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At Crimson Lights, Tessa steps away so Mariah can talk to Nick. She asks if they’re okay. Nick thanks her for trying to help on the stand yesterday but won’t say where that leaves them.Tessa thanks Mariah After, Tessa rejoins Mariah and complains that Nick hates her. Mariah’s just glad the truth about the video didn’t come out. Tessa’s still concerned about Victor and feels guilty about the blackmail. Mariah suggests they focus on fantasy vacation options. Tessa thanks her for distracting her from the possibility she could go to jail.

In the interview room, Nikki explains to Michael why she confessed to killing JT, and asks him to put her on the stand. Michael laughs – Christine would discredit her in half a second. Victoria says she was the victim that night – she should take the stand. She can help the jury understand what it was like; how scared they were. Michael slams his fist down in frustration – if he puts Victoria on the stand Christine will send him a gift basket in thanks. He has another option – a plea deal – he’ll negotiate a minimum jail sentence for Nikki and make a strong case for Victoria’s release. Victoria and Nikki debate. Michael gets their approval and exits. brittany questions sharonIn another room, Sharon tells Brittany about her connection with Rey. There was an attraction, but he reunited with his wife. Brittany pushes – is there more? Sharon admits Rey came to her on Valentine’s Day and declared his love. Brittany questions him ‘finding’ her phone bill and implies Rey tricked her, but Sharon insists he wouldn’t do that to her.

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Brittany meets with Michael in the courtroom, and she’s surprised when he suggests she persuade Sharon to plead guilty – she thinks she’ll be acquitted. Christine arrives, and after Brittany goes, she and Michael discuss striking plea bargains for Victoria and Nikki. She admits she’d do the same thing in his shoes, but won’t consider his offer. Brittany reappears as Chris trots off and says, “Don’t need to ask how that went.”

Still at the coffee house, Mariah and Tessa decide they should go to San Francisco…the minute the trial’s over. Tessa gets a call and asks, “Now?”

At Jabot, Summer and Phyllis discuss what might happen with the court case. Summer points out if the women are acquitted it will be thanks to her. Phyllis moans about how Nick looked at her. Summer urges her not to give up. Kyle arrives with a business question and remarks on the drama of her testimony before she leaves. Summer wants to talk to Kyle about Lola, but he wants to go. She blurts, “I’m a match.” He warns this better not be a joke. Summer insists it’s true. Kyle is overjoyed and hugs her. Summer tells him to hold up – this is a serious surgery. Kyle’s worried she won’t do it and offers to talk it over with her. He agrees to go to the Club. Summer follows him with a satisfied smile.

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Phyllis arrives at Nick’s place. He assumes she came for her things, but she wants to talk…about them. Phyllis thinks they can put this behind them now that she’s testified. Nick believes she made things worse. Phyllis blames Christine, but Nick thinks she’s delusional. Phyllis argues she tried to help the others, but Nick feels if she wanted to help them, she should have stood by them. He calls her soulless and advises her to let him know where to send her things. Phyllis thought he felt what they had was worth fighting for. Nick says he was a fool and concludes, “You know the way out.”

At the Club, Summer confronts Kyle about how horrible he’s been to her lately. Kyle apologizes for everything – he still believes she’s a good person. They talk about Summer’s reluctance to commit to the surgery. Summer admits it seems like a no-brainer – Lola gets a liver and she gets to be the center of attention. Kyle will do anything to get her to be the donor – he’ll do anything to save Lola’s life – he’ll break up with Lola if that’s what Summer wants and will even marry her if that’s what it takes.

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Brittany rejoins Sharon in the interview room. Sharon’s aghast that Michael wanted Victoria and Nikki to plead guilty. Brittany makes Sharon that Rey was using her from the time they first met – it spells acquittal. In the other interview room, Nikki and Victoria are stunned Christine wouldn’t consider a plea deal. Nikki asks what Michael’s next move is. He says, “I’ve already made it.”

At the courthouse, Tessa tells Mariah that Michael obviously has a plan and it involves her testifying about what she did.

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