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At the Abbott mansion, Jack tries to get Billy off the sofa for the Jabot holiday party, but he isn’t interested in watching Phyllis with Nick.

At the station, Rey thanks Nikki for coming in. She snaps that he made it clear she had no choice. Rey informs her she committed a serious crime by approaching his wife and attempting to influence a police investigation.

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At Jabot, Mia does Phyllis’ make-up and finagles an invitation to the party. Elsewhere, Lauren and Kerry arrive, complimenting one another’s dresses. Kerry asks if Jack will be at the party, and admits they’ve been spending time together. Lauren approves. She warns Jack can be a handful, but he’s worth it. Michael arrives, gets a call from Nikki, and leaves again.

Nikki michael stationAt the GCPD, Michael arrives and butts heads with Rey about his accusations toward Nikki, who interjects that she didn’t ask Mia for details on the case – they both love their husbands is all. Rey is more certain than ever that Nikki knows more about JT’s murder. Michael asks if Nikki’s free to go. Rey advises her not to leave town and complains about Victor’s ongoing absence. Nikki rants at him. Outside, Michael learns Nikki really hasn’t heard from Victor, and warns her to stay away from Mia. He decides she shouldn’t be alone and has an idea.

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victoria jack discuss billyAt Dark Horse, Victoria arrives looking to have dinner with her brother, but he’s off to the Jabot party. Nick leaves while Vikki’s on the phone with Reed. After, Jack suggests Victoria attend the party…with Billy. He confides that his brother is down these days.

At the Abbott house, Billy realizes that Jack talked to Victoria. She thinks a party sounds fun and asks if he’ll take her. He can’t say no when she does that thing with her eyes. She gives him ten minutes to change.

Rey arrives at home and upsets Mia by revealing he brought Nikki in. She reveals they’re invited to the Jabot bash, but has to twist his arm to get him to agree.

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At the Ashby house, Reed learns Charlie’s upset because Shauna dumped him. Charlie’s determined to go to a party, but has had two beers. Reed convinces him it’s safer if he drives, even though he has a suspended license.

At the Jabot party at the Club, Kyle tells Lola she looks gorgeous in her dress. She muses that everything in her life is coming together at once. Kyle kisses her. Nearby, Phyllis, Lauren, and Kerry toast as Phyllis thanks them for their support and friendship. After, Lauren spots Fenmore working as a waiter and agrees to soften his father up. Fen approaches Kyle and Lola, who tells him he saved her life working Devon’s dinner. Kyle mocks Fen’s job but is chastised by his girlfriend. At the bar, Nick gets a kiss from Phyllis under invisible mistletoe. Jack appears, mentions Billy, then joins Kerry. Michael arrives with Nikki. They chat with Lauren until Nikki disappears to down a drink. Michael updates Lauren that Rey’s all over her case. Fen appears with hors d’oeuvres and Michael balks. Lauren warns they must support Fen’s dreams. Phyllis takes the microphone to thank everyone and reports that profits are up.phyllis toast kerry lauren As she concludes, Victoria and Billy arrive. Nick’s surprised. Victoria notes it was a last-minute decision. Nearby, Kerry and Jack haven’t stopped thinking about their kiss. Kyle brings Lola over to introduce her, but Kerry’s a regular customer. Jack and Kyle step aside to whisper about being happy. Across the room, Nikki complains to Victoria and Nick about Mia not keeping her mouth shut – she’s sick of that detective coming after her family! Just then, Mia and Rey arrive. Nikki fumes, and Michael confronts the Rosales’ for crashing a private event. Phyllis and Lauren intervene. Michael warns Rey not to harass his clients.fen lauren sing After, Nikki informs Victoria and Billy that she’s heading home soon and will be fine. Once alone, she spikes her drink and sips. Jack joins her. At the bar, Rey complains to Mia these people live in a different world. Mia sends him to talk to Lola while she goes off to make nice with Nikki, who waits until she’s gone to down more booze from her flask. Nick and Phyllis flirt and share a kiss. When Ted hollers it’s karaoke time, Lola volunteers Fen, who takes the mic. Billy tells Victoria he’s glad she convinced him to come, as Phyllis watches them. Fen pulls Lauren up to join sing with him. In the corridor, Nikki and Rey clash as he warns he’ll bring Victor down and her as an accomplice. She makes her way out into the blowing snow.

In Charlies’ car, he and Reed can hardly see out the frosted windows. They hit Nikki. As they wonder if they hit someone and keep going, Nikki is left lying unconscious in the snow.

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