Nikki and Victoria in court
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In court, Sharon’s lawyer Brittany Hodges reminds Sharon that she is representing her and her only. Meanwhile, Victoria asks Michael Baldwin if she and Nikki should take the stand. Michael says Christine will eviscerate them if they went on the stand because they lied. His goal is to have them both acquitted.

At Nick’s, Summer tells Nick she knows all about girls’ night at Victoria’s, and that she understands why they did what they did. She also understands why Phyllis went to the district attorney, and wants Nick to understand too. But he doesn’t want to hear another word.

Billy visits the Abbott house to talk to Jack about the trial. Jack suggests they go together to present a united front.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Kyle she’s nervous about the trial. Kyle says he received some bad news from Abby.

At Rey’s, Mia asks Rey about Lola’s health, saying the stress is probably bad for the baby. She asks if Rey is going to turn her in for what she did to Lola. Mia apologizes for putting Rey in a difficult position. Rey says he believes that what happened to Lola was an accident. Rey says Christine will make her pay, and doesn’t want Mia to have their baby in prison. Rey agrees that it’ll remain their secret forever.

Rey suggests the baby is a sign that they should remain together but it will take time and forgiveness. Rey asks Mia if she’s happy to be pregnant because she never wanted kids. Mia says she was scared at first but wants Rey’s baby. Rey says he wants to be there for every doctor appointment, and can’t wait to tell everyone he’s going to be a dad. Mia says he can’t do that because it’s too early. They agree to  keep the baby secret for now.

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Victor, Billy and Jack arrive in court to offer support. Jack says it’s at times like these that family matters most. Summer arrives with Nick. Nick tells Sharon Faith sends her love. Then, Christine arrives in court while everyone gives her disapproving stares. Christine makes her opening statement telling the jury that Nikki Newman killed J.T. and the others conspired to conceal his death. She says she’ll show the jury the video of Nikki, Victoria and Sharon rolling his body up in a rug and burying the body. She says J.T. was no angel but nobody deserves to die that way, rolled up and dumped in a park.

Victor stands up and says that’s an “egregious misconstruction of the facts.” The judge calls for order. Victor says Christine has a vendetta against the Newman family. Then the judge asks for Victor to leave the courtroom. Christine tells the jury that Newman privilege shouldn’t allow them to get away with murder.

Brittany then addresses the jury, asking them to consider Sharon’s case on its own merit. Then it’s Michael’s turn. He says when he’s finished his work, the facts from the prosecution is pure conjecture and the case is based solely on Phyllis’ testimony which was turned in in exchange for immunity and freedom. Michael says the video doesn’t prove J.T.’s death, or that they were moving a body. Michael asks the jury to keep this in mind – there isn’t enough evidence that J.T. is even dead, because there is no body. The judge orders a recess before the prosecution’s first witness. Sharon tells Brittany she’s worried about Mariah and wishes she wasn’t dragged into this. Nick asks Michael what he thinks so far; he says they’re facing an uphill battle.

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At the hospital, Arturo tells an unconscious Lola that she needs a new liver, and that he hoped he and Rey were a match. He urges Lola to hold on until they find a donor. Kyle and Mariah show up with a camera crew. Mariah goes live with GC Buzz, and Kyle shares Lola’s story and the recent assault. Mariah urges viewers to visit the hospital to be tested to see if they’re a match for Lola who needs a new liver.

Arturo confronts Kyle who says he won’t apologize for the on-air request for a donor for Lola. Kyle says there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Lola. Arturo thanks Kyle, and then offers Kyle a chance to visit with Lola.

Kyle visits with Lola. He then receives a text from Nate with the results of his blood test; he’s not a match. He says he won’t stop trying to help her.

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