Neil holds a press conference about Clear Springs. He meets Karen at the Club and is worried about everyone including Victoria. She wants him to get some rest and he won’t until he hears about Victoria. In the aftermath of what's happened, he worries about his kids Devon and Lily. She admits she had some dark moments of her own and Neil mentions she can talk to him, she tells him another time.

Colleen has a visit with Brad in the hospital, who worries about Victoria and the baby rather than his eyes that were injured in the explosion.

She later visits Adrian who cracks jokes with her and admits he will have to have surgery on his leg. He asks how Brad is and she lets him know he’s worried about Victoria.

Sharon, Lauren and Michael speak to Noah in the hospital. Lauren praises him for being brave and holding her hand. He doesn’t feel well as Sharon explains he broke a couple of ribs and the doctor had to remove his spleen.

Sharon visits and hugs Jack, letting him know that leaving him was the hardest thing she ever had to do. He knew he would make his way back to her and marvels at the fact Victor found him. He wonders about Victoria. Before being checked out completely he wants to see how everyone else is including Noah.

The doctor walks in to inform Nick, Nikki, Victor and J.T. about Victoria. He advises there are some irregular heartbeats but hopes it will resolve itself, her blood pressure is coming down. He admits she is becoming stable but Victor wonders why she is unconscious.

Sharon and Jack walk in to see Nick and ask about Victoria. He shares her condition with them. Jack offers comfort while Nick shakes hands with him, happy he’s okay. Sharon and Jack look to J.T. who is lost in thought and worried.

Noah wakes up asking for his mom. Michael admits she’s downstairs visiting Jack. Noah wonders if Jack was hurt, Lauren notes he is okay. Nick walks in to see Noah, giving him a big kiss, praising him for all he did.

Nikki, Victor and J.T. receive an update from the doctor. The heartbeat of the baby has stabilized and Victoria’s blood pressure is going back to normal. He needs permission for a Kat scan, they agree and Nikki begs him to help Victoria as J.T. looks on and Victor comforts her. Victoria is wheeled past Nikki, Victor and J.T. who tells her that he loves her and goes with her, while Nikki tries to dry her eyes with Victor at her side.

Maggie jokes with Paul as they arrive back at his place. She mentions how great Noah was and Paul brings up the subject of children. She offers to practise, as they begin to undress and make love.

As Paul and Maggie remember what happened, Paul mentions Lauren and her panic attack. Maggie admits they seem very close. He confides that he cares about her and always will. They both discuss how it was for them emotionally at Clear Springs. She is grateful for him and grateful she still isn't there.

Sharon drops by to see Brad, who’s eyes are damaged. He’s worried about Victoria and the baby, he mentions he would give both eyes if it meant the baby would be okay.

Jack and Sharon visit Noah. He shares he was afraid something happened to Jack and asks if he was scared. Jack agrees he was but its normal to be scared. He praises him for all he did and is very very proud of him. Sharon admits she was scared too, but Jack and Nick helped her through it. Sharon points out to Noah that Jack saved her life and Nick’s by holding the beam and staying behind. He confesses that all he could think about was getting back to Noah, Sharon as well as everyone he loves, in fact it was thinking about seeing Noah again that really got him through everything.

At the Baldwins, Lauren remembers what she went through with Michael and Gloria stating it was horrible, she was paralysed and her heart was beating fast as she was having a panic attack. Michael wishes he could have been there, but Gloria reminds her that she wasn’t alone. She remembers the noise of the building shifting and thought she was going to die, she thanks Paul for all he did.

Adrian recalls what happened to Colleen. He mentions how dark it was and trying to dig his way out. He saw Victoria’s light and just dug towards it. He admits how powerful simple human contact is and what its like when you don’t have it, before he found Victoria there was nothing but silence.

In the waiting room, Nick recounts what he went through to J.T. He was adrenalyzed at the time knowing that they both couldn’t leave. He wanted to stay and Jack wanted to stay. He admits he wasn’t even worried about Victoria and thought she was just in the museum. J.T. regrets that he didn’t have her stay with him and if he would have she wouldn’t have gotten hurt. He wonders why he didn’t do that.

In the waiting room, Victor recounts his experience to Nikki about finding Jack’s body in the rubble. He thought at first it was Adrian’s and then it turned out to be Jack’s. Nikki wonders why he didn’t alert someone else to help Jack, the few seconds could have made the difference for Victoria. He admits he couldn’t just let him die.

Jack and Sharon walk into the waiting room to J.T., Victor and Nikki and Jack thanks Victor for saving his life, shaking his hand. Victor admits Jack did everything to save his son so they can call it even.

The doctor arrives telling them the CT scan showed no sign of brain damage or bleeding. Nikki wonders why Victoria is still in a coma. He advises they will keep a close watch. He has every reason to be hopeful, the vitals are fine, the blood pressure is holding and the baby is fine too. Victor states they wait and Nikki indicates to pray, tears running down her face and repeats "we pray".

J.T. walks into Victoria’s room to sit with her and lets the nurse know they are engaged. She tells him only family. He asks her to play a cassette to her, it’s a song she loves. She informs him she must speak to the doctor first and to her family. He looks at Victoria as he walks out.

Lauren, Michael and Gloria continue to play with Fenn as Michael and Lauren hold on to each other. Noah is peacefully resting as Nick brushes his forehead, Sharon and Jack walk in and sit at his bedside. Colleen and Adrian kiss while he is wheeled into surgery. Neil finds comfort with Karen, who takes his arm. Paul and Maggie continue making love. An anguished Nikki is approached by David who holds her and hugs her as tears stream down her face. Victor sits by Victoria’s bedside as she lay unconscious, touching her shoulder and forehead, whispering words to her with tears in his eyes. J.T. waits outside listening to his cassette, thinking about Victoria.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Jill threatens Jack in front of Katherine admitting she knows what he did and will never let people forget it.

Cane discusses Victoria’s fate to Lily.

Victor admits to Jill and Katherine that he can’t save his own daughter.

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