Kyle talks about the wedding on Young and the Restless

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At home, Nick advises Billy by phone to keep looking for Rey; he has a wedding to attend. After, Summer gushes about her wedding day. Nick grumbles it was awfully fast, but she thinks the wedding will buoy people’s spirits. Nick’s irked when Phyllis arrives, but she convinces him to set aside his anger for today.

At the Abbott house, Jack warns Kyle, laying on the couch, he’ll be late for his wedding, then advises he doesn’t have to go through with this. Kyle tells his dad he wants this more than he could possibly know. Jack loves him and wants the best for him. Kyle loves him too.

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At Crimson Lights. Mariah tells Tessa she’s frustrated Kyle won’t take her calls or answer texts. Talk turns to Sharon. Mariah feels she doesn’t deserve what’s happened to her – she needs to be home.

Devon Ana embrace on Young and the RestlessAt the penthouse, Ana warns Devon if he checks up on her again, she’s out of there. Devon defends himself but Ana rants about him respecting her life. Devon tells Ana she was the one person he could trust; he wants to know why she lied. Ana just wanted him to back off; he betrayed her trust. Devon apologizes. They agree to go back to how things were and embrace.

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At the Club, Summer nervously asks her parents, “Kyle will show, right?” They reassure her. Victor tells Summer she looks beautiful. Nick takes Victor aside to ensure he won’t start anything with Phyllis. Victor relays he has a call into the Governor’s office about Nikki. Mariah and Tessa enter and ask Summer if Kyle is coming. Summer warns them about trying to ruin this and greets Kerry and Jack, who says Kyle was getting dressed when he left. Summer then leaves Kyle a voicemail reminding him of the consequences should he not show up. Phyllis gulps her champagne as Summer worries. Nearby, Victor needles Jack – he’s looking forward to being a father figure to Kyle again…if he shows up. Abby and Arturo arrive, and she Summer smiles at wedding on Young and the Restlessassure him she won’t cause issues in case Summer is Lola’s donor. Kyle enters and with back turned so as not to see Summer, assures her he will follow through. He downs champagne after she chirps, “Love you.” Soon, the Wedding March begins, and Phyllis and Nick walk Summer up the aisle. When prompted to say their own vows, Summer talks about having loved Kyle for a million years – he knows her and she will always love him.

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In the hospital, Lola tries to reach Kyle but gets his voicemail. She asks, “Where are you?” She misses him and says she loves him.

Still at the Club, Kyle talks about his love for Summer coming in like a wrecking ball – she’s smart, beautiful and passionate. He’s not sure of anything except that fate brought them together and promises to stand by her side. Kyle produces a ring – the reason he was late. Summer loves it, and loves him. Abby does a near eyeroll as the rings are exchanged. Kyle and Summer share their first kiss as husband and wife.Kyle smiles at Summer wedding on Young and the Restless Summer and Kyle mingle with their guests as Victor tells Abby he’ll fight the verdict with every fibre of his being. Mariah pulls Kyle away to marvel – he said he’d do anything for Lola, and he did. Kyle can’t speak to Lola – he just can’t – but the transplant’s a go. Meanwhile, Phyllis thanks Kerry for her friendship, and Victor corners Kyle to offer him a position at Newman Enterprises. Kyle agrees to think about it as Vic assures him the door’s always open. Kerry rejoins Jack and alludes to having intel. Summer finds Kyle – she got them a suite to celebrate in tonight. In the suite, Summer knows Kyle isn’t over Lola and needs time, but hopes he will meet her halfway. Downstairs, Abby questions Mariah, who keeps mum. After, Tessa muses Lola’s heart will be broken, and Mariah feels half the world’s on fire. Tessa cheers her with reasons she loves her – they’ll get through the craziness together. At a table, Kerry updates Jack that Kyle Summer making love on Young and the RestlessPhyllis is targeting Ashley’s products. She then texts, ‘The Jabot war has begun’. Across the room, Nick gets a call that Billy found Rey and tells Victor he has to go. In the suite, Summer’s nervous about tomorrow’s surgery – what if she doesn’t survive. Kyle pulls her into a hug – he won’t let anything happen to her and will be there every minute. Summer whispers, “Promise?” He does. They kiss, then begin undressing as Kyle lowers Summer onto the bed to make love.

In the hospital, Lola lays alone, staring at the phone.

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