nick learns nikki killed jt

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At Victoria’s house, Victoria and Nikki attempt to keep Phyllis from speaking, but she’s determined to be honest. Billy intervenes, but Phyllis continues – why is everyone afraid of the truth? Vikki asks Nick to escort her out, but Reed wants the truth about his father. Phyllis reveals JT physically and emotionally abused Victoria. Reed protests and urges his mom to set her straight. Victoria murmurs, “I never wanted you to find out about it…not like this.” Reed trashes JT’s picture and runs upstairs. Victoria addresses the room, now that Reed knows there’s no reason to keep quiet – she doesn’t think JT loved her; love doesn’t hurt like that; it happens in many homes, and it’s important to speak up. Mac adds that part of her mourns JT, but another part of her finally feels safe – Victoria’s not alone. Traci’s heart breaks for what they’ve endured – she marvels at the change in JT. Mac and Victoria make a pact to bury the bad and move on. Nearby, Nikki realizes Phyllis thought she was going to confess, but complains it wasn’t her truth to tell – she hopes she sleeps well. Phyllis hasn’t slept well since JT died. Before leaving,victoria comforts reed Cane tells Victoria he’s deeply and truly sorry. Across the room, Phyllis can’t explain herself to Nick. Billy tells Phyllis, “Just when I think you can’t get any worse, you pull another trick out of your sleeve.” Once everyone but family is gone, Reed reappears. Victoria tells her son she wanted to protect him. Reed asks if he hit her. Victoria reveals he grabbed her throat. Reed’s so sorry. They embrace as he sobs. Nick, Nikki, and Billy look on grimly. Later, Billy wonders why she told Phyllis but not him. Vikki says it’s a long story. Billy tears up as she reveals how scared she was of JT. Billy wishes he was still alive so he could kill him. He’s proud of how she handled herself. Victoria credits having the right person in her corner – she’s glad Billy’s there and still loves him.

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Rey’s driving with Sharon while on duty when they hit black ice. They come to a stop and are relieved not to have hit anything. Rey’s about to slowly head home but the car won’t start. They find a motel, but the room only has one bed. Sharon calls home and gives Rey privacy to do the same.

In the apartment, Mia is freezing and cuddles up to Arturo for body warmth. They reminisce about the first time she cut his hair and laugh about how wild they were and how serious Rey was – she’s lucky to have them both in her life and muses, “If only I could have two husbands.” Arturo notes he has something good with Abby, but seems affected by Mia. Rey calls. She tells him she’s ‘staying warm’ and learns he has to stay in a motel for the night. After, Arturo feels as though they were doing something wrong. He learns his friend has arrived with the furnace and exits. Later, Arturo’s fixed the furnace and Mia throws herself into his arms in appreciation. He suggests they let Sharon know it’s repaired.

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In the motel, Rey disconnects from Mia as Sharon reappears.rey motel sharon She’s glad to hear the heat seems to be back on, and notes he didn’t mention he wasn’t alone. They prepare for bed. Sharon begins removing her dress and Rey, on a chair, turns away. Once she’s in bed, Rey removes his shirt. They realize they’re not tired. Sharon wonders if he has any ideas how to pass the time and he raises an eyebrow. She throws a pillow at him. They are debating about Victor when Sharon realizes Mia’s calling her. She lets it go to voicemail. As Rey struggles to get comfortable, Sharon invites him into the bed. With their backs to one another, they wish each other sweet dreams.

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In Mia’s apartment, Arturo calls Sharon’sarturo nearly kisses mia landline and Mariah tells him she’s stuck somewhere overnight with car trouble. Mia realizes she’s with Rey. Arturo tries to reassure her they’re not hooking up, but Mia feels foolish. She’s certain Rey doesn’t love her anymore; she’s an obligation. Arturo holds her as she cries. Mia decides this is her karma for breaking Rey’s heart. Arturo reminds her she’s smart, funny and beautiful, and they nearly kiss. Arturo pulls away – he can’t do this, and neither should she.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby looks at Arturo’s picture and smiles.

At the ranch, Nick offers to stick around, but Nikki’s going to get some sleep. Nick’s on his way out, when Nikki sees the fireplace poker on the hearth and screams. Nick returns. Nikki hollers at him not to touch it – it’s a murder weapon. Nick asks how she’d know that. Nikki intones, “Because I killed JT.”

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