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At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s dismayed to hear Mariah spent the night in her office at GC Buzz and chickened out on the plan with Tessa. Sharon thinks Mariah can handle this though it won’t be easy to lie to Tessa. Mariah heads off to do as they rehearsed. Sharon takes a call from Victoria and assures her Mariah won’t let them down. After, Rey appears, and Sharon accuses him of avoiding talking to her because of Mia. Rey thinks she’s still sleeping, and Sharon realizes they’re not sharing a bed. They discuss Mia’s dislike for Sharon, and Mia’s reveal at the party. Rey explains Mia’s had to fight her whole life and doesn’t think before she speaks. Sharon recalls the speech she made on her wedding day, though Nick deserved to be humiliated. They agree to keep their distance.

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At home, Charlie and Cane discuss Neil moving out to Lakewood. Cane thinks Lily will be glad her father can be there for her. Mattie appears, and Cane muses Devon should be there by now. Mattie texts him. Cane leaves the room and the twins discuss spending Thanksgiving at the prison. Charlie heard Mattie crying last night and reassures her. Once Sam’s things are packed up, Devon still hasn’t responded to Mattie’s text. Suddenly, Devon calls to say he can’t make the trip due to work. Cane relays to Charlie that Devon has a deadline at the studio.

At the penthouse, Nate encounters Devon and learns he’s not making the trip to see Lily, and will be working. Nate suggests they get together for Thanksgiving. Devon’s non-committal. Later, Nate returns and hears loud music coming from Devon’s place. He discovers Devon, holding a beer, is partying, and questions him about skipping Thanksgiving with the family. Devon argues he’s flown up to see Lily over a dozen times and returns to his party. Nate doesn’t go away and complains the party’s too noisy – he threatens to call the cops.

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Mariah knocks on Tessa’s door and is invited in. Mariah tells Tessa she was right, the women had all been lying, including her mom. She lies that Sharon wouldn’t tell her how JT died or who killed him. Tessa hugs Mariah when she claims she didn’t reveal her has the blackmailer, but instead told Sharon that the information was sent to her at GC Buzz. Continuing the charade, Mariah chastises Tessa for blackmailing her mom. Tessa feels terrible and explains the smugglers kept demanding more money – she vows they’ll keep Sharon’s secret. Mariah will need more than Tessa’s word. Tessa decides she’ll get rid of the money by donating it to charity. Mariah needs it to be gone and reveals she’s considering moving back in. Tessa wants to know what she can do. Mariah would like the footage destroyed. Tessa hands over a thumb drive and urges, “Take it.” After Mariah leaves, Tessa stuffs cash from her duffle bag into a teddy bear. She adds another thumb drive and sews it closed.

At the police station, Sharon gives Rey bagels as he gets off a call. He explains Victoria’s lawyer filed a complaint against him for harassment. He puzzles that Victoria somehow knew they didn’t find JT’s body and reveals his DNA was in the soil samples, but the body was gone. Sharon gasps, “That’s terrible.” He reminds her the information is confidential. Talk turns to Mia. Rey explains he knew she wasn’t completely over Arturo when he married her, and he soon began noticing Mia watching his brother and subtly touching him. Rey spent more time at work and Mia cheated as a result. He wants to fix things. Sharon realizes he loves Mia – that’s all he needed to say.

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At home, Mariah presents Sharon with the thumb drive, but confesses she didn’t ask Tessa if she moved JT’s body. Mariah doubts she did it, but doesn’t trust her judgement, and feels she can’t go back to her now. Sharon assures Mariah she’ll figure it out.

At Victoria’s place, she and Sharon watch the footage from the thumb drive. They marvel that their faces are clear…their lives could have been destroyed. Sharon worries what Rey would think of her if he saw it. Victoria feels Rey could be playing Sharon, and they speculate that he’s hit a dead end. Sharon is staring at the thumb drive when Rey texts to thank her for being a good friend. Victoria takes the thumb drive and hammers it to pieces. Sharon reminds her they still don’t know if Tessa moved the body, or if that was the only footage – she can’t count on Tessa having been honest. Victoria replies, “Don’t worry. I’m not.”

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Mariah returns to Tessa’s place after she’s placed the teddy bear in a box. Tessa recaps that she got rid of the money and handed over the footage. Mariah agrees to move back in the morning. Once Mariah leaves, Tessa tapes up the box.

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