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At the Club, Devon directs some workers setting things up, then thanks Ana for this great idea to reveal Fen Baldwin to the industry. Ana assures Devon this will be a huge success. She then texts Fen to come early. Neil arrives – he wouldn’t miss Devon’s big night. The father and son sit down and Devon tells him how great Ana’s been, and that his anxiety’s under control. Neil’s glad. Ana chats with Neil, then it’s time to get started. Devon welcomes everyone and invites them to stick around for their new artist. Ana texts Fen again.

Mariah arrives at the station where Sharon’s filling in on the tip line. Mariah updates her that Tessa got hired at Abby and Lola’s new restaurant and she told them Sharon let her go because of their relationship. Sharon agrees to back up the story if they call. She returns to the tip line and sees an email with the subject line ‘proof that Victor Newman is a murderer’. She opens it and finds an audio file of Victor and Nick talking about getting rid of the murder weapon. Rey appears and she asks if she should delete the tips that are dead ends. He relays she’d get fired if she did; they’ve already been logged. Sharon takes a break.

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At Crimson Lights, Kyle’s worried about Lola burning herself out. He suggests dinner and a movie with Mariah and Tessa. Lola decides he’s right. Inside, Fen and Summer arrive. He relays Ana wants him to go to the Club early, but he’s nervous and would rather swoop in right before he goes on. Mariah and Tessa appear. Kyle and Lola join them, but the movie’s not for another hour. Summer suggests they all have hot chocolate. Lola agrees, “Let’s do it.” They sit and make conversation. Fen and Kyle’s photo shoot comes up. Lola’s surprised Kyle didn’t mention it – an ad campaign is a big deal. Fen gets another text from Ana, and wants to go get a drink, but Summer wants to stay. Meanwhile, Tessa admits to Mariah that Fen’s success is making her think about what might have been. kyle lola argueThey rejoin the others, and Summer insists on showing Fen and Kyle’s photos, which irks Kyle. Lola decides she’s too tired for the movie. Kyle steps out with her, where she admits she felt out-of-the-loop on the photos and says Summer’s stalking him. She rants loudly about his behavior around Summer and that it might be different if they were having sex. Kyle admits a part of him is disappointed – he doesn’t know when or if she’ll be ready and has professed his love repeatedly. He believes she still doesn’t trust him. Lola exits crying.

At the Club, Devon tells Neil and Ana how upset he is about Fen’s disrespect in not being there yet and leaves him an angry voicemail.

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At Crimson Lights, Fen ignores his phone as he teases Kyle about not having sex with Lola. He realizes he’s late and heads out. Summer elects to stay. Mariah makes an attempt at discussing celibacy, so Kyle moves to leave. Summer stops him – a relationship is supposed to meet the needs of both people and Lola’s not doing that for him. Kyle begins to protest but Summer argues just because she’s great, doesn’t mean she’s the right girl.

Neil Ana Devon eventIn the Club dining room, Devon’s ready to announce his singer didn’t show up. Neil tells Ana she can save the day by performing. She whispers to Devon, who announces her, and she sings. Fen arrives as she finishes to applause. Neil tells Devon she did it for him – that’s what family does.

At Dark Horse, Sharon asks Nick if they’re alone then tells him about the audio file that came in on the tip line. She warns they were talking about the murder weapon, and the police might think they meant the gun. Nick realizes the person recorded them in the living room; it’s the next step in framing Victor. He explains what they found in the walls. Sharon’s stunned that Katie was interacting with this person. Nick knows it sounds crazy, but it could be JT. Sharon feels it’s likely someone else. Sharon warns if the police hear the recording, he could be forced to testify or be charged as an accessory. Nick asks if she’d delete it, then apologizes. Sharon can’t. He understands.

At the station, Rey tells Sharon he needs more evidence against Victor – if the case fails, he’ll be the fall guy. Sharon sympathizes and they discuss the situation before she goes back to the tip line emails. Eventually, she shows him the audio file. Rey listens, then tells Sharon she did the right thing – this could convict Victor Newman.kristoff in memory

At show’s end, a placard is shown that says, ‘In loving memory of our dear friend, Kristoff St. John. 1966 – 2019’.

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Nick’s comforted by Sharon.

This marks Kristoff St. John’s last episode as Neil Winters prior to his death. A special tribute will air on the Friday February 8 episode.