abby says yes to arturos proposal

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At home, Cane learns that Neil and the kids are planning a family trip to see Lily – without him. Cane sends the kids away then questions Neil. Neil knows about his “garbage behavior” with Victoria and is sick of it. He takes off in anger.

At the club, Mia is startled when Arturo proposes to Abby after the vow renewal. mia and rey marryArturo wonders if his timing is off but Rey urges him to continue so Arturo gets on one knee and Abby agrees to marry him. She exclaims, “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Arturo slips on a gorgeous diamond ring and they hug. Everyone gathers to admire it while Mia is clearly uncomfortable. Rey remarks that he never thought he’d see this day. Arturo thinks he just needed to find the right woman. Kyle thinks that Abby will go “full scale Bridezilla” and teases that they should make today a double wedding but Abby wants her family with her.

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At Underground, Phyllis watches Nick take out his frustrations phyllis didn't frame victoron the dart board and questions him. He blurts, “I know about the body that you buried.” She wonders who ratted her out, but Nick doesn’t think it matters. He explains that he also knows his mom killed JT and wants details. Phyllis fills him in on stepping in to help so that his sister and mother didn’t go to prison. Phyllis works herself up while she details the night of JT’s death. She kept it from him because she made a promise to the others. Nick would believe her story more if she hadn’t held on to the murder weapon. Phyllis thought she might need it to protect herself but knows nothing about the fire poker ending up at the ranch. Nick reminds her she wanted his dad to rot in jail and wonders if she framed him. Phyllis is hurt and denies it then rats out Sharon.

At the Abbott mansion, deep in thought, Jack texts Kerry, wondering why she lied.

Neil finds Devon at the penthouse. He shares that he heard about Cane kissing Victoria and that Billy Abbott dumped it on Lily when he visited her in prison. Devon’s disturbed. They discuss the new songwriting talent and how Devon’s on board. He admits Ana’s singing hit him emotionally. Neil can identify. He knows it’s a process and thinks it’s a good thing. Banging at the door brings Cane who storms in and yells that Neil doesn’t get to decide whether he sees his wife or not. Neil is tired of Cane continuously hurting Lily. Devon asks what Cane was thinking. Cane has no answers but wants to do the right thing. He sees Lily as his guidepost and without her he cracks. Neil doesn’t budge after hearing it and says Lily gets to call the shots.

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Jack arrives at the club and Abby quickly shares her news. Jack’s happy for them. They wander off and Kyle appears. He can tell he’s upset. Jack is ready for a woman he can trust and doesn’t think Kerry’s it. He says Kerry told him she was in the lab when he knows the lab was closed. He doesn’t have the patient for games and admits this isn’t the first rey gives mia necklacetime he caught her lying. Kyle implies that it could be innocent and urges him to get answers. Kyle returns to the table where the others are seated and Rey gives a speech on his lovely wife while Arturo pounds the champagne. Rey gives Mia a necklace. Later, Abby calls her mom and leaves a message that she has good news. Arturo follows and they canoodle. Mia watches and demands that the best man toast the happy couple so he tells a story about his big brother nabbing him for being late for curfew, then says he wants the same thing they have. Lola’s happy it’s Arturo’s turn. Arturo leaves the table and Mia follows, and gripes at him bitterly about crashing her vows. Arturo tries to get away. Mia doesn’t think Abby’s right for him. Arturo returns to Abby while elsewhere, Sharon wishes Rey the best and says they were never really an option.

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Jack finds Kerry at the office and admits he knows she lied to him about being in the lab. Kerry tries to skirt the question but Jack demands answers. Kerry says she was in traffic court for several parking tickets and didn’t want him to know. Jack’s relieved she’s not perfect and laughs. They part ways when she needs to get back to work.

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Arturo won’t let Mia ruin things for him and she asks what she’s ruining. He reminds her she has a relationship with Rey and asks her to let him be happy.

Nick asks Sharon for the truth – every single thing that happened that night. Sharon asks what he’ll do with it. Nick will decide after she tells the truth.

On a call, Victor says his granddaughter’s missing and he wants someone to “find her ASAP.”