Phyllis and Nick are at Newman as Phyllis lets Nick know bloggers are mentioning sabotage and inspectors being paid off over Clear Springs. They flirt and joke around. He's worried about Victoria. They really want to be together but can't. David walks in and leaves a message for Jack. They both pretend fake phone calls to each other. Phyllis finds good press about Jack, but is surprised when Nick tells her about the suspicion with Jack and Ji Min's murder.

Nikki, Victor and J.T. are at Victoria’s bedside at the hospital. J.T. kisses her as Nikki and Victor reminisce about her childhood and wishing her to get well. The doctor arrives stating the baby is doing well and developing quite normally. The speak briefly about the specialist and as the doctor leaves, he runs into Brad. The doctor tells Brad that he will have to speak to the family about Victoria’s condition.

At Crimson Lights, Jill and Cane meet up. Jill complains about another newspaper article about Jack and his heroism, Cane tells her to give him respect for what he did, she doesn’t agree. Jack walks in and receives a round of applause from almost everyone and free coffee. Humbly he tells the server at the coffeehouse he just did what anyone would have done. Cane states to Jill that people can change, she admits their long history together and how hard it is now that she thinks he’s just a cold blooded killer.

Amber arrives at the Chancellor estate to bring a present to Katherine, who is really happy to see her. She helps her to open up the gift of a beautiful scarf for Katherine for her sling. Katherine is touched, tells her its lovely and very thoughtful of her. They talk about how lucky they are to be okay. Katherine presents Amber with a beautiful brooch, Amber is touched as well and goes to put it on. Jill and Cane walk in.

Cane, Jill, Katherine and Amber discuss what happened with Clear Springs and who might be responsible. Amber suggests starting a fund for the families. Jill thanks her for being a comfort to Katherine. Amber hugs Katherine and tells Jill she was the same for her. She invites Cane out for a coffee or bite to eat, he agrees. Katherine admits to Jill the biggest regret she had down in the rubble was that she didn’t make peace with her. Jill tells her she loves her.

Jack runs into Brad at the hospital and ask each other about Victoria, Noah and Sharon. Brad wants to drop by to say hello to Sharon, Jack advises against it. He will call her later. Nikki comes out of Victoria’s room. Brad asks her how Victoria is and about the baby. He asks to see her but Nikki states that her father is with her right now.

Victor is on the phone in Victoria’s room and wants answers to who is responsible for Clear Springs. He speaks to Victoria as Nikki walks in. He tells her how much he regrets his last conversation, calling in her mother's loan and apologizes for his behaviour. He chokes up and tells Victoria that she will get well really soon, Nikki also gets emotional overhearing him. Later, the nurse walks in to give her a pain test. Nikki leaves but Victor stays. She is unresponsive to the tests.

At Newman, Phyllis is looking for some papers and comes across Jack’s note to Sharon, reading it aloud. Jack overhears. He admits he was terrified while there but also admits he had peace thinking he would be with his Dad if he didn’t make it. She tells him that his Dad would push him back since everyone loves him so much. Phyllis leave to get a fax and Nick shows up with Summer dressed up in a bunny costume. Phyllis starts to cry. Later, Phyllis and Nick pretend business again, she has put a card in a file for Noah wishing him well.

Later, Phyllis brings up Ji Min’s murder with Jack. He admits there is dog hair pointing the police in his direction. She thinks its ridiculous. He just wants the Newmans to get better. He asks if she’s okay, she tells him she is, but once she is in the elevator breaks down in tears.

At the hospital, Logan asks Brad about his eyes but he is frustrated about not being able to find out more about Victoria and asks for her help. Later, Logan fills Brad in about Victoria and her condition. She assures him the baby is fine too. He asks what will happen if Victoria’s condition deteriorates and she states that the baby’s condition will deteriorate as well. The sign to look for is if Victoria’s hands start to claw as well as other things.

David meets up with Nikki in the waiting area. He discusses speculation of sabotage with the corporate jet, Clear Springs and a vendetta against her family. He also tells her there is talk of a pay off to city inspectors so the insurance company has sent an investigation team to Clear Springs. Nikki is absorbed with thoughts of her family and he tells her it can wait.

Maggie visits Katherine at her estate and they discuss Clear Springs and her health. Jill walks into the room and thinks she is there about Ji Min. Maggie tells her she is there to check on Katherine but if she arrests Jack, she will be the second person to find out.

J.T. is on the phone at the hospital trying to find out what happened at Clear Springs. He wants to get everything straight before he says anything. Victor overhears and demands J.T. tell him everything or he won’t see Victoria. He admits Cane hired him because he thought someone was stealing from the construction site and he uncovered a bigger kick-back scheme, they were over watering the concrete. As soon as he knew he called Cane and Katherine. J.T. guesses a city inspector was involved and Joe Boddington who was killed. Paul is looking into David Chow to see if he was involved as a sub-contractor.

Nikki walks in with David asking if everything is alright. Victor turns to David directly and questions him about kick-backs at Clear Springs. Puzzled, David asks about it as Victor explains. David says it’s the first he is hearing of it. Victor asks about his relationship with Joe Boddington. Nikki interrupts to defend David because she sent him there. Victor explains Joe’s involvement in using substandard materials which led to the collapse. David is shocked to think he is thought to have something to do with it, he thinks it has something to do with his relationship with Nikki. Victor argues it doesn’t, it has to do with Victoria. David claims he had nothing to do with it, Victor warns him that he doesn’t find out anything different.

Amber and Cane are at Crimson Lights. She tells him he saved her life. He smiles, reaches out and tells her the brooch is pretty. He apologizes for his behaviour and some of the things he did to her. She realizes she must have really hurt him for him to do what he did. Nick walks up to ask Cane if there is any word on what caused the collapse yet. Cane tells him heavy machinery is being brought in but it will be slow because of the methane. Amber asks about Noah and Victoria.

Back at the hospital, J.T. is at Victoria’s bedside as Brad enters. J.T. leaves to give Brad some time with Victoria. He tells her the baby is doing just fine but to hang in there for herself and her child.

In the waiting room, David tells Nikki its no longer a search and rescue operation, the insurance investigators and surveyor team is moving in. Nikki questions his involvement in a kick-back scheme. He swears to her that he knew nothing about kick-backs and he is just as angry as everyone else.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill anonymously leaks information about Jack and Ji Min’s murder to the press. Maggie, Katherine and Cane come back into the room as Victor is at the door and walks in. He demands Cane answer why the garage wasn’t shut down when he knew there was a problem and wonders why Katherine put his grandson, who is inexperienced in charge. Cane takes full responsibility. Victor is furious and states that not shutting down the garage may have cost his daughter’s life!

Next on The Young and The Restless

John pays a visit to Jack.

Adrian tells J.T. and Colleen how much Victoria helped him.

Nikki tells Victor that David wasn’t part of anything, Victor warns whoever is responsible is going to pay.

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