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Sharon arrives at the police station where Rey informs her they need to talk about that night at Victoria’s house. She learns Nikki confessed to killing JT. Rey makes certain Nikki’s isolated before rejoining Sharon. She looks stricken when he says Nikki claims she killed JT the night of the party. He warns she must tell him what she knows now before it’s too late for him to help her. Sharon insists she’s already told him everything. He watches as she leaves the station.

At Victoria’s house, she and Billy discuss her mother’s arrest. Billy notes the police haven’t issued a press release yet and suggests she get some rest. He’ll stay in case she needs anything. Victoria leans on him – she worries about the kids and her parents – she can’t fix this.billy victoria talk arrest She explains her mother confessed out of nowhere when the police came to get Victor, and Rey wanted to interrogate her again. She can’t say anything else until she talks to her mother. Billy feels JT’s the only one to blame and assures her the truth will come out.

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At the Club, Mariah presents Lola with heart cookies from her and Tessa – she can’t imagine what Kyle has planned for Valentine’s Day. Lola tells her they broke up. Mariah’s embarrassed for Kyle but hopes they’ll work things out. Lola complains about his grand gestures and Mariah doesn’t get it.mariah defends kyle to lola Lola says they’ve different priorities. Mariah understand she’s busy, but Kyle has to do the grand gestures to get time with her – when will he have to stop fighting for her attention? Talk turns to Lola’s virginity. Mariah points out Kyle isn’t a freak for wanting sex, but he respected her boundaries. Lola snaps that maybe he should have goals. Mariah wonders what good is success without someone to share it with? She urges her to step up.

At the Abbott house, Jack updates Kyle that the cabin’s ready for him and Lola. Kyle tells him it’s over. He learns Jack got Kerry a diamond tennis bracelet and notes she won’t refuse it. Jack invites him to come out with them, but Kyle opts for video games and a six-pack. Later, Summer visits Jack and fishes to find out where Kyle went. She muses about texting him, but Jack suggests she back off. Outside, Summer pulls out the invitation to the Abbott cabin Kyle made Lola. After she leaves, Lola shows up and Jack advises Kyle’s at the cabin alone.

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At home, Phyllis tells Nick they need to find out if his mother’s implicated anyone. Nick doesn’t have answers. Phyllis needs to talk to Sharon and Vikki and rants. Nick advises, “Do what you have to do.”

Rey arrives at home to find Mia in red lingerie for Valentine’s Day. He has wine and magazines for her, and she’s touched he loves her and makes her smile. She mentions a dinner reservation and they kiss. Mia opens her gift and gapes at Abby and Arturo on the cover of Life & Style magazine. She goes on about it and Rey asks if she’s jealous. Mia insists it’s about Abby, but Rey points out it’s Arturo’s choice. Mia decides he’s right and they start making love. Mia calls out, “Arturo!” Rey’s furious and snarls, “You want him, you got him!” as he slams out of the room.

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At Sharon’s place, Phyllis is ranting to Victoria and Sharon about Nikki confessing when Mariah arrives. Vikki complains Rey interrogated her again and feels he doesn’t believe Nikki acted alone. Sharon confirms he questioned her too. Phyllis worries they’re a step closer to the whole thing blowing up in their faces. Sharon feels if Nikki framed it as self-defence, they may just let her go. Phyllis asks if anyone’s told her about Santa Claus yet, then warns Nikki better stick to her story – she’s not going down for this. After Phyllis exits, Victoria and Sharon agree they have to have their stories straight. Sharon tries to reassure her about Nikki, but Vikki fears she could serve a life sentence because of her.

Kyle arrives at the Abbott cabin and drinks the champagne straight from the bottle. After a while there’s a knock – it’s Summer.

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Phyllis rejoins Nick at home – there’s no update on Nikki. Phyllis complains about Nikki going rogue – she could throw her under the bus. Nick can only focus on his mother, but Phyllis warns she, Victoria, and Sharon could all go to prison. Nick holds her. Phyllis concedes Nikki needs his energy. Nick reminds Phyllis he’s her family too.

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