As Nick, Phyllis, Nikki, Victoria and J.T. gather together at Vikki's house before Sabrina's funeral, J.T. gets a call from Paul. They discuss Victor's recent strange behavior, and then Paul asks how Nikki took the news about Skye. J.T. admits he hasn't told her yet - he doesn't know how much more bad news about David Chow she can handle right now!

At the Ranch, Adam tells Victor about Skye's death and that the authorities think David Chow may have killed her. Victor is visibly stunned and offers sincere condolences to his son. Adam tries then to tell Victor that he understands how he's feeling, but Victor beats a hasty retreat at the idea of sharing!

Katherine arrives at the place where Sabrina's funeral will be held. She moves to the front of the church and rails at God for taking a woman like Sabrina, so young and beautiful. She informs God that they'll be chatting about this at a later date.

At the coffee house, Paul hangs up the phone from speaking to J.T. and takes Michael aside. He gives him the news that a man going by the name Lowell Baldwin has been arrested for petty larceny and is still in lock up. Lauren listens in, and when Paul moves away, she asks Michael if he really wants to get more information about Lowell and see him. Michael ponders the question, and Kevin urges him to at least go meet him. Lauren notes that he'll only obsess over everything about the man. Michael agrees with her - it will only cause more grief. Kevin, however, disagrees, "Knowledge is power." Michael replies, "I know where he is - we'll leave it at that for now." Nearby, Daniel explains to Jana that he has the sketch of Sabrina that she commissioned him to do and he is puzzled as to whether it would be a good time to give it to Mr. Newman. She tells him if he thinks that Sabrina would have wanted him to give it to Victor, then he should.

At Neil's place, Devon and Ana work on music while Neil laments his inability to get his tie on properly. Tyra offers to help him with it, as Ana remarks on Neil going to a funeral. Just then, Karen arrives and is noticeably bothered by the scene playing out with Tyra adjusting Neil's necktie. Neil seems oblivious, "Hey!" Ana and Devon then announce that they have written a new song, and they'd like them to listen to it. Neil says he and Karen need to leave, but Karen insists it will just take a minute. Devon and Ana sing a brief tune, and they all react favorably. Tyra remarks to Devon that it's great, but it won't pay the rent. As Neil and Karen leave, Ana says, "Isn't Karen great?!" Tyra replies wryly, "Oh yeah. She's something alright."

Upstairs at Vikki's, Phyllis takes a work phone call. When she hangs up, Nick asks what it was about. She tells him it was about the Sabrina article, of course. Nick laments that he will always be remembered for that article about Sabrina, his father's wife. Phyllis reminds him that there is a way out! Nick asks if she really thinks they should sell out to Jack and Sharon. Phyllis reminds him how Jack has been, and that Sharon seems to just agree with him. Nick nods and they head downstairs to leave for the funeral. Nikki stays behind.

At the Ranch, Adam is ready to go to the funeral, and approaches his father again, to ask if they could go to the funeral together. He notes that he misses Sabrina too. Victor asks him to go, he wants to be left alone right now. Adam leaves, and the doorbell rings. Daniel is shown in. He explains to Victor that he hates to bother him, but Sabrina commissioned him to sketch her, and he thought that Victor might want to see it. Victor thanks him politely and asks him to show himself out. Victor then, throws the envelope down beside his laptop, where he's been working, without opening it and looking at it.

