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At Sharon’s house, she tells Rey the 911 call must have been a pocket dial. Rey’s unconvinced. Sharon accuses him of trying to change the subject because he’s decided coming over there tonight was a mistake. He continues to question her, wondering if someone else at Victoria’s could have used her phone. Talk turns to Nikki’s confession. Sharon can’t believe he’s taking it seriously. Rey admits her story has holes, but so does Sharon’s. She wonders if his proclamation of love was emotional manipulation. Rey says the case and what he feels for her are both real and warns he’ll have to have other officers question her now since he’s personally involved. Sharon agrees to go over it one last time. He learns that Victoria revealed JT’s abuse before going upstairs. He accuses, “You knew JT was there; you saw him, didn’t you?” Rey feels Nikki had to have help burying the body and decides Sharon must be covering for Nick. Rey hammers her until Sharon cracks. “It was self-defence. We had no choice.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack talks to Nick by phone, urging him to take a break and to keep him posted on Nikki. He disconnects and Kerry arrives to wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day.

At home, Nick disconnects from Jack as Phyllis approaches in a red silk robe – it’s game night. Nick’s guessing it’s not backgammon. They play a sexy game of strip trivia including questions about Summer, Restless Style, and the name of the bar in New Mexico where they had their first wedding. Nick produces the sign for Pepe’s Roadhouse and says, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” They kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo’s apoplectic that Mia called out his name during sex with his brother. Mia snarls that his ridiculous royal wedding with Abby started all this – she saw the magazine spread. Arturo insists she fix this, but Mia can’t find him, and he won’t take her calls. She warns he may neve forgive her.

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In her apartment, Mia leaves Rey a voicemail that she’s going to the Club as planned.

Lola enters the Abbott cabin. Kyle sputters, “Lola you came…” Lola, furious, announces she saw him and Summer – she was right all along; sex is the only thing that matters to him. Kyle wants Summer to assure Lola they’re just friends, but she shrugs that she won’t believe her. Lola rants that she was planning an apology and adds, “Thank God I didn’t have sex with you.” Kyle wants Summer to leave and pleads with Lola to hear him out. Lola sits. Kyle establishes that he came up there alone and that Summer showed up to keep him company – he only wants to be with Lola. Summer sneers, “Don’t tell me you bought that load of crap.” summer kyle furiousKyle protests that Summer has an agenda. Lola points out he didn’t ask Summer to leave and doesn’t want the drama. Kyle asks, “Then why do you make so much of it?” Lola’s gone for good. After, Kyle growls at Summer, “How could you do this to me?” He packs and angrily rants about her blowing up his life. Summer counters he could have treated her like a human being with feelings. Kyle replies, “You don’t have feelings, Summer.” She thinks he wants her but can’t admit it. Kyle finds this incomprehensible – why would he want anything with her? All she does is hurt him.

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At the Club, Mariah and Tessa are dressed up and enjoying themselves for Valentine’s Day.mariah-tessa-valentines Mariah senses Tessa’s thinking about Nikki’s confession and assures her girlfriend both she and Sharon are safe. Jack and Kerry arrive, followed soon by Mia, who texts Rey that she loves him and drinks. Nearby, Abby and Arturo chat with Tessa and Mariah. Arturo spots Mia and wants to leave, but Abby refuses. On the dance floor, Kerry and Jack recap their love story and he presents her with a diamond bracelet. He reveals he rented them a suite,kerry jack dance but he has another surprise first. Meanwhile, Arturo tells Abby he can’t relax because Mia’s there, and admits she and Rey had a fight over him. At a table, Tessa tells Mariah she always thought it would be Sharon who would crack and go to the police. Across the room Abby downs her drink; she’s incensed that Mia loves causing trouble and stalks over to her to say they’re going to have a little chat.

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