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At Crimson Lights, Kyle teases Lola about how busy she’s been. She apologizes but keeps agonizing about restaurant decisions since it opens in three weeks. Kyle urges her to delegate and let him take her to dinner. Lola’s uncertain. Nearby, Ana and Fen are writing a song. Everyone looks to the door as Summer walks in. She greets Fen, who says she looks amazing. She counters he sounds amazing. Lola asks Kyle if he knew she was back. He did, but assures her she’ll be back in Dubai soon. Meanwhile, Summer convinces Fen to go out that night and celebrate his success, to Ana’s chagrin. Summer joins Lola and Kyle and reaffirms she’s respecting his boundaries. After, Kyle explains Summer asked him to dinner, and he said no. Lola’s pleased and agrees to join him later.

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At the ranch, Katie wants to go play with her ‘friend’. She runs off and Victoria has bad news for her father – during an interview the reporter asked about JT and the charges against Victor and she lost it. Victor’s proud of her fighting back. They discuss JT’s abuse;victor victoria embrace Victor can’t understand why she didn’t come to him. Victoria was ashamed. She recalls finding JT in her bedroom that night and Nikki saving her. Victor knows he was in the hospital then, but could have helped them. He’s there for her now. They embrace. In the upstairs hall, Katie plays hide ‘n’ seek. Downstairs, Victor is proud of Victoria’s strength, and Victoria credits him with making her the person she is. They finish talking business and go to find Katie. They find her after a time, and someone watches and listens on the video spy cam as they ask her questions.

Kerry arrives at the Abbott mansion and tells Jack she’s not ready to walk away from the idea of having children, but doesn’t want to walk away from him either. Jack feels it’s a monumental decision and he may not want to do it again. Kerry clarifies it’s about her future, not his. For them right now, it’s a non-issue. Jack wouldn’t like to rob her of something she wants. Kerry just wants the option and thinks maybe he’d change his mind. Jack says no – he can’t promise that. Kerry leaves.

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Ana slams into the penthouse and Devon asks what’s bothering her. She rants about Fen being so distracted and going to the clubs with bottle service Barbie. Devon trusts her instincts and wonders if Fen should be on the label. Ana thinks he deserves another chance. Devon muses that she’s the one with the real talent and Fen should value her. He suggests they wake Fen up – Ana should start recording again. Devon talks up her singing talent. Ana doesn’t want to be back in the spotlight, and the song he heard her singing is hers and no one can hear it.

At the Club, Kyle realizes Lola’s unable to get her mind off the restaurant, but is understanding. They’re kissing when Fen and Summer arrive laughing. Kyle offers to go elsewhere, but Lola insists she’s unbothered. At the bar, Fen marvels at being on a date with Summer and all that’s changed. Fen Summer barFen brings up his past crush, but she doesn’t want to talk about it and kisses him as Kyle and Lola look on, amazed at the make-out session. Lola paints Kyle a picture of her vision for future restaurants. He wonders if she ever sees herself enjoying dining out instead of working. She gets it. Meanwhile, Fen offers Summer to get a room. She’s up for fun, but looks over at Kyle and decides to go say goodnight first. Summer updates Kyle and Lola she’s staying in town, then rejoins Fen and pleads a headache. He realizes she’s been trying to make Kyle jealous and mutters some things never change. At their table, Kyle and Lola had a great time despite the one ‘inconvenience’. They kiss.

At Jabot, Kerry’s upset. She’s surprised to see Jack appear. He didn’t like how they left things and has decided she’s right – they have to live in the now and see where the relationship takes them. Kerry’s 100% on board. They kiss.

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