At Crimson Lights, Kevin comes in as a frustrated Jana is trying to arrange for some lilies for Sabrina's funeral. She explains to a worried Kevin that she has taken this on because she promised Michael she would help, and because Victor doesn't want his children doing it. Kevin is concerned about Jana, and says after this, it's all about their wedding.

At the coffee house counter, J.T. and Paul catch up. They discuss the horse that David gave Nikki, and how Nikki doesn't want to keep Athena. J.T. then tells Paul that Victor won't return his, or anyone else's, phone calls.

At the Ranch, Adam is surprised to see Victor putting bags out on the porch. When he explains that they are some of Sabrina's things to go to charity, a concerned Adam offers his dad some help, but Victor has already left the room. He gets on the phone with Heather and they discuss the Skye situation. Adam says he's not going to panic - Skye has been known to take off before. Michael arrives and is taken aback that Victor is getting rid of Sabrina's things. Victor bluntly tells Michael and Adam that it isn't too soon. As they sit to discuss the funeral, Michael admits that he called Zara to tell her - she had found out about her daughter's death through the press! Victor is not forthcoming about why he chose not to call Sabrina's mother, or about what he wants to do for the funeral. Michael is extremely frustrated and Adam warns he's been like this all morning. J.T. arrives and expresses his condolences to Victor, briefing him on the security at Newman. He says Nick and Victoria send their love and would like to come by. Victor quietly says it's not necessary. J.T. says they'll all be at the funeral. Victor seems distracted and strange. "Sure. Whatever you like." Michael and J.T. exchange a glance as J.T. sighs, "This isn't good!" When J.T. and Adam have gone, Michael tries to get Victor to open up, or at least reconsider giving away Sabrina's things. Victor tersely asks, "Are you into grief counseling now, or what?"

Amber comes into Crimson Lights and runs into Daniel. Awkwardness ensues. Amber tries to place an order with Colleen who ignores her and asks Daniel what he'd like. Cane and Lily approach and they all discuss Sabrina's sudden death and how creepy David turned out to be. Chloe comes running in and Cane rolls his eyes. She asks Daniel to sit down with her and do some magazine stuff, and proceeds to make a show about having morning sickness to ensure that everyone knows she is pregnant. The group dissolves into a snarky jab-fest. As Chloe goes to sit with Daniel, Kevin confides in Amber that Daniel isn't very happy with his decision not to be with her - he sure isn't sleeping well! Jana wanders over and talks to Amber about planning Sabrina's funeral. As they look across the room at Daniel, Amber remarks that it seems he'll never be able to forgive her. Daniel suddenly gets up from the table - he is frustrated with Chloe's inability to focus - and walks over to where Lily is sitting by herself. "Want some company?" He sits and Lily asks about he and Amber. She asks if he is still in love with her. His silence confirms that he is. She tries to reassure him by reminding him that you do get over the pain - they did. She tells him though, that if he can't get over Amber - maybe he shouldn't! Cane heads back to the table, but Chloe jumps in his path, telling him that Lily ripped up an ultrasound photo of their unborn baby. She claims this is proof that Lily suspects it's his child - otherwise she wouldn't be so upset. Cane goes and sits down with Lily and they have a tense discussion. Colleen comes over and asks if they want her to kick Chloe out. Lily says not to bother. Devon enters and Chloe intercepts him. She makes sure he knows that she is carrying Cane's baby. Nearby, Jana, still grieving Sabrina's sudden death, whispers to Daniel that he shouldn't waste any time if he loves Amber - he may not have as much time as he thinks! Daniel looks over at Amber and ponders. Lily suddenly gets up from her seat and approaches Chloe. She proposes that if she is really carrying Cane's child, then she won't mind taking a DNA test to prove it! Devon and Cane get into the conversation and they all issue the DNA challenge to Chloe!

At Neil's place, Tyra sits looking through a newspaper as Devon comes in. He discusses his wanting to drop out of college with her. Tyra confirms that she's on Neil's side. Suddenly, Neil comes into the room and remarks on how smart Tyra's advice to Devon sounds! Together, Neil and Tyra sit down with Devon and reiterate the reasons he should stay in school. Devon listens, but excuses himself to go meet Lily and Cane. Neil worries to Tyra that Devon hates him. Tyra laughs and says Devon's mother was stubborn too. Neil tells her to weigh in whenever she likes - he needs all the help he can get! Tyra then offers to cook for Neil. He sits down and sees the newspaper - she has been looking at apartments for rent. She confirms that she and Ana will be moving out. Neil asks what's up, and suggests that she stay there longer and save up more money. He tells her that he likes having her input where Devon is concerned and wants her and Ana in his life. She agrees to consider staying.

Paul is at the stables where he has made arrangements for Nikki's horse Athena. He chats with the owner, who goes off to check on some other horses. Paul phones Nick and tells him that Athena is on the trailer and heading to her new home. After he hangs up, Paul shouts at the owner to come back over and asks him if he smells something. They zero in on the source of the odor,tha uncovering a small trap door in the floor. As Paul pries open the storage space, the odor becomes overwhelming. Looking in, Paul says in alarm, "Call the cops now, will you?!" Soon the police arrive, as does J.T. Paul explains to him that they have found a female body. But whoever killed her removed the teeth and fingerprints so she couldn't be identified. Paul notes that Chow spent a lot of time at the stables. He also points out that Adam Wilson has a missing friend who played poker with Chow.

Adam meets up with Heather at the counter at Crimson Lights. She explains that she's got to run - there's been a body found in the stables that may be connected to David Chow. They both think of Skye. Heather starts, "Adam, if it turns out to be Skye..." But Adam balks at the idea that it will turn out to be his missing friend.

Heather and Adam arrive at the stable and question Paul about the body. Heather asks about identifying items such as jewelry. Adam says repeatedly, "It's not. It isn't her!" As the investigators continue their work, a school ring is found. Adam chokes up as he says, "It's from Harvard. It's Skye's!"

Adrian heads into Crimson Lights and sits down with Amber at the counter. He tells her all about how bummed he is about the 'hack job' with his name on it written about Sabrina. She says he could always go back to teaching if he is disillusioned. He tells her he has decided to leave town. He expresses appreciation for her friendship, and they share a quick hug. Colleen makes a beeline for Daniel's table and as they watch the hug, she asks him on a date. He agrees.

Michael meets with Jana in the back of the coffee house and assures her that Sabrina would be thrilled with whatever she chooses for the funeral. Jana asks about Victor's ideas, but Michael waves his hand, "Who knows what he wants?!" Michael then notices Kevin busily working on something. Kevin triumphantly announces that he has finalized their wedding plans. They will be married in just over a week - in Malibu in an ashram! Michael rolls his eyes, "I can't wait."

At the Ranch, Victor stands alone holding the piece of jewelry, silver with turquoise, that he pulled from the seat of the wreckage the night of the Gala. He has a deadly serious look on his face as he looks away from the jewelry and out of the window in contemplation.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Karen walks in on Tyra adjusting Neil's necktie for him and doesn't look pleased!

Lauren says to Kevin, "I am just afraid that he is going to meet him and find out something that he doesn't want to know!"

Everyone is assembled at the church for Sabrina's funeral. Adam is on the phone saying, "We're all here at the church, wondering where you are?" Nick says, "We've got to find dad. Now!"

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