Nikki confesses
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At the ranch, Nikki assures Christine she’s not trying to stall. She can’t stand by and watch her husband be punished for something he didn’t do. Victor warns, “Nikki don’t do this!” Rey and Nick chime in too, but Nikki protests. She blurts, “My husband did not kill JT! I did!” Michael cautions Nikki to stop talking, but she tells Rey, “You suspected me from the beginning.” Victor insists this changes nothing. Christine and Rey step out to discuss whether Nikki could be telling the truth. Meanwhile, Michael orders the Newmans to keep their mouths shut. Christine rejoins them and declares Victor will continue on house arrest and Nikki will be brought in for questioning. Rey reads her MIRANDA rights. After Nikki and Michael are gone. Nick surmises that Nikki’s winging it.

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At the Abbott house, Jack learns something’s bothering Kyle,kyle makes a plan who says he thinks it’s over between him and Lola. They discuss her passion for her career – it makes Kyle want to be around her all the time. Jack suggests he romance her for Valentine’s Day. Kyle warns spending money’s not the way to impress her. Jack has an idea – the Abbott cabin. Kyle would have to convince her it’s not about seduction. Jack learns she’s a virgin and it’s what they fought about. He suggests he string up lights, plan a simple dinner, and he’ll have a horse-drawn sleigh waiting. Kyle’s impressed – he’ll make an invitation too. He arranges to meet Lola at Crimson Lights.

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Fenmore arrives at the penthouse apologizing to Ana, who advises it’s not up to her if he gets another chance. Ana hollers at him for blowing off his own showcase and an opportunity hardly any singers get. Fen concedes it all happened fast and went to his head. He’s willing to work hard and pleads with her to talk to Devon.

At Crimson Lights, Fen tells Summer how he messed up and made Devon look stupid. Fen feels like and idiot because he wants this bad. They confess they were using each other to make Lola and Kyle jealous. Summer thinks she can make it up to him. She approaches Devon as he enters with Ana and claims Fen was supporting her through a crisis. Ana pulls Devon aside. Fen tells Summer that was incredible – he hopes it works.Fen updates Summer After, Devon tells Fen that Ana went to bat for him, so they’ll give him one last chance – he’ll go on the road and work hard. Fen vows he won’t blow it. After Devon and Ana leave, Summer spots Kyle and joins him. Kyle’s meeting Lola, but she’s running late. He complains it must be work. Summer admires her determination and brings up the sex thing. She questions if Lola’s giving as much as he is and touches his hand. Lola appears. Kyle presents her with an invitation to the Abbott cabin. Lola can’t take a few days off so close to her opening – it’s like he doesn’t understand. Kyle argues you have to make time for someone you care about. She can’t. Kyle asks, “Can’t or won’t.” Lola suggests they go their separate ways. Summer approaches him, but he says, “Not now, Summer.” Summer picks up the discarded invitation.

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At the GCPD, Michael warns Nikki she doesn’t have to say anything, but Nikki tells Rey what happened that night at Victoria’s house, except she claims JT left through the window and she followed him later, taking the fireplace poker with her for protection. She lies that she confronted JT in Chancellor Park where he threatened to kill Victor and take them all out. She hit him when he lunged at her, and realizing he was dead, she rolled him into the hole and buried him. After a break, Rey questions Nikki not coming to the police about JT’s threats. Nikki argues parents protect their children; logic doesn’t come into it. Nick and Victoria arrive. Chris won’t let them see Nikki. As Michael hisses at them about being blindsided, Rey appears and wants to question Victoria to corroborate Nikki’s story. Victoria insists her mother is lying to protect her father, who couldn’t have killed JT since he was hospitalized. Rey points out no one knows when JT actually died. He asks if she has a fireplace in her bedroom and when she last used it. Vikki says it’s been ages. Rey says that’s it for now. Later, Michael urges Nikki to be honest with him. Rey joins them and vows to prove she didn’t kill JT alone.

At the ranch, Nick and Victoria update Victor. Victoria worries it’s all starting to unravel.

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