At the church, Jill arrives and Kay warns her that today is about Victor - she's not the only one who has lost someone! Brad wanders in and Jill questions his presence there - after all, he and Victor aren't exactly friends. Brad remarks that their differences seem pretty petty in the face of his losing his wife. He reminds Jill, though, that they still have to discuss the CEO position at Jabot. Just then Vikki, Nick, Phyllis and J.T. come in. Brad expresses his condolences to them. They thank him but wonder what he's up to when he walks away. Nick then whispers to Phyllis that he's been thinking and has decided that they won't be selling their shares to Jack and Sharon. As Lauren, Kevin and Michael arrive, Lauren and Kevin break away and continue their debate over whether Michael should go to meet Lowell. Lauren concedes that either way, Michael isn't going to get any sleep. Daniel comes through the door, and tells Nick and Phyllis that he had been to see Victor and it was like no one was there! Adam is right behind him. He stops and proceeds to inform Nick and Vikki that David Chow has butchered another victim, a friend of his. He spits, "This is all your mother's fault!" As tension rises, Adam also berates them for not visiting Victor! As the crowd continues to wait, Lauren whispers to Michael, "Go see your father." Daniel is approached by a friend of Sabrina's about a showing of his work. Daniel takes his card. Victoria asks Jill to urge Nikki to come back to work to get her mind off of everything, but Jill says she doesn't want her there. Victoria informs her that she won't be returning then either. Neil and Karen arrive and greet J.T. Karen whispers to Neil that she is surprised he wanted her to come with him, since he isn't too thrilled about her supporting Devon's music career. Neil then mentions that Tyra was looking at apartment ads. Karen says, "It's about time, isn't it?" She then tells Neil that it was her idea! Nick then comes over and asks if Neil has seen Victor that day. Neil wonders why he's asking. As everyone begins to wonder where Victor is, Nick paces, and Adam tries to get him on the phone, the priest walks in. He informs the gathered group that the funeral was canceled - by Victor himself! He explains to the stunned group that Victor had a private burial for his wife earlier that morning! Nick says, "We've got to find dad! Now!"

Paul arrives at Victoria's house to see Nikki. She realizes that he has something else to tell her. He slowly breaks the news that they found a woman's body at the stables where Athena was kept and that they believe David may have killed her. Just then there is a knock at the door. Paul takes a delivery - David's ashes have arrived! As Nikki sobs, Paul says he is so sorry, he asked the funeral home to call first to ask what she wanted to do about things. He holds her while she cries. He removes the package so she doesn't have to keep staring at it, then offers to deal with it for her. She thanks him and says she needs a nap - he should go. Once he has left, Nikki eyes the liquor cabinet up.

At the Ranch, Phyllis, Victoria, Nick, J.T. and Adam all search high and low for Victor. When Phyllis wonders why he would have canceled the funeral without telling anyone, Adam sneers that it was probably because he didn't want any of them there! Nick warns him to back off! He asks if Adam knows where Victor is, and Adam replies, "Like I'd tell you if I did!" As Nick goes at him, J.T. steps in. Once things cool down, Victoria notices Adam sitting alone staring at Skye's photo on his cell phone screen. She then notices the sketch of Sabrina which has been taken out of its envelope on a table.

Still at the church, Neil questions Karen about why she told Tyra to find an apartment. Karen says she thought that was the plan all along, and wants to know why he's holding back. Lauren kisses Michael and asks if he's ready to go home, but Michael says he is headed to the Ashland County jail. Kevin says he'll go along for the ride!

Neil and Karen arrive back at home, and Tyra notes that they're early. Neil says he'll explain later. He notices that Roxanne has arrived and Ana and Devon are still working. Proudly they break into song to show what they've accomplished. When they finish applause ensues. Karen tears up a little and says it reminds her of a song her mom used to sing. Ana says she knows which one, and with Karen's permission, sings it for her. Tears roll down Karen's face and she embraces Ana.

Michael and Kevin leave Crimson Lights for the jail, as Daniel sits at a table looking forlornly at the business card from the friend of Sabrina's, and at Amber's name in his cell phone contact list.

Katherine arrives at Victoria's house looking for Nikki and sees that she had her Alcoholics Anonymous book out. She realizes that Nikki isn't there. In fact, Nikki has gone to the stables where she is dumping David's ashes in a wheelbarrow full of horse manure!

Victor, clad in casual clothing, sunglasses, and a ball cap, boards a seedy-looking bus. As he sits in his seat, he remembers that morning and saying goodbye to Sabrina.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Michael comes face-to-face with Lowell Baldwin. "Do you know who I am?"

Paul and J.T. speculate about Victor. "He could be out for revenge. He could be capable of anything!"

Nick tells Adam that with his father, family comes first. Adam retorts, "I am family!" Nick grits his teeth and a shoving match ensues, until it is broken up by Neil and Paul!

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