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In the jail, the guard brings Nikki a box. She talks about the need to get her affairs in order – this will help her do that. Once alone, Nikki opens an album containing photos of herself as a young girl in pigtails. She sits and begins writing a letter to her grandchildren, explaining she’s in a jail cell awaiting trial and facing an uncertain future. Nikki knows some of them will read it soon, and others later, but if she’s convicted of murder, she wants them to know who the real Nikki Newman was. She writes, “This is my life story…”

Nikki begins by writing about her mother, Barbara Ann Reed,Casey argues with Nikki who raised her and her sister Casey after she left their father. Casey grew up to become an incredible woman, a doctor. Nikki recalls when her mother was killed in a car accident and her father came back to town. She flashes to arguing with Casey about him, and Casey telling her about Nick Reed’s sexually abusive past. Nikki then flashes to killing Nick when he later attacked her.

Next, Nikki recalls meeting Paul Williams,Nikki paul commune talk who became one of her best friends in life – they were two crazy kids. She flashes to sneaking around together in the school locker room. She then remembers throwing caution to the wind and leaping into marriage with Greg Foster, and how she later sabotaged it. Nikki kept looking for adventure without thinking about what she was really getting into and recalls joining the New World commune. Paul joined her there for a while, but quickly moved on.

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Eventually, Nikki came into her own in the most unexpected of places – The Bayou. She flashes to stripping and smiles…she has no regrets. It was there her life changed forever when she met Victor Newman. Victor Nikki first kissHe is the love of her life, always has been, and always will be, though she’s married many other men. Nikki switches gears to Jack Abbott, they were romantic, but she now cherishes his friendship – she’s lucky to have him, but Victor Newman is it for her. She remembers back to the beginning; Victor giving her a diamond bracelet and then her asking him to kiss her – their first kiss. She recalls marrying him, and flashes to one of their volatile break-ups before acknowledging they share an unbreakable bond. Nikki thinks of one of Victor’s romantic proposals that took place in the stables.

Nikki next recalls Katherine yelling at her over the phone about her drinking and talks about her alcoholism.Nikki drunk She wonders if the addiction was inherited from her father or if it began with her back injury and taking pills. Nikki remembers Jack and Victor each confronting her about her drinking over the years. She wants her grandchildren to remember that when they’re lost, they’re not alone. She flashes to discussing recovery with Neil, and advises them to take help when it’s offered.

Next, Nikki touches on how faith has helped her through her many losses.nikki lost baby with Jack She remembers the baby she lost with Jack, and Cassie’s death. She writes about being a parent being an enormous amount of hard work, then looks back on her maternal style with Victoria and Nicholas – she didn’t hesitate to let them know when she disapproved. Nikki recalls arguing with Nick about Sharon and their ensuing rivalry over the years. She remembers the feeling when Victoria was born – that feeling never goes away and you protect them, because their lives are more important than your own. When they have children, you have more love to give; it’s life’s greatest gift.

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Nikki recalls the shock of Katherine’s death – her best friend in the world. Katherine NikkiShe was like a second mother, mentor, confidante and best friend all in one. Nikki reflects that Katherine ‘lived until she died’ and flashes to receiving Kay’s counsel on how to win Victor – by sneaking into his bed. Nikki smiles; she can still hear Katherine advising her never to take the people she cares about for granted. Nikki takes the opportunity to let the grandchildren know in the letter how much of a blessing they are to her.

Next, Nikki recalls a joyous emotional reunion with Victor after she thought he’d died. She hopes the letter makes the grandchildren understand her better and feel closer to her. Wherever she is, they are with her in her thoughts and prayers. She signs it ‘All my love, Nikki’.

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