At Jabot, Katherine, Cane and Jill discuss the death and injuries from Clear Springs, Kevin is there as well. Cane worries that its his fault and then speaks to Nick about Noah and Victoria. Jill notes the draft of a press statement is done. They all agree to go to the hospital, except Kevin.

Nikki, Nick and Victor are in the waiting room at the hospital. Victor is on the phone getting a specialist. They all speak to the doctor about Victoria’s condition. J.T. pleads with Victoria at her bedside to squeeze his fingers and come back to them.

Phyllis complains to Jana about the Warden being late. Jana gives a gift to Phyllis to give to Kevin. The Warden arrives and speaks to Phyllis about the rules of her Work Release. He asks her how Nick is doing but reiterates that she is not to see him, if its not work related it doesn’t exist, they do unannounced spot checks. She understands and promises not to blow her chance. He clears her to go. Daniel arrives to pick her up.

In the hospital, Sharon asks about Noah. She is told by the doctor that there is no infection or complications. His rib injuries should heal in about six weeks and he may be able to be released tomorrow. Nick walks in to say hello, but needs to talk to Sharon.

Nick takes Sharon aside to discuss his condition. She lets him know the doctor said he’s fine, he just seems really out of it. Nick agrees that is to be expected. She wonders how Vicki is and he tells her she’s still unconscious.

Lauren, Fenn and Michael arrive to find out how Noah and Vicki are doing. Nick lets Lauren know Noah is sleeping and with Vicki everyone is taking turns sitting with her. Michael brings up Phyllis and the Work Release. He is frustrated she can’t come to the hospital at least to see Noah.

J.T. continues to sit by Victoria’s bedside at the hospital. Nick walks in and they discuss her condition. Nick takes her hand. He lets her know everyone is here and tries to joke with her, speaking of their childhood and the fact that their Mom and Dad are right outside and not fighting. He’s determined that she will be fine and begs her to squeeze his hand or reach out to him in any way, just to let him know she’s on her way back. She’s unresponsive.

J.T.and Nikki discuss Victoria’s condition with the doctor. He’s still worried about her brain swelling, but is also worried about possible biochemical changes to the brain as the result from the trauma. J.T. asks about the baby. The doctor says the baby’s vital signs are normal, but will have more answers to everything once he speaks to the specialist. J.T. wonders who the specialist is and Victor informs him it’s the person he hired to look after Victoria.

Sharon sits with Noah at his bedside. She questions him and he doesn’t remember. Nikki stops by to give him a present. He complains his stomach hurts. Sharon mentions having a strawberry milkshake and he wonders where his Dad and Jack are. Sharon points out they were there a short time ago, he doesn’t remember.

Jack finishes his press release at Newman Enterprises. Daniel and Phyllis arrive and Phyllis hugs Jack. He mentions visiting Summer in the nursery but Phyllis says she can’t do it. She really wants to see her, more than anything. Jack tells Daniel to go get her and then questions Phyllis with what’s going on. She admits how hard it was when Nick and Summer would visit her in jail and she doesn’t want to upset Summer when she can’t tend to her like she wants to. She doesn’t want to do that to her. Daniel walks in with Summer but stays away from her with tears in her eyes. Jack gives her a phone to call Nick. She waves to Summer with Daniel while on the phone with Nick.

Lily visits Sharon and Noah. She brings him a gift of comic books. He wonders about if people are still trapped and how they will get out. Sharon promises they are working really hard to make that happen and Lily agrees. Noah gets a call from Phyllis, he’s happy to hear from her. He wants her to come by the hospital but she tells him she can’t, he passes the phone to Sharon. Phyllis asks Sharon to please explain why she can’t be there and Sharon tells her she will do her best.

Victor, Jill, Katherine, Nikki discuss Noah and Victoria’s condition. Nikki admits Victoria’s vitals are good and so are the baby’s. Jill notes the press is calling Jack a hero and Katherine notes they are calling Victor a hero too. He wonders what kind of hero he is if he can’t save his own daughter.

Lily walks up to Cane at Crimson Lights. She lets him know she went to see Noah. Cane wonders about when he comes home and starts having nightmares about what happened. He tells her he went to the hospital as well. He questions whether he is to blame and if it was his fault. She comforts him and places her hand on his as Daniel observes.

Phyllis finds Kevin in Jack’s office at Newman and wonders why he’s there. They admit they aren’t friends but Kevin admits because of Daniel he is there to help her. She gives him the gift from Jana. Lauren and Michael stop by and Lauren notes she is there on Fenmore business. She hugs Phyllis. Michael tells them to hurry with the hug and warns Phyllis again about the conditions of her Work Release.

At the hospital, Jill and Katherine discuss the Clear Springs explosion and the potential of Chancellor being held responsible. Jack enters to ask about Victoria. Jill is defensive toward Jack, Kay fills him in on everything. Jill vows she will never let people forget what he did, hero or not.

At the Baldwins, Lauren wants to go back to the hospital once Fenn is done his nap. Michael tells her no, she needs to look after herself first. She says her friends need them. He argues that they understand what she went through. She argues that they went through worse, she is just tired. Lauren’s hands start to shake.

Sharon and Jack watch over Noah at the hospital, who groans in his sleep. He wakes up with a start and admits his stomach hurts, its worse than before. He begs Jack to stay and not to leave and asks for Nick too.

At the office, Nick comes in to see Phyllis, they almost hug but they don’t. She admits that in her mind she is and he admits he is too. Nick whispers that he needs her and she admits the same but they can’t.

Nikki, Victor and J.T. are in Victoria’s room, Victor admits the specialist is on his way. J.T. hopes she will be awake by then. The doctor lets them hear the baby’s heartbeat, Victor first. Victor's face softens and he smiles as he listens.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Victor questions J.T. about problems in the garage at Clear Springs.

Amber has a talk with Cane.

Victor questions David about kick-backs in front of Nikki and J.T.

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