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At Jabot, Phyllis talks to Kyle by phone, and tells him letting him fill in for the model was the worst decision she ever made…because people will be trying to poach him. She disconnects as Summer comes in. When she mentions having no friends, Phyllis asks about Kyle. Summer explains why things are awkward between them. By the time she realized there could be something real between them, he’d found Lola. Phyllis learns she went out with Fen the other night, then offers her own company. Summer feels guilty about ruining things with her and Billy and asks about forgiveness. Phyllis doesn’t like what she did, but her love is unbreakable. Summer asks if she’s over Billy. Phyllis replies that things worked out for the best and they’re working together. Summer muses Billy would never forgive her for cheating with Nick. Phyllis changes the topic to a movie night and they hug.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah joins Kyle and reveals Tessa has an interview at Lola’s restaurant. He feels she’s a shoo-in. Mariah hopes so. Talk turns to Lola’s hard work and Kyle admits he feels he’s competing with her love for cooking. Mariah urges him to make the time they do have more special.Mariah gives kyle advice Kyle complains they’re not connecting as they used to. Mariah thinks it’s coincidental he’s feeling that way when Summer returns. Kyle denies it, and fills her in on Summer making out with Fen. Mariah asks if he ignored her, texts encouragement to Tessa, then re-addresses Kyle. He assures her there will never be anything between him and Summer. Mariah says he watches Summer, and Lola must notice. She worries he’s told Summer that Lola’s a virgin. He hasn’t, and admits he misses the physical aspect of a relationship, but is fine without sex. Mariah apologizes for insinuating he has sex on the brain, but he was close with Summer, who will use that against him. She warns him not to try being friends with Summer, and to focus on Lola.

Michael arrives at Nick’s place to see the evidence that Victor’s been framed. He updates him on Katie disappearing behind the walls and her ‘friend’. He thinks the intruder is JT. Michael examines the surveillance equipment and Nick asks him to have it checked for fingerprints. They speculate about JT faking his death. Nick says getting the charges dropped is no longer enough – whoever’s behind this has been watching the family and need to be stopped. Later, Phyllis arrives. She worries if JT’s alive he’ll be bent on revenge. Nick takes a call from Michael, who was unable to get DNA from the equipment. Nick frets about how to prove this person exists, and vows to find out who it is – when he does, they’re going down.

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At the Club, Abby joins Lola and goes over what they’re looking for in wait staff and what they will wear. They’re on the same page. Tessa arrives, admires the uniforms, then impresses them by explaining how honored she’d be to help make Lola’s dream come true. Abby asks why she stopped working at Crimson Lights.

Tessa joins Mariah at the coffee house and reports the interview went well until Abby asked why she left her job there –Summer irks Kyle she told them she wanted to seek other opportunities. She figures she won’t get the job if they call Sharon. Mariah has to go. On the patio, Summer’s found Kyle, and nabs his laptop to see his modeling photos. Summer brings up Lola, and Kyle advises his relationship with her comes first. Summer’s irked at him keeping her at arm’s length and brings up Fen. Summer ogles his shirtless photo, then grabs his phone and sees no recent texts from Lola – she assumes they fought about her.

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Mariah joins Abby and Lola at the Club and gives Tessa a stellar reference explaining Sharon’s over-protectiveness where she’s concerned. Abby relays they like Tessa and will hire her. Mariah exits and Lola admires Abby’s engagement ring. Abby offers to drop hints to Kyle, but Lola muses they’re in a holding pattern until the restaurant opens…and mentions Summer’s back. Abby advises if Summer wants something, she’s relentless. Lola complains she’s in every conversation. Abby likens her to Mia. She thinks it’s time to put out their fire.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Tessa she’s hired for Lola’s restaurant and she’s thrilled. They kiss. On the patio, Kyle explains to Summer that Lola’s been busy. Summer senses he’s wound up about something – when he’s ready to share, he knows where to find her.

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