Nikki confesses to victor

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In the apartment, Mia, lounging in lingerie, tells Rey about a flattering article on him. He teases her, and they share a kiss as he heads out for work. Later, just out of the shower, Mia screams when Arturo enters. She chastises him for barging in, but he explains Sharon gave him a key to fix their furnace. Mia rants about Sharon having the Rosales brothers wrapped around her fingers. They bicker as she tries to get him to leave, then announces if he’s staying, she’s staying. As he works, they debate about a TV he once borrowed…for two years, then talk turns to Rey. Mia assures him they are happy. Arturo tells Mia that Abby’s special to him – there’s no drama.mia hug arturo Mia sniffs, “Sounds boring.” But they toast to both of them getting what they want. Later, Mia approaches Arturo and thanks him for talking to her; she’s glad they can be friends again. Arturo muses that he wasn’t the person he wanted to be back when he was with Mia; he’s matured. They recall their intense arguments and passionate make-up sessions. Arturo finishes the repair and Mia thanks him with a hug. Arturo says he’ll see her around and leaves.

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At Victoria’s house, Billy feels ‘taking it slow’ is code for not wanting to get back together. Victoria is confused and doesn’t feel grounded; she’s still being affected by what happened with JT. Billy agrees to take it slow. They’re kissing when Reed enters and observes, “Guess you’ve moved on from Dad.” Billy and Victoria try to convince him they’re not getting together right now. Reed has nothing against Billy, it just threw him. Victoria suggests Reed go back to school, but he can’t while his grandfather’s accused of murdering his father.billy embrace victoria After, Victoria briefs Billy on Reed and Charlie’s confession to Nikki, who won’t involve the police. Billy feels bad for pressuring her to reunite. She reassures him, and asks him to stay. They embrace. Reed reappears and Billy advises him to stop running from his problems. Victoria urges him to start by believing in his grandfather. Reed laments the loss of JT – he never got a chance to say goodbye and needs to do that. He proposes a memorial, and Billy feels they could do it there. Victoria agrees; if that’s what Reed wants, they’ll do it.

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In the Club, Sharon bickers with Mariah about Victor, as her daughter thinks they should write off his arrest to karma. Sharon can’t let Victor take the blame for a murder he didn’t commit. Mariah argues he won’t be convicted, and warns Sharon not to keep trying to convince Rey that Victor’s innocent.

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At the police station, a weak Nikki greets Victor as he’s brought into the interrogation room. They embrace. Victor assures her he’ll free himself from these ridiculous charges. She counters he wouldn’t be there if not for her. Vic learns she checked herself out of the hospital, and is upset. Nikki explains there’s a terrible thing he has to know – this whole mess is her fault. She confesses she was drunk when the hit-and-run occurred. Victor wonders if her relapse had to do with what happened to JT. Nikki replies, “Yes.” She can’t get the image of him hurting Victoria out of her mind. Victor nikki embraceVictor feels protective, and so does Nikki; she wants to get him out of there. Victor says, “Leave that to me.” Nikki’s not sure she can. Victor wonders why she’s so certain he’s innocent, but knows it’s because she loves him. Nikki has another reason – she knows who killed JT. Victor shushes her and advises her never to say those words again. Once he’s cleared, he’ll take care of everything else. He reiterates, “Don’t ever talk about this again.” Elsewhere, Rey wonders why Sharon hasn’t mentioned Victor’s arrest. She feigns disinterest, then questions if he got the right man. Rey insists his case is solid, and becomes suspicious about whether Sharon actually wants him to solve the murder. Mariah appears and tells him that’s ridiculous. When Rey takes a call, Mariah argues with Sharon, who hisses she can handle Rey. He rejoins them, and Mariah goes. Sharon tells Rey she’s just worried about Nikki…and Rey. Victor’s not the kind of man who forgives or forgets. Rey shrugs that he can hate him from behind bars. He assures her he wouldn’t want an innocent man to go down for a murder he didn’t commit. Sharon has to go.

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