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Jack and Kerry canoodle in the Abbott house. When she steps out of the room, Kyle arrives, upset about Arturo running him out of Lola’s hospital room. Jack urges him to give her brothers space. Kyle realizes he’s interrupted a romantic evening as Kerry reappears with wine. She says she’s needed at work to give Jack time with his son. Kyle wants to know how this happened – who hurt Lola?

In Rey’s apartment, Mia tells him her pregnancy is a miracleRey questions mia and will change everything for them, but it means he can’t arrest her. Rey asks for the positive pregnancy test. Mia threw it out. Rey says they’ll get another one to see if this baby is real or a lie. Mia cries. Rey reminds her she committed a crime; if Kyle hadn’t been there, Lola could have died. Mia pleads with Rey – don’t make the baby pay for her mistakes. Arturo calls Rey to the hospital. He takes Mia along.

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At Nick’s house, Summer finds Phyllis and asks what’s going on. Phyllis says it’s a long story. She takes a call from the Athletic Club, then informs Summer that her father’s thrown her out of his house and his life. Summer gets up to speed on JT’s death and the pact, and Phyllis insists she can show Christine and jury that JT was a violent threat – they were backed in a corner. She feels Nikki won’t be found guilty and asks if Summer thinks she did the right thing. Summer has her mother’s back. They embrace.

At Victoria’s house, Michael updates Nick and Billy that he plans to get an acquittal by keeping the women away from the witness stand. Billy argues that Victoria needs to tell her side of the story.Michael strategy He feels if the women stay silent it will make them seem guilty. Michael warns Christine will dismantle their stories on cross-examination, and they’ve lied. Billy maintains they were caught in every woman’s nightmare, but Nick sides with Michael and relays that Phyllis is out for herself – he wants Michael to destroy her on cross. Nick shares he received a warrant for Dark Horse’s servers today. Michael needs to find out what they’re looking for so they can strategize.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah complains to Tessa that she may have made things worse while talking to Christine. Tessa reassures her. Mariah needs a favor – it may be the hardest thing she’s done it a while. She calls Nick to meet, then asks Tessa if she’s scared. Tessa’s okay.

At the hospital, Nate tells Lola’s family she’s going to need a liver transplant – they can use a living donor and need to find a match. Rey and Arturo will be tested. Rey warns Mia they’re getting a pregnancy test afterward. Alone in the waiting room, Mia chats up a pregnant woman. A stack of bills fall from the woman’s purse and Mia asks if she’d like to make some money. Later, Rey returns just before Mia, who makes an excuse. Rey warns if Lola doesn’t survive, Mia will face a murder charge. They leave for the pharmacy.

Billy arrives at the Abbott mansion and updates Jack and Kyle on the case – he feels Phyllis made everything worse and Nick agrees. He rants about her meeting at Jabot and reminds Jack they need to protect John Abbott’s legacy. Billy and Kyle have discussed it, but can’t do it without Jack. Jack’s won’t do anything unethical. Billy wants intel…from Kerry. Jack says they can count him in – it’s time to put Jabot back in the hands of the Abbott family.

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At Dark Horse, Mariah and Tessa update Nick on the video that was on the Dark Horse server. Tessa admits she used it to blackmail Nikki. Mariah senses Nick already knew and guesses Phyllis told him. Nick questions Mariah staying with Tessa. Mariah explains they worked through it. Nick won’t go to the police – Christine will think giving into a blackmailer’s an admission of guilt. He dismisses them. Later, Nick updates Michael on the video – he muses the women were victimized once again – they can use that.

Phyllis tells Kerry she’s happy for her and Jack at the Club. Kerry feels safe and respected with him. Phyllis warns Kerry she needs a comrade – they’re going to war. She explains she’s intends to help her friends, but will be targeted at work. They discuss Billy being out for blood. Kerry thinks it’s a mistake to change leadership and vows she’s on Phyllis’ side whatever it takes.

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At the hospital, Nate advises Arturo he and Rey weren’t a match – they need to ask everyone they know to get tested – it’s a race against time.

At home, Mia goes into the washroom to take a pregnancy test at Rey’s behest. After, Rey’s surprised it’s positive. Mia declares it a dream come true and a blessing from God’s hands to theirs. She adds, “You have a decision to make.”

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