Nick prepare worst

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At the hospital, Nate informs Nick that his mother’s condition has not improved – her MS complicates things, and the longer she doesn’t wake up, the worse her prognosis.

At Victoria’s house, Reed listens as Billy tries to persuade his mother to attend Johnny’s pageant before going to the hospital. When Victoria laments not knowing Nikki was drinking again, Reed blurts that it’s not her fault. Nick calls and suggests Victoria get to the hospital soon. She agrees to Reed accompanying her.

Sharon stops by the hospital to check in with Nick, who tears up as he explains Nikki’s not waking up – he feels helpless. They hug as Phyllis appears. They talk about Nikki being a fighter. Phyllis thanks Sharon for coming and Sharon remarks on putting issues aside at times like this. After Sharon’s gone, Nick doesn’t want Phyllis to read anything into her visit. Reed and Victoria arrive. Nick tells Reed they still don’t know who did this. Victoria goes to Nikki’s beside and apologizes for letting her take on all the family’s problems.reed confesses Reed asks for a minute alone with Nikki and cries, “This is all my fault.” He confesses to her and admits he’s scared and ashamed…he can’t believe she could die because of him. Reed sobs that he loves her and is so sorry – this makes him as bad as his father. Outside the room, Phyllis looks worried as Nick fumes about finding the hit-and-run driver. Nate joins them and relays they need to get Victor there and prepare for the worst.

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At Dark Horse, Arturo gives Abby a gift and asks if she’d go to the Rosales holiday dinner with him. Abby thinks his gift was a bribe, and doesn’t want a repeat of Thanksgiving. Arturo wants his family to see how strong they are together and prove he’s not a screw up. Abby agrees to go. She opens her gift, which is a khaki parka. She loves it, but hesitates when Arturo alludes to camping – she’s only up for glamping.

At the Abbott house, Kyle squeezes Lola, who admires the Christmas décor. Jack appears, greets Lola, and they discuss her new restaurant. Kyle and Lola are going to her family’s Christmas gathering tonight and Kyle worries about appearing casual enough. Jack reveals he’s planned an ‘epic’ surprise for Kerry tonight.

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At Mia and Rey’s apartment, she’s looking forward to the holiday gathering and announces she invited Sharon – she wants to make friends with her. Kyle and Lola arrive. Kyle offers to help out, but flounders when Rey asks how he is with plumbing. The women assure Kyle he’s joking. Arturo and Abby arrive. Mia tells Arturo his being there means a lot to Rey and remarks on Abby’s interesting coat. Abby reports it was an early gift from Arturo, chosen by Lola. They tease her about camping while Rey and Arturo plot to mess with Kyle. Sharon arrives, and the women pour wine in the kitchen. Mia tells Sharon she and Rey are like newlyweds and explains she’d like to become friends.mia smiles at party Sharon joins Abby and says, “Let me tell you what I know about Nikki, even if you’ve already heard it.” Meanwhile, Rey and Arturo grill Kyle about his intentions with their sister. Abby joins them and Kyle sputters when she backs up the men. Lola rescues Kyle, and Rey takes a minute with Sharon, but Mia interrupts. After, they all talk about family traditions. The Rosales recall when Rey pulled over their mom’s favorite singer and got him to perform for her. Rey looks at Sharon as he tells the story and Mia interjects that they went skinning dipping that night. The gathering breaks up awkwardly when Rey doesn’t remember that, and Arturo and Mia look uncomfortable.

At the Club, Jack and Kerry toast and he presents her with a surprise – he wants to take her to a five-star resort on Bora Bora. Kerry is tempted but feels they’re moving at different speeds…she needs to think about it. Jack wants her to feel confident and happy with her decision. She thanks him for dinner and leaves.

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At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Johnny his mom will be proud to see him on video and they hope his grandmother will get better. Later, Rey catches up with Sharon and gifts her with a keychain in honor of the road trip they never got to take…even though he’s with Mia, she’s still important to him. Sharon feels the same way.

Rey returns to his apartment and tells Mia she should congratulate herself on a good night. She kisses him and he ravishes her on the sofa.

Kerry arrives at the Abbott house to accept Jack’s invitation to Bora Bora. She kisses him and says her bags are outside – they should start this adventure tonight. Later, in Jack’s bedroom, they make love. Downstairs, Abby reveals her lingerie to Arturo and they head upstairs as well.

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