy the cabin while they can. Outside, JT, out of breath and wearing a cop uniform, looks in.

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