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In the holding room, Nikki sobs as Victor enters. He vows to do everything in his power to right this outrage – the conviction must be thrown out. Nikki fears this could be their last chance to say goodbye. Victor says there’s no such thing as goodbye for them. He wishes she’d let Christine try him instead. Nikki hates that her confession dragged Victoria into this and asks Victor to focus on her appeal first. Victor will get them both back to their loved ones. In another room, Mariah promises to visit Sharon as much as possible. Sharon asks her to be there for Faith. Mariah cries, “She needs her mother!” Talk turns to Tessa. Sharon’s through questioning her daughter’sNikki's goodbye with Victor on The Young and the Restless judgement given she trusted Rey. In a third room, Victoria and Nick discuss Nikki’s sentence. She feels JT’s out there somewhere laughing because he won, but has a hard time believing he’s alive. Nick promises he and Billy will keep the kids safe, and if JT’s out there, they’ll find him. Next, Nick checks in with Nikki, who says Victor was just there promising to move heaven and earth to get them home. Nick agrees to be there for his father. Meanwhile, Victor tells Victoria of all his children, she’s the strongest. Victoria admits she was seen as ruthless after Tessa’s testimony. Victor thinks she did what the situation called for. He gives her a pep talk and a hug.

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Summer finds Phyllis at Jabot where they discuss the guilty verdicts before talk turns to the wedding. Billy arrives and lashes out about the insensitive conversation. After, Phyllis tells Summer she understands why Billy’s upset. She asks about the honeymoon and Summer explains the marriage is what counts. Phyllis doesn’t understand – does this have to do with Lola’s transplant surgery? Summer denies it, gets a call, and leaves.

At the hospital, Nate senses Kyle’s worried Summer might back out of the surgery and reassures him.Lola awakens on The Young and the Restless Kyle goes in to talk to Lola, and her eyes flutter. Kyle’s thrilled when she slowly wakes up and greets him. He goes to find Nate. Later, Nate tells Lola someone’s been waiting patiently – Arturo enters, overcome with relief. Lola learns she’s been in a coma for a month and will be getting a liver transplant from an anonymous donor. She asks for Kyle, who’s been watching, and turns to leave. Arturo checks in with Nate – Lola doesn’t remember the attack.

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Phyllis arrives at the station and asks to see Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon. In her holding room, Nick tells Sharon that Faith really wants to see her. Sharon doesn’t want to traumatize her. Nick vows to come through for her – it’s his fault she was vulnerable to Rey. An officer enters and says Phyllis is there. After, Phyllis learns only one of the women will see her. She joins Victoria and says she feels terrible.Phyllis offers help on Young and the Restless Victoria confronts her for selling them out. Phyllis talked because she thought they all had – Nikki and Sharon broke before she did. Victoria blames Phyllis for driving Nikki to that point by pushing for Victor to take the fall. Phyllis will do anything to help. Victoria won’t trust her and vows she’ll get what she deserves. Next, Billy visits Victoria, who mentions Phyllis before discussing the kids. Billy won’t tell them yet since he and Nick have a plan. Billy assures her it’s okay to be vulnerable with him, and she cries in his arms. Later, the three women sit alone in their rooms, while in the station, Nick and Billy tell an officer they need to see Rey immediately – it’s a case of life or death.

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Summer meets Victor at the Club and expresses outrage at Nikki’s sentence. Victor vows to get Christine, then warns Summer he’ll need her at Newman tomorrow. Summer announces she’s getting married tomorrow – to Kyle. Victor barks, “What? You’re serious? You’re going to marry an Abbott?” Summer reminds Victor he liked Kyle and hopes he’ll attend the wedding. Victor decides he’ll be there. Summer hugs him. Victor expects her at work the day after – no honeymoon.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle updates Mariah that Lola’s awake. She offers to go back to the hospital with him. Kyle has a secret – Summer is Lola’s anonymous donor; she’s doing it in return for marrying him – tomorrow. Mariah begs him not to do it – it’s not good for him in any way. Kyle just needs Lola to be alright. He takes a call from Summer, who relays Victor’s coming to the wedding. She also talked him into a short honeymoon – long enough for the surgery and recovery. Kyle agrees to show up and say ‘I do’.

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