Phyllis returns to Jail. Jana and the Chaplain ask her how she's doing but she just wants to be alone. She later tells the Chaplain she’s frustrated that her Work Release won’t allow her to go see her step-son Noah.

In the waiting room at the hospital, Nick speaks to Victor about the investigation at Clear Springs. Victor has hired private investigators. He wants answers as to whether it was sabotage or not.

Nikki and J.T. joke around about the upcoming wedding in Victoria’s room. Paul and Maggie come in, Maggie leaves to get coffee and Paul asks J.T. if he’s been home to look after himself, Nikki agrees. J.T. tells them he isn’t leaving until Victoria comes with him. They insist he go home to shower and change, he reluctantly agrees. Victor walks in and leaves to talk to Paul. Nikki holds and kisses Victoria’s hand.

Jack and Sharon visit with Noah in his room. Sharon’s happy that her son will be okay and calls Jack her hero. He receives a call notifying him that the press know about him being a suspect in the Ji Min homicide, someone leaked the information.

Jack runs into Maggie in the hospital cafeteria. She asks about Noah. He tells her not to pretend she cares about his welfare since the press know he is a suspect in Ji Min’s homicide. She will find out how the information was leaked, she didn’t do it.

Noah wants to leave the hospital to celebrate Halloween. Nick arrives in a muskateer costume with lots of candy for him. Halloween festivities are celebrated with Nick and Sharon, Jack walks in to join them bringing Halloween cookies. Sharon and Jack leave, while Nick and Noah discuss playing a video game. Later, Nikki brings treats for Noah and they all have fun while Nikki discusses Halloween when Nick and Victoria were kids.

Victor and Paul discuss Clear Springs in the waiting room. Paul brings up Joe Boddington, while Victor questions him about David Chow. Paul reminds Victor he was trapped down in the rubble too and wants answers just as much as he does, he will be the first to know anything he finds out.

On the way out of the hospital, J.T. runs into Adrian and Colleen, who asks how Victoria is doing. Adrian lets J.T. know he feels responsible for Victoria and is sorry. He tells him while they were down there she kept him calm. J.T. encourages Adrian to tell her that and to go see her.

Adrian visits Victoria and Nikki asks him how his leg is doing. It hurts only when he laughs he tells her. She gives him some time with Victoria. At Victoria’s bedside he tells her to wake up so he can thank her. He takes her hand and tells her the child she is carrying is going to be perfect, just like his Mom. He talks to the baby saying that she is strong , he tells Victoria that he just made a promise so he wants her to keep it.

In Jail, Jana brings the subject of Jack negatively up to Phyllis. They hear a news report about Jack being a prime suspect in the death of Ji Min. Phyllis insists Jack’s her friend and won’t listen to Jana bash him. Jana continues by bringing up the way Jack treated Gloria and how atrocious it was. She keeps harping on Jack and finally Phyllis asks to see the Chaplain. Later, Phyllis speaks to the Chaplain, brings up John's will and how he decided to cut Gloria out of it.

Nikki walks up to Victor in the waiting room. They discuss Clear Springs and Nikki tells Victor that David had no part in it. He questions that. She lets him know she wants to know what happened even if he’s involved, its their little girl in there. He vows whoever is responsible will suffer.

J.T. is with Colleen on his way out of the hospital and they run into David. He demands David tell him how long he knew Joe. David orders him to get out of the way and that his only connection with Joe was in the capacity of an executive. J.T. questions whether he knew Joe was pouring substandard concrete. David tells him if he knew he would have stopped him and starts to walk away. J.T. grabs him wanting him to admit he is part of the reason Victoria is lying in a hospital. David continues to say he had nothing to do with it and is getting really tired of being everyone’s scapegoat. He feels terrible about Victoria but if he continues to be publicly accused he will be forced to sue for slander.

In the cafeteria, Jack and Sharon discuss Clear Springs. He just wants to be good husband, father, a good man. He brings up resigning as Senator. He has re-assessed his priorities and only wants to give her and Noah the life they deserve, as long as he is Senator he may not be able to make it happen.

Sharon can’t think of anyone better to help raise her son and grow old with. She supports him being a Senator 100%. John’s spirit pipes up that he doesn’t know what has gotten into him, but he didn’t raise a quitter. Jack mentions he doesn’t want to be a quitter, he just wants to protect his family. Sharon warns if he steps down as Senator it could be viewed as an admission of guilt over Ji Min. John tells him he is innocent and he must fight to assert that. Sharon takes his hand knowing he will make the right choice.

Nick stops by to see Victoria so he can joke around, tell stories of their youth with her and keep her company. He tells her she never quits, its just not who she is. He wants her to show him how tough she is, to wake up, she can do it.

J.T. comes back into the hospital with his guitar and meets up with Paul and Maggie. They discuss Victoria’s condition and joke around about his playing.

Nick continues to tell Victoria funny stories as J.T. walks in wondering if she’s awake. Nick tells him she isn't but will be soon.

Nikki wonders if David is okay, after meeting him in the hall. He hates being a suspect and is learning he has to live with it. She hates that he has to. He will be staying away from the hospital for awhile so it doesn’t cause any more problems for her. He’s doing it for them. Her only concern is Victoria and that she recovers.

Later, from the hospital, Nick speaks to Phyllis in Jail telling her about Victoria and Noah, who is trick or treating with the nurses. Noah speaks to Phyllis. She misses him and he misses her too.

J.T. holds Victoria’s hand and talks to the baby to tell him that she loves him. He starts to sing quietly to both of them.

In the hospital chapel, Victor stops in to pray, he feels helpless and needs help to save his daughter’s life, he wants to appeal to a higher power.

Later, Nikki finds Victor in the hospital chapel praying with his eyes shut and joins him. He thinks she’s surprised he is praying and she says she isn’t. They bring up Victoria’s pony when she was a child. The vet said to put it down, but Victoria would not give up and refused, staying with her day and night. He tells Nikki she is strong and stubborn like him and she will get through this, admitting he feels helpless. She tells him they may feel helpless but there is always hope.

Back in the cafeteria, Jack finds out that the tests they ran on Fisher’s hair were not as specific as earlier believed. The only thing conclusive is that the hair came from a dog with yellow hair. Sharon states they have completely misrepresented the evidence while he mentions he has been outed publicly as a suspect without any evidence. He brings up the fact Victor Newman has a dog with yellow hair, they both look at each other?!?!

Next on The Young and The Restless

Lauren talks to Michael about her safety.

Maggie questions Paul about being ready to tell Heather the truth.

Jill asks Cane if he likes Heather.

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