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In their car, Nikki and Victoria watch the stable fire and worry about the horses. Rey jumps into the backseat, assures them the animals are fine, and orders them off the ranch property. Security phoned in an intruder earlier and the police are investigating.

At the penthouse, Devon snarks to Ana about Cane making sure Shauna got away. Ana offers to talk, but Devon’s going out and won’t be back home tonight.

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In their apartment, Tessa and Mariah read in bed. Mariah puts her book down and turns her back to Tessa, who, having been unable to engage Mariah in conversation, turns off the light and faces the opposite direction. Mariah looks grim. In the morning, Tessa finds Mariah’s gone.

At Victoria’s house, she and Nikki couldn’t sleep for worrying about the fire and Rey’s investigation. Nikki reveals she’s been unable to reach Victor – he’s disappeared! Vikki calls the station, and learns Rosales is still at the ranch. Nikki’s frantic. The doorbell rings – it’s Nick, who reports the fire’s out; the stables are gone.nikki bad news Nikki hopes it was faulty wiring; she can’t even contemplate the alternatives. Nick wonders if something’s going on. Nikki goes to get some rest, after Victoria worries about her stress. Nick complains about Victor’s absence before talk turns to Reed, Nick’s kids, and finally Phyllis. Victoria thought Phyllis would go back to Billy. Nick thought so too, but she’s assured him that won’t happen. He clarifies there’s no future for him and Sharon either. Nikki reappears and cries that her emails to Victor are bouncing back, and his number is out-of-service!

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Devon arrives at home where Nate spots him in the corridor and asks, “Rough night?” He helps him inside and warns Ana that her brother’s sporting a hangover. Devon agrees to submit to Nate’s hangover cure.nate ana devon hangover Nate and Ana chop vegetables noisily and run the blender as Devon cringes. Nate presents the concoction and Devon downs it. Nate warns Devon what he’s doing to his body before leaving. Ana wants to help Devon fix his heart. She hasn’t suffered his type of loss, but fell in love with singing, and had to let go of her dream. Ana lost the passion that drove her, just as he lived for Hilary. Devon feels it’s not the same; she can do music again, he’ll never get his wife and child back. Ana says he can learn how to cope – he owes it to Hilary, and himself, to try. Devon laments that it’s been months and he still hasn’t absorbed that Hilary’s not coming back. Ana suggests professional help. Devon agrees to try it.

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At Jabot, Fenmore introduces himself to Ted in reception and learns Lauren is out. Lola appears with new takeout menus, and meets Fenmore, who flirts, and asks if the feature is ‘hot’. Lola exits, and Ted explains she has a boyfriend as Fen laments striking out.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah wants Kyle’s help regarding Tessa. Kyle recaps that Tessa did something so bad Mariah doesn’t know if she can trust her again. Mariah notes most people would be done after the lies, but she keeps going back for more pain and disappointment. Kyle thinks it’s love. Mariah goes on about hermariah kyle advice reasons for going back and Kyle can’t get a word in. Finally, she thanks him. Fenmore appears. He asks Kyle if Summer’s still in town, they could get the old gang together. Kyle explains she’s overseas. Fenmore’s keen to check out the Genoa City dating scene. Mariah snarks that she’ll put out the word. Fen updates them on his switch from law to music – he needs to get a demo to Devon Hamilton and wonders if Mariah could help. She agrees to listen to his demo. Switching back to dating – Fenmore reveals he just likes a good time and has his eye on someone. He spots Lola and brings her over. Lola kisses Kyle hello and Fen looks sheepish. After, Fen muses he’ll sit back and wait for Kyle to screw up like he always has. Kyle counters, “Not this time.” Meanwhile, Lola checks in with Rey, who gets a call, mentions a break, and leaves. Tessa arrives, looking to have coffee with Mariah, who rushes off to work. Later, Fen apologizes for trying to move in on Lola. Kyle snaps, “Never stopped you before.” They spar verbally until Kyle leaves with Lola.

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Nick disconnects from a call about Victor’s closed account at Victoria’s house, when Rey arrives to announce the fire was deliberately set. He asks about Victor. Nick relays they’re trying to get in touch with him. After Rey leaves, Nick asks if they get the feeling he knows more than he’s saying. Victoria adds, “It’s more than a feeling.”

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