Ana Devon confrontation

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At Dark Horse, Nick tells Jack there’s no word from the jury yet – they speculate on what is happening. Nick worries about what to do if his mom and Victoria are found guilty.

In the holding room, Nikki and Victoria snap at Sharon and complain about the show her lawyer put on. Nikki feels Phyllis tried to help her on the stand, but Vikki thinks she was trying to get back in Nick’s good graces. Victoria’s upset that Sharon got played by Rey. Sharon protests – she recanted everything she said to him. Nikki muses that prison’s the safest place for Sharon now since Mia heard Rey’s love confession. Victoria maintains he never loved Sharon. Nick and Billy arrive. Sharon and Nick step aside. She’s apologetic about trusting Rey and Nick hugs her – Rey took advantage of her good heart; breaking the case mattered to him, not her.Nick hugs Sharon Nearby, Victoria wishes she could have told Billy what was going on sooner. Billy’s sorry for not being more patient. Victoria worries about the verdict and Nikki rubs her back. Nick and Sharon join the others and Nick reassures the women, who want to prepare for the worst. They need to know the men will rally around the children and grandchildren. Nick and Billy promise. Time is up, and Sharon’s taken to see Brittany. Victoria can’t imagine her babies growing up without her. “We have to go home.” Soon, Victor arrives. Nikki and Victoria are relieved to see him. Victor relays there’s been no sign of the intruder at the ranch, but he’ll find him and make him pay.

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At the penthouse, Ana finds Devon working and reveals she’s been working on a few songs. She pushes him to listen to them and he questions her rush.

At the Club, Arturo kisses Abby, welcomes her back, and reveals they found a donor for Lola. Abby learns the donor wants to remain anonymous and marvels at their generosity.Abby smiles at Arturo and Devon Arturo relays that Rey thinks Summer’s the donor. Devon appears and is relieved to hear the donor news. Arturo runs off and Devon asks, “So, you didn’t tell him?” He wonders how long she’ll wait to confess she’s looking for Lola’s replacement. They debate as Abby still feels Lola will be ready. Devon warns if it’s not soon, he doesn’t see this deal working out.

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At the Abbott house, Jack updates Kerry that he spoke to Billy about putting her offer in writing and hands over the paperwork. Kerry muses, “That is formidable.” She’s always been excited about Phyllis’ vision, but Jack’s made a compelling case. Kerry needs her loyalty to be to the company, not the person running it. She’ll go over the offer before signing. Jack, dismayed, receives a ‘save the date’ for Kyle’s wedding – tomorrow. He reflects on whether Victor will intervene and supposes they’ll find out tomorrow. They resume flirting as Jack entices her with the offer, and are making out when a call rings unanswered on Kerry’s phone…from PC.

Back at the penthouse, Devon updates Ana that the restaurant’s still on hold – Abby wants to wait for Lola to recover, and the family found a donor. Ana senses he’s on edge recalling how he waited for a miracle for Hilary, that didn’t come. Devon doesn’t want to discuss it, so Ana asks him to listen to her songs again. She becomes irritated when he wants to workout first. Talk turns to money and Ana wonders if the business office can cut her a check today. Devon agrees, but warns about getting in this kind of debt again. He phones to arrange it, and also has a credit check run on her. Later, he confronts Ana for lying – her credit report is squeaky clean. He wonders if she’s into drugs or gambling. Ana slams out.

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Abby arrives at Dark Horse and is evasive when Arturo asks about her meeting with Devon and the restaurant. Talk turns to Summer and Arturo says Rey’s theory is that she agreed to be Lola’s donor if Kyle would marry her. Abby’s stunned to hear Kyle proposed. Later, Abby approaches Nick and realizes he doesn’t know Summer’s engaged. Abby’s convinced something shady is going on. Nick and Abby know Kyle loves Lola. She urges Nick to find out what’s going on before it’s too late.

At home, Nick bellows for Summer. He gets a call from Michael and says he’s on his way. Nick texts Jack.

At Crimson Lights, Billy gets a call from Michael and says, “I’m heading there now.”

At Dark Horse, Abby gets a text and has to go.

In the holding room, Victor tells Nikki and Victoria, “It’s time.”

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