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At the penthouse, Devon tells Ana that he put a rush on Fenmore’s single and released it. Ana is cool about it until she listens and realizes he released her mix. She thanks him enthusiastically. Devon confirms her version was better, though it hurts his ego. She has a gift and has a real future in the business. He wants to put the songwriter on contract as well. Ana sips her drink self-consciously.

At Jabot, Jack pays Kerry a visit and they canoodle in the elevator.

At the Club, Lauren is thrilled when Fenmore plays his first single. Michael notes he walked away from law school from this, then adds, “My son the pop star…well done.” Lauren tells her son they’ll be singing the song everywhere. Fen jokes he’s going to cry, then shows them the interest it’s already generating online. Michael has to go, but advises Fen he was right to follow his dream. They embrace. Lauren orders champagne. On his way out, Michael crosses paths with Jack and Kerry, who upon learning no one is at the Abbott house suggests they go there.

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Nick visits Victor at the station, and says he believes he’s innocent. Nick won’t give a reason for his epiphany, and announces he’ll get Victor’s legal strategy going in the right direction as it’s been a disaster so far. Victor asks who he thinks he’s talking to, and warns arrogance doesn’t become him. It’s more complex than Nick realizes – his strategy was a necessity. Michael arrives. Nick says, “Meet your new lawyer.” Victor doesn’t need him and asks Michael to leave. Michael argues with Victor, who insists he prefers to be in solitary. Nick calls him a liar then asks Michael to leave. Victor fumes at Nick for calling him a liar. Nick’s undeterred. He thinks someone is framing him and if he tries to thwart them, he’ll put the family at risk. Victor confirms it. Nick states Nikki needs him. He knows Victor had nothing to do with JT’s death – he asks him to let Michael take his case for Nikki’s sake. Victor assures Nick he’ll get out and lets him know he’s proud of him.

Victoria has dropped Reed at the airport before she arrives at the ranch. She says she came quickly since Nikki sounded upset. Nikki shows her the fireplace poker. Victoria gasps, “That’s at the bottom of the lake.” Nikki replies, “Not anymore.” She also tells Victoria that Nick was there last night and now he knows everything. victoria nikki ranchVictoria’s angry that she told Nick of all people. Nikki was too upset to handle it herself. She adds he doesn’t know Sharon and Phyllis were involved. Victoria warns that Nick has changed since he started Dark Horse – he thinks he knows what’s best and could involve the police – they’ll be screwed! Nikki argues that Nick’s not the problem – they need to figure out how the poker got there, who did it, and why. Nikki points out even if it’s a duplicate; someone else knows. Victoria decides this is way out of hand. Nikki feels sticking together is their best bet at getting out of this nightmare. “We’ll find out who’s tormenting us and why, and then we’ll stop them.”

Somewhere unknown, a video feed shows Nikki and Victoria sitting together at the ranch.

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At the Abbott house, Kerry and Jack make out, then she reveals she has a surprise for him. Kerry makes him close his eyes and pulls a vile containing a scent from her purse and waves it under his nose. He likes it.kerry jack new scent It’s a fragrance especially for him…she calls it Jack of Hearts. He puts some on and they resume making out. After, Jack comes downstairs after freshening up and catches Kerry about to leave without saying goodbye. Kerry claims it’s a work day and she worried her presence may have agitated Dina, but Jack argues no one’s expected for hours. Kerry purrs she’ll make it up to him upstairs and sends him up first. Jack looks confused at her behavior. Once alone, Kerry takes a syringe out of her purse, looks at it, and looks up the staircase.

Fen joins Ana and Devon at the penthouse and they toast to success. Devon muses it would be the perfect celebration if Ana’s writing friend was there. Devon leaves for a meeting, and Fen confronts Ana about not revealing she’s the songwriter – he reminds her Devon loves her and wouldn’t steal her songs. Ana admits she’s not afraid of that but won’t say why she’s insisting on staying anonymous. Fen presses her, and she angrily warns him to drop it or he’ll ruin a good thing.

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Michael rejoins Lauren at the Club and they discuss Fenmore’s single. Michael’s proud but one song on the radio guarantees nothing. Lauren agrees the music business is challenging, but urges him to let Fen enjoy this. Michael’s surprised to hear Fen won’t be recording his own songs, but Lauren explains Devon’s negotiating with a hot songwriter.

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