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At home, Nick updates Phyllis on hiring Michael for Victor. He relays Michael’s concerned Victor will balk at the judge’s conditions and opines that his father needs to be home. Nick adds that he knows Victor didn’t kill JT. Phyllis wonders why he never mentioned this to her and feels Victor’s already getting between them. Nick argues they see things differently. Phyllis asks what changed his mind about his father’s guilt – how did this happen? Nick’s not buying that she’s looking out for him and calls her out for being biased where his father’s concerned. Phyllis points out all the things Victor’s done since getting out early. Nick insists he’s being framed. Phyllis wonders what Nikki said to him the other night. Nick needs air.

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Lily’s surprised to see Cane at the jail. He missed her face and wanted to ensure she was okay. She feels it’s because of her letter. Cane tells her everything else can wait…all that really matters is being there with her. He invites her to let him know if he’s not giving her enough support – he’ll jump through hoops for her. Lily muses this is just really hard, that’s the reality of it. Cane asserts she’s his priority. cane lily jailLily updates him she’s been assigned to teach the GED class, which is a huge leap for a lot of these women. He’s proud of her. Lily’s proud of herself too and glad to put some good into the world. Cane tells her she’s the guiding light of their family. He updates her on the twins, and she asks how Charlie’s handling his break-up. Cane relays that he acted out, but he dealt with it. When Lily notices he’s tired, Cane muses he made some mistakes he’d take back if he could before suggesting they go to Paris when she gets out. Lily tells him to stop talking about the future – it hurts. Cane wants to read her Mattie’s essay, but Lily has to go teach her class. Cane’s put out she won’t get someone to cover for her and wonders if he’s listened to her at all. Cane asks again. Lily wonders what he wants her to prove to him – she doesn’t feel they’re on the same side. She hugs him briefly – she needs his support. He replies he’s not the one walking away. Lily exits.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon gives Arturo a check for repairing Mia’s furnace and is taken aback when he offers her the name of another repairman to use in the future.

In their apartment, Rey and Mia canoodle. She mentions him coming home after the storm and he flashes to being in bed with Sharon before saying he’ll always come home to her. Mia flirts and asks him to call in sick. He has leads to follow up. She loves that he’s responsible; he makes her feel safe,mia rey stay home but also wants to make him a little less responsible, for her. He carries her to the bedroom. After sex, Mia recaps that he’s good for her. Rey believes she’s good for him too, and makes life interesting. They need each other and kiss. Later, Arturo arrives at Mia’s invitation. She informs him nothing happened with Rey and Sharon. He’s not surprised. Arturo learns Rey was fine with him having fixed the furnace. Mia then admits she can’t stop thinking about the two of them the other night. Arturo becomes agitated – why is she doing this? He hollers that it’s done and nothing like this will ever happen again. Arturo wants to move on.

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At the station, Sharon looks on, and Nick arrives, as Rey tells a reporter that they’re building a case for a conviction against Victor Newman. Nick interjects they’re arranging for his father’s bail and will be looking for an apology from the GCPD. After, Nick tells Rey his dad did not kill JT. Talk turns to the arson. Nick feels the arsonist is framing his father. Rey asks what changed his mind about Victor’s guilt. Later, Rey tells Sharon that Mia knows they were together in Kenosha, but not in the same motel room. He feels Mia finally has faith in him and reflects that he didn’t understand what he stood to lose. Sharon notes he’s feeling relieved about not pursuing other options. Rey won’t be the man his father was.

phyllis embrace nick with concernNick returns home, where Phyllis apologizes – she knows he’s worried about Nikki and what she needs, even if it’s Victor. Nick tells her Nikki left him with no doubt Victor was being framed. Phyllis wants to know what she said. Nick repeats his dad is innocent. Phyllis muses Nikki must have been convincing. Nick snaps, “Because my mom is the one…” He stops. Then continues that his mom knows Victor the best. Phyllis says she’s with him. They embrace and she looks concerned.

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