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At the Club, a reporter from the business journal interviews Phyllis. After spotting this, Billy sits next to Jack at the bar and they chat about their dates. Billy wants credit for Jabotique but his brother doubts there’s much he can do. “Help me make this right,” Billy says. He sees the reporter is alone and wanders over, offering him some information. Jack spots Phyllis and walks over to her. They chat about Kerry and Phyllis suggests he wouldn’t be a very good fit for her. He reminds her that people said the same about her and Nick. She realizes he’s been distracting her from Billy talking to the journalist. Jack doesn’t blame his brother for wanting credit and says it’s the right thing. Phyllis walks over and interrupts Billy. She explains that Billy developed the concept of Jabotiques and the company owes him a lot. Once the reporter leaves, Billy asks Phyllis what that was about. She apologizes for taking the credit and suggests he enjoy a ‘moment of glory’ because he might not get another. Meanwhile, the Rosales family argues in a corner. Abby is shocked to hear that Arturo slept with Mia. She throws up her hands and walks off. Seeing him staring at Sharon, Mia wonders why Rey is so annoyed that the truth is out. Lola calms them down and tells Mia to get lost. Rey heads over to Sharon. She says she can understand why he’s reluctant to reconcile with his wife and offers to listen if he needs it. She says her problem wasn’t just that Nick cheated on her but that he cheated with Phyllis. Mia barges in and Sharon escapes. Across the room, Summer corners Kyle while he’s looking for Lola. She gets him to dance and Lola watches them sadly from a distance. Kyle takes Summer into a corner and reminds her that he’s with Lola now. She says he has other options. He thinks she’s a sick game player. Summer claims she wants him and has never stopped caring about him. She realized this after being rejected by Billy. Summer says her rival lacks passion and pulls him into a kiss. He shoves her away. Kyle confirms that he’s with Lola because she’s nothing like Summer and storms off. He finds Lola and guesses she’s mad. He assures her that he’s not with Summer. Lola claims she’s sick of games and refuses to be mixed up on this.

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Arturo bangs on the door of the Abbott house, yelling inside for Abby and claiming he’s changed. She doesn’t answer but sobs on the couch.

Arturo returns to the Club and asks Lola to talk to Abby before things get worse. He offers to clean up for her. She exits. Kyle sits at the bar to wait. His father joins him. Kyle complains about Summer and talks about how great Lola is. Jack encourages him to tell her that and then wanders over to Devon, who is about to leave. Devon insists he’s doing fine and Jack offers to listen to him if he ever needs it. Across the room, things are tense as Sharon and Nick chat. He doesn’t want to see her get mixed up in a scandal. She thinks that’s ironic coming from him and leaves with Billy.

Lola visits Abby at the estate. She complains about Mia, but Abby is more worried about Arturo’s character. Lola insists that Mia is to blame more than her brother. She says that Arturo was Mia’s first love. Mia is an attention hog and her brothers weren’t thinking with their heads. She starts complaining about Summer and says she’s splitting up with Kyle. Abby won’t hear of it and argues she shouldn’t let Summer have that effect.

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At his place, Rey accuses Mia of deliberately messing up his life. She thought he liked her making his life more exciting. They bicker. She doesn’t know how they can fix things if he won’t forgive her. He thought she was the one but resisted acting on it because she was with his brother. She claims she takes their wedding photo everywhere they go. This irritates him. Mia refuses to take all the blame and tells him how much she loves him. She climbs onto his lap and they start making out. He pulls away and asks if she was trying to make his brother jealous.

Lola returns to the now empty Club. Kyle assures her that she’s the only woman he wants to be with. He turns on the sound system and asks her to dance. They make out. Phyllis and Nick show up as they leave. Nick asks Phyllis to move in with him.

Devon cries in his bed while looking at a photo of Hilary.

Billy takes Sharon home. He says they make a nice couple. He tries to kiss her but she’s not into revenge sex. He thanks her for stopping him from making ‘another stupid mistake’.

Abby finds Arturo at Crimson Lights. He apologizes for messing up and says he was ashamed. He assures Abby she’s the woman he wants.

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