Nikki intervenes
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Michael watches a reporter, (played by Nischelle Turner), talk about the trial of Victor Newman on a TV at the Club bar.

Victoria watches the news about Victor at home.

Nikki and Victor watch the TV report at the ranch. Victor turns it off. Nikki picks out his tie and they rehash him being in this mess because of her. He feels she protected their daughter, now it’s his turn.

In Rey’s apartment, he tells Mia he’s part of the team escorting Victor to the courthouse since he’s a flight risk. Mia admires her clever husband. They joke around and recall when they met and got together. Rey gets a call from Christine, who wants to be there when they take Victor to court. Rey and Mia recap getting their marriage back on track. Mia promises never to hurt him again. Rey knows she won’t because then they’d be done forever.

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Sharon and Mariah watch the news then discuss Victor going to jail to keep Nikki safe. Mariah thinks he’s arrogant enough to believe he can beat the charges. Sharon feels it’s wrong he should lose his family and reputation due to a lie. Mariah worries her mother is considering confessing and pleads with her not to wreck her life for his. Sharon just hates the idea of him going to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Sharon’s phone dings – Nick’s calling a family meeting.

At the Abbott door, Abby throws herself into Arturo’s arms – she’s upset about her father’s trial. She thanks him for being supportive, but Arturo feels he’s the lucky one and doesn’t blame her father for protecting her. Abby cries that if Victor’s convicted, he won’t be able to walk her down the aisle.

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At home, after watching the news, Nick complains to Phyllis about someone making the recording to take down his dad. Phyllis worries Christine will go after Nick as well. They speculate about the person knowing what Victor going to prison would do to Nikki, who could just say the word and he would go free. Later, Victoria arrives and needles Phyllis – she’s surprised she’s not jumping up and down with glee. Abby arrives and talks about promoting a story to deflect from Victor – it depends if she can get Arturo on board. Abby leaves and Mariah and Sharon arrive.sharon has a plan Bickering ensues between Mariah and Phyllis, but Sharon has a plan that might protect Nikki – she had three witnesses and if they all came forward with their story the jury would sympathize, and she’d get a plea deal. That way the stalker wouldn’t have power over them anymore. Phyllis and Mariah are skeptical – it could get twisted and they’d all go down. Nick decides with Nikki’s health they can’t risk it. Later, Phyllis watches a TV reporter (played by Suzanne Marques), on the scene at the courthouse awaiting Victor’s arrival.

At Crimson Lights,mia hugs abby Abby updates Arturo that she wants to change the narrative in the media with his help – they love a wedding. Arturo realizes she wants to rush their wedding to garner quick headlines. He wants their special day to be about them. On the patio, Rey spots Abby and decides not to enter, but urges Mia to reach out to her. Mia heads in and Abby makes a face as she gives her a hug. Mia offers a cream for the puffiness around her eyes. Abby snarls that they’re going to have their engagement photos done by her photographer, Rocko.

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Arturo and Abby return to the Abbott house where she reveals they’re doing a spread for Life & Style magazine. Arturo exhales as she assures him it will be fun. She warns he’ll have to get used to this if he’s marrying a Newman. Arturo thinks he could get used to that. Later, Abby turns on the news and has to get to the courthouse. Arturo will accompany her.

At the ranch, Nick realizes Victor’s more worried than he’s let on. Victor talks about the need to look after Newman Enterprises and the family and warns Nick to watch out for Abby – his instincts tell him Arturo’s an operator. Victor feels he’s leaving everyone in very capable hands. Christine, and Michael arrive to escort Victor. Victor spars verbally with Christine, but when he’s handcuffed, Nikki can’t let this happen. She informs Christine there won’t be any trial today and adds, “I have something to tell you.”kristoff tribute

A clip airs of Kristoff St. John talking about his tenure on the show as Neil Winters while flashbacks air. St. John thanks fans for sharing in the adventure. “I love you,” he says. The ‘In loving memory’ memorial placard is shown again.

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