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Summer visits the Abbott house to speak to Kyle, and finds Abby. Abby tells Summer to stay away from Kyle Abby questions Summer about why she went to the cabin in the first place. Summer tells Abby about their romantic time at the cabin until Lola showed up. Abby says Kyle wasn’t thinking straight. Summer says even when Lola wakes up, she won’t stop pursuing Kyle. Summer thinks Kyle still has feelings for her, and thinks Abby knows it too.kyle waits to see lola

Kyle passes by the hospital to see Lola, but turns away when he spots Rey in Lola’s room. Dr. Hastings says he doesn’t have great news; she’s still unconscious and there may be a problem with her liver. Arturo and Rey say they need to keep hope that her condition will improve. Rey says he’ll go down to the police station to see if there is anything new on the case. Arturo briefly visits Lola. Kyle tries to see Lola when Dr. Hastings stops him from seeing her. He suggests Kyle speak to Lola’s brothers for permission to see her.

Tessa and Mariah meet at the coffee shop and talk about Phyllis who is out of jail; but Mariah doesn’t know why she hasn’t heard from Sharon. Mariah is trying to find out why the others aren’t out of jail from Nick over the phone, but hasn’t been able to find anything out. Then Kyle joins them, suggesting Phyllis hired an attorney to do a favor. Kyle updates Tessa and Mariah on Lola, and that Rey and Arturo won’t allow him to see her. Kyle admits he screwed up when he let Summer inside the cabin.

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At the Top of the Tower, Ana and Devon are listening to new tracks over breakfast, but none of them are inspiring or “brave” enough. Ana is adamant that her singing career is over, although Devon tries to convince her otherwise. Ana says song writing is her passion now, but Devon says he’ll still going to pressure her to perform. Ana suggests they visit Lola, but Devon says it’ll be difficult to be back at the hospital since Hilary passed away.

At GCPD, Rey gets caught looking through detective North’s files to see if he could find any details about Lola’s attack. Detective North says he wishes he could help. Later, Rey notices a file on his desk with a note “the file you needed” – it’s Lola’s file.

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Back at the Abbott house, Kyle arrives after Rey summons him. Rey asks Kyle to walk through everything that happened Valentine’s Day night. Rey suggest Kyle must have been frustrated with Lola, and blames Summer for what happened. Rey asks Kyle how far Summer would go to get what she wants, suggesting she could have attacked Lola. Rey then shows up at the Abbott house, file in hand, to ask Abby some more questions. Abby says Summer has been trying to get Kyle back.

Summer shows up at Crimson Lights, and Mariah confronts her. Summer says she doesn’t know why Phyllis is out of prison while the others are still inside. Mariah says maybe Phyllis is a “back-stabbing bitch” who sold out the others to save herself. Summer snaps back that she’s had enough time to mimic Sharon’s manipulative ways. Mariah then argues with Summer about Kyle, and why he’s not allowed to see Lola – because of Rey and Arturo thinking Kyle cheated on Lola with Summer. Arturo tells Abby how difficult it is seeing Lola like this after finally getting her dream job. Abby mentions that Rey came by the Abbott house and that he’s working on the case with Detective North. Arturo has no doubt he’ll find Lola’s attacker. Summer runs into Arturo and Abby and tells Arturo that Kyle doesn’t deserve be kept from seeing Lola. Arturo calls Summer “the meanest, most selfish cold bitch” he’s ever known. Summer storms off.

Rey visits Summer at Nick’s house to ask her questions about her argument with Kyle at the cabin. Summer says she and Kyle always argue, then cool off. Rey asks whether Summer was fired up after she left the cabin, and whether she went by the Abbott house. Rey asks if she can prove she arrived after the attack. Summer says it’s insane that Rey would get an idea like that, and thinks Kyle put the idea in Rey’s head.

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Meanwhile, Devon and Ana visit the hospital when Dr. Hastings appears. Devon is uncomfortable as he goes to see Lola, remembering Hilary. His heart begins to race, and he takes a pill to help calm him down. Devon then asks Lola, “please don’t leave us.”

Back at Crimson, Mariah then receives a call from Nick saying that tomorrow, the DA will be charging Sharon, Nikki and Victoria for the death of J.T.

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