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Victoria, Nikki and Sharon are being sent to Lakewood Correctional Facilities where they’ll begin their sentences. They board the police vehicle to transfer them to prison. Nikki tells Victoria that Victor will do whatever he can to keep them safe.

Billy and Nick show up at Rey’s home to confront him about arresting his mom, sister and Sharon. Nick said this is his chance to make things right. Nick and Billy tell Rey about the man was hiding out in the walls at the Newman residence who they believe was J.T. Rey asks why they didn’t report this to the police. Nick says the women just injured J.T. and that he is still alive. Nick asks Rey to help him and Billy make things right. Rey agrees, and says they have to find J.T.

At the Abbott home, Arturo is worried about Lola’s surgery, and feels helpless that all he can do is pray. Abby says she’ll look out for him.

At the hospital, Dr. Nate asks how Lola is feeling with the upcoming surgery. Lola says she wishes she could thank the donor, and then asks where Kyle is.

Summer wakes up to find Kyle trying to sneak out of their suite Summer in Bed Young & Restlessat the GCAC. Kyle says he’s committed to the promise he made to Kyle. Summer says their wedding was perfect, and when they made love, it was right and real, and that they belong together.

At the Athletic Club, Mia is holding her wedding band, remembering the conversation she had with Rey when he told her he is in love with Sharon, and when she told Arturo she called out his name while making love to Rey. She calls Arturo and asks him to see her at the Club right away. Arturo tells Abby he’ll meet her at the hospital. When he shows up, Mia tells Arturo that she and Rey broke up. Mia says Arturo came back that night because he couldn’t stay away. He flashes back to Mia and Arturo making love. Arturo suggests Mia give Rey some time. Mia asks Arturo to convince Rey to take her back, or else she’ll tell Abby they had sex.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis thanks Nick for putting their differences aside for Summer’s sake. Nick says she didn’t care about Nikki, Sharon and Victoria, and only took the stand for herself. He receives a text from Billy that all is ready to go. Mia runs into Phyllis who is sorry to hear about Lola. Abby walks in, Mia Phyllis Wedding Talk Y&Rand tells Mia she’s on her way to the hospital and asks if Mia is going to see Rey. Mia says she needs to give them space. Abby should too. Mia talks about loving Rey and how she doesn’t ever want to hurt him and his family again, and advises that it’s hard to get into their family.

Kyle and a nervous Summer arrive at the hospital to be greeted by Dr. Nate, who reassures them all will be fine. He tells them what will happen with the surgery. Summer doesn’t want to talk details. She reassures Kyle this is what she wants even though she’s nervous. Meanwhile, Arturo visits Lola. She asks if Kyle is there yet. Arturo says he’s probably giving them space. Lola asks her brother not to keep him away. Arturo changes the subject. Lola wishes Arturo could find out who the donor is. Later, Summer is prepped for surgery, but is nervous and Summer nervous kyle leaving Y&Rasks what happens if Kyle isn’t there when she wakes up. Kyle reassures her and promises she’s not just an obligation, and that he’ll be there. Summer is taken away for surgery. Meanwhile, Abby leaves the Lola’s room, and runs into Kyle. She asks, “Why aren’t you with your bride?”

As the van drives to prison, it suddenly stops, and the doors open. Victoria panics, and the guard uncuffs them and tells them to get out. Victoria is confused. She says “This is wrong.” Nick runs over, and says they’re safe.

Billy and Rey are at the Abbott cabin. Rey says the guys are doing this as a favor, and that he is prepared Sharon Vicky Nikki Y&Rto deal with the fallout. Victoria, Sharon and Nikki walk in, confused. Nikki asks what they’re doing here. Rey says he has to fix his mistake with them, and do what’s right. Rey leaves and Nick says they’ll lie that there’s been an accident and that the women escaped. This will set a trap for J.T.

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