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At Nick’s place, he tells Summer they need to get to the courthouse, then confronts her about her engagement. Summer wants him and Phyllis to walk her down the aisle. Nick’s floored to hear the wedding is tomorrow. Nick feels Kyle’s not ready since he’s ping-ponged between her and Lola. Summer feels it’s the pot calling the kettle… They argue about her timing and Nick insists she postpone. Summer informs him nothing will stop her from marrying Kyle tomorrow.

In the courtroom, Jack tries to keep Billy optimistic, but he’s worried about what he’ll tell Johnny and Katie if Victoria goes to prison. Phyllis arrives to support the women, but Billy takes issue with her presence. Tessa arrives and greets Mariah, and Nick enters the courtroom with Summer. At the front, Michael advises Brittany that Christine is nervous beneath her poker face. They wish each other luck. Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon file in. Nikki shoots a look at Phyllis. The judge begins with a warning against outbursts before receiving the jury’s verdicts. Mariah hugs SharonShe asks the defendants to please rise. Nikki, Victoria and Sharon are found guilty of all charges. Stunned, they learn sentencing will be in two hours. Michael vows to file an appeal. Nikki’s prepared for whatever happens but doesn’t want jail for Victoria. Brittany reassures Sharon and advises Mariah not to make an appeal on GC Buzz. The women are taken to the holding room, leaving the others in disbelief. Abby snarks at Summer’s selfishness in having a wedding tomorrow. Summer thinks it’s ideal to focus on a happy occasion. Abby asks Jack to talk to Kyle, then decides she’ll handle it. Billy Nick team up Billy gets into it with Michael about his failed strategy and Nick defends him. They don’t need this noise – they need a plan. He maintains there’s a major piece of the puzzle still missing – the person who burned down stables and bugged the ranch. Nick asks, “What if JT is alive and well and in Genoa City?” Billy agrees they should try to find him.

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At Jabot, Phyllis updates Kerry on the verdict. Kerry reassures a guilty-feeling Phyllis that her going down with them wouldn’t have helped. Phyllis needs a win at work. Kerry asks how she can help. Phyllis wants to get the edge on the competition and swears Kerry to secrecy – Ashley’s new company is their biggest competitor right now and she thinks she’s found a way to neutralize her, but that’s all she’ll say. They discuss a marketing blitz on Jack of Hearts, then talk turns to Summer’s wedding. Phyllis expects awkwardness with Nick and hope the judge is lenient on the women. Phyllis thanks Kerry for her friendship and loyalty. Once in the corridor, Kerry calls someone and says, “We may have just hit the motherlode.”

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At Crimson Lights, Abby insists Summer cancel her wedding and questions the urgency. Summer snarks it’s none of her business. Abby reminds her Lola’s her future sister-in-law,Summer argues with Abby and asks Summer point blank if she’s the mysterious donor. Summer has no interest in Lola’s medical condition. Abby feels Lola deserves to wake up and have Kyle there; she won’t let Summer ruin that. They argue heatedly as Summer accuses Abby of being jealous. Abby vows to get to the bottom of Summer’s dog-and-pony show and storms out.

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In the courtroom, Nick advises Mariah to cut Tessa loose, but she believes in second chances. The judge asks for Christine’s recommendations – she says it’s no time for leniency; the punishment must fit the crime. Brittany asks for leniency for Sharon, and Michael characterizes Victoria as a victim of abuse and Nikki as doing what any mother would do in also asking for leniency. Billy speaks as a character witness for Victoria on behalf of her children, Jack does the honors for Nikki, mentioning her MS and calling Nikki reacts to sentencingher one of the best women he knows, and Nick speaks to the unbearable idea of any of the women being torn from their family and pleads for mercy. Mariah tells the court Sharon doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body and asks for compassion. After, the judge found the character witnesses compelling but has to stick to the facts – in the death of JT Hellstrom they were callous and arrogant. She sentences Sharon to 3 years in prison, Victoria to 10 years in prison, and Nikki to 30 years in prison.

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