At Restless Style, Sharon and Jack are very pleased that the latest figures have exceeded their expectations. Sharon probes Jack to find out how he's really feeling after all is said and done. He tells her he doesn't wish what Victor is going through on anyone. Jack gives a quote to a reporter on the phone, saying that he has nothing but sympathy for Mr. Newman. After the call, Jack warns Sharon that Victor will never let his vendetta against them go now. "And you know what that means!" Sharon isn't so sure. She tells Jack that Victor really does have a heart. Jack is certain that Victor wouldn't accept an apology even if he offered one. Besides, he's not going to do that. Jack vows not to let his guard down. He tells Sharon he respects Victor, but he's also a bully. Sharon reassures him that she will continue to support her 'warrior'. She likes that he takes risks - it's sexy. She warns him, though, to look over his shoulder. Sharon heads home and Jack says he'll be along soon.

At the hospital, Victoria and Nick discuss how cold and distant Victor is being. Nick suggests that letting people in at times like this, maybe makes it too real for him. They lament that this time, even Nikki won't be able to help him.

In Sabrina's hospital room, Nikki starts telling Victor how sorry she is, and tells him she is there if he needs somebody to lean on. Victor is silent. She continues her speech, but he suddenly grabs her by the arm, and with gritted teeth, gestures to Sabrina's body. "You understand? Do you understand this? How dare you come in here! I can't stand you!" Nikki brushes off his rage and keeps talking. "Whether you believe it or not, my heart goes out to you." Suddenly the door opens. The orderlies have come to take the deceased. Nikki watches as Victor bravely covers Sabrina's face with the sheet and sobs silently. As Nikki tears up, Victor turns away, hunched with grief. He slowly leaves the room and Nikki stops him. He tells her there is nothing she can say. If she had listened when he warned her about David Chow, none of this would have happened. "I hold you responsible!" Nikki frantically tries to remind him that they are all family. Victoria and Nick approach just as Sabrina's body is wheeled past. Victor tells them that Sabrina loved him more than anyone has ever loved him - and now she's gone! "They're taking her to the basement! To stick a tag on her toe!" He then tells Nikki he wishes it was her who they were sticking in the basement in a drawer! Nick is flabbergasted!

At Crimson Lights, Devon and Ana have coffee and cocoa. Karen arrives and asks why Devon wanted to see her. Devon wants to run something by her before he runs it by his dad. Karen says she isn't so sure she has much influence with Neil right now, but she is willing to help. Devon tells her that his dilemma is about school. He loves music, but can't get into music school because of his deafness. He explains that singing made him realize that business school is just not where he wants to be. Karen is stunned that he wants to quit school and focus 100% on his music. Karen takes a deep breath, but ultimately advises him to follow his dreams. Ana pipes up that Oprah says to "follow your bliss". Devon asks Karen to back him up with Neil.

At Neil's place, Tyra listens as Neil finds out on the phone that Sabrina has died. After he hangs up and explains, she notes how much he cares about the people in his life. Neil tells Tyra that his own wife's death was very sudden, just like Sabrina's. Tyra hangs her head as Neil opens up about Dru's death. He stops, but she urges him to continue. Neil takes a deep breath and calmly recites the story of how Dru died. Tyra is stunned to hear that Lily saw it. He further admits that he still feels the pain like it was yesterday. Tyra asks about how Karen fits in. He says she's a wonderful woman, but they don't always connect. Tyra tells Neil that as much as he hurts, she would give anything for a love like that. As they embrace, Karen, Devon and Ana walk in and stop short in the doorway! Tyra and Ana leave the room, and Neil tells Karen it's nice to see them all together. Karen clears her throat and tells him to sit down - Devon needs to talk to him. Devon blurts it out, "I want to quit school. To focus on my music." Neil blandly tells Devon to love his music while he goes to school. An argument ensues with Devon pleading and Neil being totally inflexible. Karen steps in and notes that Neil may not be hearing what Devon is saying about his dreams. Devon urges Neil to just agree to think about it. He says he will. Devon leaves the room and Neil gives Karen a sidelong glance. She shrugs, "He asked me to help out." Neil says that he's glad Devon went to her, but she should have come to him with it first. Karen apologizes, but warns that sometimes he just seems unavailable. Neil sighs and tells her about Sabrina dying. As Ana comes out to say goodnight, Karen asks Tyra to help her with some bags. They head outside and Karen hints that it is time for her to find her own place now that she has a job!

Back home, Nikki tells Nick and Victoria that she expected Victor to be angry, but was taken aback by just how mean he was toward her. Nick says she should never have gone to the hospital. Nikki tells them that when Victor is done hurting them, he'll start hurting himself. Nikki prepares to head home, but Vikki won't hear of it, besides, she needs her mother right now! Nikki then realizes that Victoria has lost Sabrina as well. They embrace. Nikki then heads out for some air. The siblings worry that Nikki is in denial about all of the things that have happened to her. Victoria wonders if the morphine will cause her mother to crave alcohol. Outside, Nikki prays for the serenity to accept what she cannot change...

Victor has gone to Sabrina's Art Gallery and cranks up the opera music. Upstairs at Restless Style, Jack, who can hear the music, looks around, puzzled, "Opera?!" Following the sound leads him to the Gallery - and to Victor. Jack watches, unseen, as Victor suffers exquisite pain and grief with tears running down his cheeks.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

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Paul uncovers something in the stables and needs the police right away!

Lily challenges Chloe to take a DNA test to prove that Cane is actually the father of her baby!

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